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Catch prospects in Messenger and comments and answer 24/7

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Cover customers demands, answer FAQs and build trust using pre-made templates

Keep in touch
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Incite new activities: recommend products, share company updates, and send promos

Nurture and
convert more

Create a chain of messages
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and improve

Use detailed statistics to segment
leads based on their answers

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conversion rate with chatbot marketing

customer inquiries are handled by a chatbot

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The beauty of automation

A beauty brand automated customer support to respond 24/7, raised brand awareness and sales using product recommendations and interactive education


Total monthly revenue increased by approximately 40% ($250,000)

Cost per lead decreased from $8.30 to $4.06
The brand got a 10X return on ad spend

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Shoot for the stars and succeed

An astrology brand added a chatbot to qualify leads. It asked users about their preferences and provided quizzes and articles to increase engagement


Facebook bot cut operational costs by $25,000/month

Brand owners downsized staff from 55 to 25 consultants

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