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Published January 15, 2024

6 best ChatGPT alternatives & competitors in 2024

Find out what ChatGPT alternatives can help you fully leverage the power of AI to meet your business goals.

ChatGPT was introduced to a wide audience in November 2022. And it immediately won the hearts and minds of users and went viral just within a couple of days after its launch. But why did it happen so? And are there any alternatives to ChatGPT that deserve your attention today? These are the questions that we are going to discuss in this article.

What is ChatGPT?

Currently, ChatGPT is one of the most well-known chatbots globally. It allows people to enter prompts and get human-like detailed responses. It interacts directly with end-users and can help in solving numerous tasks from answering simple questions to writing emails and essays. Moreover, ChatGPT works not only with human languages but also with programming ones. It can also write code in the chosen language that will ensure specific functionality.

ChatGPT continuously learns from the communication with users and can remember what was said before. Thanks to this, the interaction with this AI chatbot becomes more advanced and result-oriented over time.

As of the beginning of 2024, there are two available GPT models. GPT-3.5 can be used by everyone for free. The GPT-4 model is more powerful than the free version but only ChatGPT Plus subscribers can work with it.



GPT-4 was trained on a bigger amount of parameters than GPT-3.5. It can provide more accurate answers, demonstrates advanced reasoning capabilities, and is much more creative in content generation. The GPT-4 model can work with visual inputs, classify images, analyze them, and write captions.

Moreover, ChatGPT Plus users have access to DALL·E. This AI-powered image generator is able to create images of different types based on the requirements provided in natural language.

ChatGPT is widely used by businesses and individuals as a standalone app. At the same time, developers can integrate it into their apps via an API.

Despite all its benefits, this AI tool also has its drawbacks. Users note in their reviews the following ones:

  • strong necessity for fact-checking

  • potential for bias, incorrect responses, and inappropriate content

  • plagiarism

  • very recognizable “style of writing” (it is quite simple to understand that the text was written by ChatGPT if a user hasn’t edited it)

You may say that all these weaknesses of ChatGPT are also relevant to other similar tools as these limitations are mainly associated with the nature of Artificial Intelligence. Nevertheless, there is one more peculiarity of this solution that may encourage you to look for AI alternatives to Chat GPT. It was designed as a universal tool for all spheres and domains. However, quite often industry-specific competitors to Chat GPT would demonstrate better efficiency for businesses with particular needs.

ChatGPT alternatives

We’ve prepared a list of reputable apps like Chat GPT. Each of them has its unique use cases which make them the best choice in different situations.

  1. Chatfuel

It is an AI-powered messaging platform for businesses interested in increasing lead generation and boosting sales via online channels. This AI tool helps sales managers and agents automate and personalize communication with customers as well as make this interaction more valuable for both parties.

Key features:

  • сhatbots for Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram

  • сustomizable templates for different goals and scenarios

  • сommunication via in-app messaging and push notifications

  • integrations with ChatGPT, Google Sheets, Stripe, Shopify, and Zapier

  • tracking tools and analytics

  • automation of replies in comments and stories

Pros of Chatfuel:

  • possibility to adjust an AI chatbot to your individual needs

  • great variety of useful features

  • user-friendly interface

  • flexible subscription plans

Cons of Chatfuel (based on real reviews):

  • time-consuming configuration

  • pricing based on the number of conversations

  • limited set of features available during the trial period


The offered subscription plans allow users to pay only for those features that they really need. There are options for everyone including small businesses and huge enterprises. Pricing starts at $10.79 per month.

Chatfuel also offers a 7-day free trial.

price en.png


  1. GitHub Copilot X

GitHub Copilot X provides AI developer experience and can streamline the process of coding. This AI tool was trained on millions of lines of code and is powered by the well-known GPT-4 model.

First of all, it can help programmers to enhance the code written by them. Secondly, it can analyze the context of the code in different programming languages and provide suggestions for the next lines. The tool is compatible with Visual Studio, JetBrains, VS Code, and other commonly used coding editor platforms.

Key features:

  • understanding of prompts given via a chat and voice commands

  • code writing

  • analysis and explanations of code blocks

Pros of using GitHub Copilot X:

  • time savings (developers may save up to 55% of the time needed for writing code)

  • enhanced productivity

  • excellent learning tool for beginners

Cons of using GitHub Copilot X:

  • potential for distraction

  • risk of poor code quality

  • licensing concerns


Copilot offers different financial terms for individuals (starting from $10 per month) and organizations (starting from $19 per month). However,  verified students, teachers, and maintainers of open-source projects can get access to it for free.



  1. Perplexity AI

It is an AI knowledge discovery and sharing platform. It is available through the web or as a mobile app. For the majority of use cases, it can be viewed as a Chat GPT equivalent. However, the team behind it wanted it to stand out from the row of similar solutions. It focuses on source-based answers and makes the search experience for users more engaging and satisfying.

Key features:

  • AI-powered query analysis

  • real-time search for information and use of the freshest sources

  • the co-pilot mode that leverages the capabilities of GPT-4

Pros of Perplexity AI:

  • citation of sources

  • personalized recommendations

  • variety of use cases

Cons of Perplexity AI:

  • lack of natural language flow

  • risk of getting not 100% accurate information


This tool offers both a free Chat GPT alternative and a pro version. The paid version provides upgraded AI features and enhanced user experiences.



  1. Pi AI

This ChatGPT alternative can become your virtual personal companion. It is a conversational AI tool that starts the dialogue itself and tries to act like a therapist. You can use it just for chatting, getting recommendations, brainstorming ideas, or learning something new.

Pi can also talk to you. And you can choose one of its 6 voices that will be the most pleasant for you.

To save the history of conversations users can create accounts linked to their social media profiles or phone numbers.

Key features:

  • human-like conversations

  • highly personalized responses

  • generative AI

  • empathy and emotional support

Pros of Pi:

  • user-friendliness and seamless navigation

  • positive tone of conversation

  • excellent mental support

Cons of Pi:

  • limited knowledge base

  • risk of mistakes

  • limited range of use cases


This alternative to Chat GPT is available for free.

PI AI.png


  1. LongShot AI

This tool can become a good Chat GPT replacement for content writers. LongShot mainly focuses on long-form content and can create SEO-friendly pieces. It relies on GPT-4 and a row of custom AI models. Thanks to this, it is rather flexible in content creation and delivers texts of good quality.

Key features:

  • integration with major platforms used by writers like WordPress, Copyscape, Semrush, etc.

  • FactGPT

  • semantic SEO

  • bullet points generator

  • content rephrase

  • text extender

  • customizable templates

Pros of LongShot:

  • capability to create content of different genres and styles

  • high accuracy of facts

Cons of LongShot:

  • difficulties in maintaining a consistent tone and style

  • limited editing options

  • learning curve


LongShot AI has several pricing options for individuals and teams. Prices start at $19 per month if you buy a yearly subscription and at $29 if you want to pay per month. It is also possible to start using this tool for free.



  1. Jasper

This solution is positioned as a supportive AI tool for enterprise marketing teams. It is designed to help in creating original content for commercial needs. What makes this solution special is the possibility of adding a unique brand voice to the texts generated by Jasper. It can learn important facts about your company, get basic information about your audience, and catch information from your catalogs. All this makes it easier to edit the generated content.

Key features:

  • Jasper brand voice

  • Jasper chat

  • Jasper Commands (works as AI assistant)

  • Jasper Boss mode

  • marketing templates

  • Chrome extension

Pros of Jasper:

  • quick content generation

  • well-written texts that sound comparatively natural

  • plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly content

Cons of Jasper:

  • limitations in topics that can be covered

  • risk of inaccurate or wrong information

  • need for editing

  • not the best choice for original storytelling and investigative reports


Jasper provides several subscription plans that differ based on the number of users and a range of features. Moreover, you can choose either monthly or yearly billing. Yearly billing helps businesses save around 20% of costs.

There is also a free trial and a 7-day risk-free cancelation for new users.



Final word

Looking at the list of tools you may have a lot of questions on how to choose the best alternative to ChatGPT. First of all, we recommend you start with an analysis of your needs and tasks that you want to solve with AI. It will be an initial filter. Then, you should consider the possibilities offered by the selected tools.

To evaluate whether you’ve made a good choice, it would be a good idea to start using an AI solution, especially if it has a free version or a free trial period.

And remember: AI demonstrates the highest power only when it is properly applied.