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Published March 17, 2023

How WhatsApp business automation can give you the biggest competitive edge

Automated WhatsApp messages offer the highest conversion rates across all channels — learn their top benefits and use cases.

Imagine if your customers opened 99% of your business messages and responded to 50% of them. It sounds like a fairy tale statistic, but that’s precisely what WhatsApp automation is helping businesses achieve today.

In this article, we’ll show you how automated WhatsApp messages are the hottest conversational marketing opportunity for your business.

What is WhatsApp business automation?

Businesses can automate conversations with customers through WhatsApp to instantly resolve their queries. For example, when you send WhatsApp messages to your favorite store and get a lightning-fast response about your order, you’re not the only one. Hundreds of customer messages across the city are being responded to simultaneously.

Scaling responses by minimizing wait time — that’s the core of business automation. Whether you or your customer initiates a conversation, automation can take charge of the next steps with ease.

Business-initiated vs. user-initiated conversations.

How WhatsApp business automation works?

There are three ways to automate your business through WhatsApp:

Features – WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp business.

As you can see, the biggest drawback of WhatsApp Business is that it holds you back from handling the queries of your growing customer base.

Signing up for WhatsApp Business API allows you to connect powerful chatbots that can automate conversations for your growing customer base.

Benefits of WhatsApp business automation

Latest reports predict that WhatsApp chatbots will help businesses save over $11 billion and 2.5 billion hours in productivity. Let’s find out the top benefits that your business can gain by using them.

  1. Access to a more promising market

Users from all segments exchange over 100 billion messages on WhatsApp every day, making it the most actively engaged and diverse market for businesses to explore.

  1. Give your resolution time a massive boost

WhatsApp chatbots are the perfect tools to speed up your response time and your resolution rate. Customers are always accessible on this channel and are quick to continue the conversation. This allows faster two-way communication so you can efficiently give them faster solutions.

  1. Create automated marketing campaigns

Connect with your target audiences by responding to what they need at each sales funnel stage. You can optimize your outreach campaigns and proactively send notifications to engage with customers. Automation allows your team members to save time on repetitive tasks and focus on value creation.

  1. Create more personalized and dynamic customer interactions

Your chatbot learns from all your customer interactions to personalize your communications for each of them. For example, if your customer was browsing through the sports goods section of your eCommerce store, you can send them a 20% discount code for those products to attract them further. Plus, you can use custom message flows to adapt your engagement strategy in real time.

  1. Boost your conversions

Most businesses are lucky to get a 2-5% conversion rate with their phone messages and emails. But WhatsApp eclipses all other channels in terms of return on investment (ROI) by delivering an astounding conversion rate of 45-60%.

  1. Optimize your customer service

If your business gets overwhelmed by a lot of support requests, a WhatsApp chatbot filters out the customers who need human intervention from the ones that can be resolved through automated responses. Customers appreciate that their issue is acknowledged, giving your team some breathing room to get back to them.

Top 5 use cases and examples of WhatsApp business automation

  1. Automated greeting messages

Most customers need more direction when they first engage with your business. And a lack of direction leads to them dropping out early before you even give them a chance to explore your products.

An automated greeting message with a welcome menu to share essential information will eliminate the entry barrier to your sales funnel.

AirAsia using an elaborate welcome menu to guide their customers.

  1. Share delivery and shipping updates

Delivery and shipping updates are as critical in building trust as all the information that led up to a sale. It’s easy to track the status of their order 24/7 and maintain total transparency through automated notifications.

Zomato using a chatbot to send food delivery updates.

  1. Giving quick replies for FAQs

You will take care of 80% of your customer queries if you use your past interactions to set up quick responses to their most common questions.

The Indian healthcare ministry using a chatbot to handle COVID-related queries.

  1. Recommend products and share special offers

WhatsApp chatbots allow you to create a customized product catalog to offer a smooth customer experience, so they don’t have to switch from one channel to another.

If you can create an engaging message flow, you can make relevant product recommendations based on their needs. You can also share discount and sale notifications to re-engage with them. WhatsApp is also a great platform to close 45-60% of missed sales through abandoned carts and application drop-offs.

  1. Gathering feedback and reviews

Once your customer has completed their purchase, and you’ve delivered their product, you need to keep your ears open to feedback to improve their experience. It’s also the key to building brand loyalty.

Your WhatsApp bot can automate the feedback collection process and build unique customer profiles, which you can use for more personalized targeting.

A simple customer feedback chatbot using a rating system.

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