Sync WhatsApp and Kommo CRM within 5 min

Benefits of WhatsApp + Kommo integration

  • Engage with your leads directly through Kommo CRM's interface
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  • Automate various CRM processes to optimize your workflows
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  • Boost engagement with the power of WhatsApp bots with ChatGPT built-in
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  • iconAutomated deal creation

    Instantly generate a new deal in Kommo CRM once a user messages you on WhatsApp

  • iconEnhanced deal management

    Experience automated updates of deal info and effortless movement of deal statuses

  • iconEffortless contact creation

    Automatically create new contacts in Kommo CRM after each new WhatsApp chat

  • iconPerfect task management

    Conduct and manage all leads and follow-ups using automated task creation for your managers

How it works

  • Seamless setup to connect WhatsApp and Kommo CRM within 5 min

  • No technical expertise is required

  • Intuitive design to avoid switching between CRM and WhatsApp

  • Convenient experience for your team and efficient communication

Why integrate WhatsApp with Kommo CRM

  • Save time and resources with automated processes, reducing manual data input

  • Let your team focus on high-value tasks by automating routine activities

  • Deliver exceptional customer service by communicating with leads on their favorite platform

  • Build stronger relationships via personalized interactions

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Improve customer relationships by integrating WhatsApp with Kommo CRM

Ensure you use each deal opportunity with revolutionized lead engagement and deal management. Experience the future of CRM today

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