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Published July 5, 2023 in

How to use ChatGPT for sales: benefits and use cases

ChatGPT: how it can be useful for your sales team, its potential use cases, future, and more.

Sales teams are the backbone of most companies, big and small alike. And in sales, results reign supreme. Companies have revenue goals, executives have incentives, and sales teams have quotas to hit. And, of course, there are the business development representatives (BDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) on the sales teams, who often get paid on a commission basis.

People in sales are always looking for ways to increase their numbers. At one point, things that are common now used to be new: cold emails, social selling, CRMs, etc.

Now, the new thing is ChatGPT. Every sales team is currently exploring how this tool can be useful for them, its potential use cases, and its future.

Keep reading to find answers to these questions and more.

How will ChatGPT impact sales?

If you work in sales and haven’t already been affected by AI tools, you will likely experience their benefits sooner or later. And the impact will be seen in many facets. For example, ChatGPT can automate processes, generate leads, answer customer inquiries, and do many other tasks like writing LinkedIn posts.

The potential for increased efficiency and productivity is huge, and with time this will become more and more apparent. Teams that learn to leverage this tool will have an incredible advantage over teams that choose not to, forcing most companies to adopt AI in order to keep a level playing field against their competitors.

Benefits of using ChatGPT in sales

Here are the main benefits of using ChatGPT in sales:

  1. Increased efficiency. ChatGPT’s most obvious benefit is the ability to automate various routine yet time-consuming tasks. This means that sales representatives can focus on more complex tasks, such as closing deals and building relationships with key clients and target audience, ultimately leading to increased efficiency.

  2. Better customer experience. With the ability to generate text and provide instant responses, ChatGPT is a powerful resource. Whether a customer has a product-related question or needs assistance with their order, ChatGPT can provide immediate assistance.

  3. Real-time feedback. As expected, companies like Clari are building tools on top of ChatGPT. Known as conversation intelligence platforms, these tools listen to live sales calls and take notes for later and provide contextual cues based on where the conversation is going.

  4. Scalability. ChatGPT can handle a large volume of requests simultaneously. 1. So that businesses can scale their sales operations with ease while a bot is answering frequently asked questions instantly.

  5. Low-cost investment. Unlike hiring extra sales staff, ChatGPT only costs $20/month. It’s incredibly affordable in comparison to the benefits it brings.

ChatGPT for sales: use cases

We have identified the most common and valuable use cases for ChatGPT prompts in sales:

ChatGPT for lead generation

Many sales teams need to source their own leads. ChatGPT can take a list of contacts, identify the most qualified ones (based on given criteria and context), and even format them in a table so you can import the data in your CRM platform. It can also help strategize ways to find new leads, and third-party ChatGPT-enabled plugins can even help scrape contacts off the internet.

Sales feedback

Like the tool called Wingman (by Clari) mentioned earlier, ChatGPT-enabled applications can record your sales calls and provide a detailed analysis afterward. They can isolate talk duration for each meeting participant, topics discussed, customer sentiment, next steps, and more.

Training on objection handling

Another great use case of ChatGPT is role-playing as a customer. By prompting it to talk like your customer persona, it can simulate potential customer objections, providing an interactive and effective training platform for sales representatives to hone their objection handling skills.

ChatGPT is role-playing as a customer.

Writing sales emails

Simply give ChatGPT the necessary context, and it can also help you write sales emails. Cold emails, follow-ups, check-ins, you name it. It can save significant time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like B2B sales.

ChatGPT is writing an email.

The future of ChatGPT in sales

As the technology continues to improve every month, the role of ChatGPT in sales is expected to expand. More and more sales teams will integrate it into their sales process, handling everything from lead generation to closing deals.

And as ChatGPT evolves, we may see it taking on more complex tasks, such as strategizing, negotiating deals, or even bringing a sale from start to finish.

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