Customer story:Interaksi reduces costs and increases sales by automating service requests with a WhatsApp bot

100%leads contacted within 1 min
65%+open rate

About the brand

Interaksi is a service marketplace in Indonesia. It offers:

  • → service performer search within 15 min
  • → verified professionals only
  • → refund guarantee
Interaksi screenshot

Interaksi connects people who look for services like photography, design, or English language teaching with specialists:

  • Customers submit a service request on the platform
  • All related specialists get the request details via WhatsApp
  • Customers select a specialist from the responses they receive
  • Live chat managers connect customers with specialists


Interaksi managers had to send all WhatsApp messages manually. It caused three main issues:

  • → missing leads due to human factor
  • → long wait times due to manual request processing
  • → WhatsApp Business accounts getting blocked due to manual business-initiated messaging

Goal: to automate finding service performers for leads

Solution: Interaksi automated two service request flows

Flow 1. Processing

  1. Traffic from targeted ads drives to the Interaksi website
  2. Leads submit their service requests
  3. All lead and request data uploads to Chatfuel
  4. Chatfuel bot notifies service performers based on a request type

Flow 2. Confirmation

  1. Service performers respond to a request
  2. Chatfuel bot sends customers service performers' profiles
  3. Customer chooses a service performer they like


Interaksi connects customers and service performers within 1 min

  • 100%reachability
  • 65%+open rate

WhatsApp Business account upgrade

Chatfuel, Meta's official partner, consulted Interaksi on getting an approved Meta Business account and helped to:

  • → Set up automated WhatsApp messages to replace manual texting
  • → Significantly grow the volume of business-initiated WhatsApp messages VS. manual texting
  • 75%service performer retention
  • 5 minservice performer response time
  • 12.5%application to deal conversion

Successful business idea testing

Interaksi launched an MVP (minimum viable product) business using WhatsApp automation.

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