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Published July 5, 2023 in

How to do polls in WhatsApp: step-by-step guide

What WhatsApp polls are, and then we’ll walk you through the process of creating polls on both iOS and Android devices.

Feedback, engagement, and relationship building are good reasons to start using WhatsApp’s new poll feature. Whether you’re using the app for personal or business purposes, polls can be a great tool in your arsenal.

In this article, we will go over what WhatsApp polls are, and then we’ll walk you through the process of creating polls on both iOS and Android devices.

Let’s jump right into it.

What are WhatsApp polls?

WhatsApp polls offer a seamless way to pose questions and receive real-time responses and feedback from your contacts. Introduced in 2022, this built-in feature is now available for both group chats and direct messages.

Before the launch of the native polling functionality, users had to rely on third-party applications, which often proved cumbersome and time-consuming. Luckily, the process has been streamlined, making it much easier for users to create, participate in polls, and view votes.

The poll feature can have many applications: scheduling meetings, selecting a restaurant, gathering feedback, or just having some fun in a conversation.

How to do a poll on WhatsApp Android?

Here’s Here’s how you can create a poll on WhatsApp Android:

  1. Open a chat or group where you’d like to make the poll.

  1. Tap AttachPoll.


  1. Enter your question in QuestionAsk question.


  1. Enter your poll options in Options → tap ➕Add. You can also change the order of your poll options by using the hamburger icon on the right.


  1. Tap the send button to create your poll.


How to do a WhatsApp poll on iPhone?

Here is how you can create a poll on WhatsApp with your iPhone:

  1. Open a chat or group where you’d like to make your poll.

  1. Tap on the bottom left → Poll.

  1. Enter your question in Question → Ask your poll question.

  1. Enter your poll options in OptionsAdd. You can also tap and hold to change the order of your poll options.

  1. Tap Send in the top right to create your poll.

It is that easy. As you can see, the process is very similar to creating a WhatsApp poll on Android.

How to create a poll on WhatsApp group?

We have seen this question come up a lot. But as mentioned above, the process of creating a poll in a 1-on-1 chat is exactly the same as the process of creating a poll in a WhatsApp group. So you don’t need to follow a special technique when making a poll in a group.

But for a group poll, you might like to allow your audience to select multiple answers or set a limit to only one choice. That way, depending on your goal, you can get more detailed or specific responses.

Or, you can use polls just to let your audience have a fun time and improve engagement with your brand at the same time.

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