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Published July 3, 2024 in

AI customer service software: 6 best solutions for 2024

Looking for AI customer service software? Here is an overview of the top 6 solutions and their features, pricing, and user ratings in 2024.

Whenever humans have misunderstandings or would like to get to know each other better, they communicate, rather than escalate confusing situations and lose touch with each other. We see similar tendencies in business. When brands want to understand their customers, they have to communicate with them. Once customers feel engaged, appreciated, and welcomed by support teams, they tend to communicate more, stay in touch, be loyal, and eagerly participate in your marketing campaigns.

Let’s explore which AI assistants we consider to be the best in 2024, what main features they require and how to make a decision on choosing one to change your style of communication with your customers and befriend them.

6 best AI customer service software tools

  1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel dashboard — AI customer service.png
Source: Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a chatbot development company providing human-like interaction and streamlining customer service operations. Its solutions are ideal for eCommerce platforms, SaaS, and other online businesses.

Fuely AI is Chatfuel’s AI sales agent that is capable of booking appointments, automating sales, qualifying and categorizing leads, classifying and managing new messages, all while increasing customer satisfaction.


  1. Facilitated chatbot creation. Chatfuel transforms the way companies implement chatbots making them easy to integrate, through code-free algorithms and provides businesses with templates easy to set up and use.

  2. Cross-channel messaging. Chatfuel AI customer service agents are capable of multichannel communication simultaneously while each conversation with customers remains consistent and unified. Chatfuel AI assistants work perfectly with the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.

  3. Predictive analytics. Through analyzing relevant customer data, Chatfuel’s customer service AI can analyze user engagement, performance, and other metrics.

  4. Customer knowledge base. Based on customer behavior, Chatfuel AI customer support software classifies customers enabling hyper-personalized support agent interaction.

  5. Automated instant responses to customer interactions. Chatfuel AI customer service tools resolve customer issues by providing relevant responses immediately. In case of complex customer queries, it asks for vital data to understand the case and then provides seamless hand-off to human assistants.

  6. Streamlined customer service operations. Whether you want to send your customers product recommendations, leverage ad engagement, help complete transactions, recover abandoned carts, or get customers reengaged with your platforms, Chatfuel AI customer service solution is there for you.

  7. Shared inbox. Chatfuel provides shared inbox functionality which allows the customer support team to collaboratively reply to inquiries. Each support team member has their emails aggregated into one inbox to facilitate collaboration.


  • Business (Instagram/Facebook) ($14.99/month): offers 1000 customer conversations within the plan for Instagram and Facebook, with $0.01 for each new conversation extra.

  • Business (WhatsApp) ($34.49/month): for 1000 conversations with $0.02 for each new. Provides all basic functionality and vital integrations.

  • Enterprise ($300/month): unlimited conversations, dedicated bot development specialist, bulk pricing, and a personal account manager.

User ratings

Chatfuel user ratings #1.png
Source: G2 (4.5)
Chatfuel user ratings #2.png
Source: Capterra (4.4)

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk dashboard.png
Source: Zendesk

Zendesk is AI customer service software able to provide businesses with advanced generative AI chatbots that anticipate customer needs and actions, thus enabling brand-customer communication across various channels. Integration with AI customer service chatbots facilitates business growth through making customer journeys enjoyable and hassle-free.


  1. Instant reaction to customer queries. Zendesk AI agents boost customer satisfaction by providing instant replies to the contact center customer requests in a human-like manner. The data for the agent is taken from the knowledge base, the tone and brand voice are easily adjusted.

  2. Autonomous task execution. Zendesk AI customer experience software is trained to perform a full cycle of tasks from start to finish: refund provision, password change, appointment booking, appointment cancellations, etc.

  3. Data-driven insights for customer interactions. Zendesk AI customer service agent is intent-designed and, in many ways, can predict what the customer might want. Based on customer interaction data, it detects the problem and solves it before the issue escalates.

  4. Easy to customize. Unlike many other existing customer service platforms, Zendesk AI customer software can be easily customized and tailored to handle complex queries and situations.


  • Support Team ($19/month): involves completing operations on X, Facebook, and email, eligible for workforce management add-on.

  • Suite Team ($55/month): offers an AI agent to help the customer service team through email, text, voice, social messaging, etc. Online support and pre-built analytics dashboard are included.

  • Suite Growth ($89/month): features all the benefits of a Suite Team plus multi-language support with a self-service customer portal and customer satisfaction ratings visualization, etc.

  • Suite Professional ($115/month): provides such advanced features as custom and live analytics, integrated community forums, data location options, side conversations, etc.

  • Suite Enterprise (CUSTOM): offers the best combination of features to match the business goals, including sandbox, custom agent roles, dynamic workspaces, etc.

User ratings

Zendesk user ratings.png
Source: G2 (4.3)

  1. Tidio

Tidio dashboard.png
Source: Tidio

Tidio is an AI customer service interaction platform where a natural language processing AI bot (Lyro), email marketing, and live chats work together to tackle support requests and provide the best customer service. Tidio’s automation capabilities would suit small and midsize companies.


  1. Proactive support with live chats. Customer inquiries are served through Tidio customer support live chat software, capable of having multiple one-on-one interactions at the same time.

  2. Easy set-up protocol. Tidio AI customer service software, including chatbots and FAQs, is installed in less than 5 minutes and is open for customization. The automation of frequent standard inquiry replies is included.

  3. Smart View for comprehensive analytics. Analyzing customer feedback and sorting out customer questions by urgency helps to build customer success teams and improve customer service.


  • Free: offers 50 customer conversations, live chat social media integrations, ticketing, etc.

  • Starter ($29/month): provides 100 customer conversations, basic analytics, live visitors lists, etc.

  • Growth ($59/month): offers up to 2000 customer conversations, advanced analytics, Tidio power features, etc.

  • Tidio + ($749/month): features custom conversations, custom branding, open API, multi-lingual support, etc.

  • Enterprise ($2999/month): offers unlimited customer conversations, predictive analytics, and Lyro AI managing assistant.

User ratings

Tidio user ratings.png
Source: G2 (4.7)

  1. Kustomer

Kustomer dashboard.png
Source: Kustomer

Kustomer is generative AI customer service software that combines AI assistants, emailing and CRM platform functionality. It provides KIQ Kustomer Assist, an AI customer service chatbot that helps to design dynamic conversation workflows and provide human intervention to resolve complicated customer service demands.


  1. Ready-made templates. Kustomer AI customer service solutions don’t require any code, they are designed with the help of pre-built visual templates.

  2. Customizable template elements. Users appreciate the high level of customization: chat shortcuts, theme personalization, pre-built email macros, etc.

  3. Self-service customer interaction. Kustomer is one of AI customer service companies that train their chatbots to leverage customer data across the company's knowledge base and answer customer queries with maximum accuracy.

  4. Contextual engagement. Kustomer applied AI in customer service to provide support agents with AI-enabled summaries, which leads to more efficient bot-human hand-off and speedy issue resolution.


  • Enterprise ($89/month): offers powerful AI assistance and CRM automation for small and midsize companies across channels in several languages.

  • Ultimate ($139/month): features proactive service, sentiment detection, real-time dashboards, sandbox access, extended API, etc.

User ratings

Kustomer user ratings.png
Source: G2 (4.4)

  1. Custify

Custify dashboard.png
Source: Custify

Custify is an AI customer service assistant with deep understanding of customer behavior and lifecycles based on enhanced analytics tools. This AI customer support software is designed to keep track of customer metrics, such as customer satisfaction and interaction rates, risks and potential hazards, stability of interaction and breaking sessions review, etc.


  1. Big data application. Custify cutting-edge technologies allow for searching through massive amounts of data to specifically target customers’ KPI metrics, gather them, analyze, and build a robust knowledge base.

  2. Unified customer account. Custify service software manages to keep all customer history data from various sources in one place.

  3. API integration. The availability of API enables the connection to various third-party solutions, such as CRM data, invoicing and payment, such as Stripe and Paypal, and even chatting and social media platforms (Slack, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc).

  4. Powerful dashboards. Custify AI solution offers easy-to-create dashboards based on the key metrics from the contact center. These could be anything starting from health metrics to social ratings.


The pricing is available upon request.

User ratings

Custify user ratings.png
Source: G2 (4.6)

  1. Intercom

Intercom dashboard.png
Source: Intercom

Intercom is among the leading generative artificial intelligence customer service experience tools. It’s designed to bring productivity and innovation to customer service team performance by taking the heavy load of tedious and monotonous customer relationships interaction. Fin, which is Intercom’s AI tool, is trained to ask clarification questions and work with complicated customer demands.


  1. AI tools integrations. Intercom stands out among other AI customer service tools due to its immersive AI tools integration. It provides AI-powered chatbots and an AI-enhanced help desk It’s not only aligned with the Open AI product line but also Google Cloud’s Vertex AI as well.

  2. Maximized automation. This customer service software leverages the full scale of modern machine learning systems to minimize support costs, handle routine tasks efficiently, increase customer engagement, and offer the best customer service. Intercom chatbots deliver contextually relevant replies, autonomously create new posts for the help center, gather customer data upfront, etc.

  3. Multilingual support. Claiming to provide up to 70% of customer multilingual inquiries resolution autonomously, Intercom shows high efficiency among similar service software AI tools. Instant language detection is included.

  4. Advanced self-service support. Being able to provide high-quality knowledge base articles around customer needs increases customers’ engagement with the platform.

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  • Essential ($39/month): provides access to a shared inbox, ticketing system, and basic chatbot functionality and automation.

  • Advanced ($99/month): offers advanced automation, multiple team inboxes, and multilingual customer interactions.

  • Expert ($139/month): features advanced Fin AI customer service software optimization, workload management, and multilingual customer support.

User ratings

Intercom user ratings.png
Source: G2 (4.5)

AI customer service software: What to look for

In addition to key features and pricing data, there are other things worth mentioning while choosing a customer service AI tool for your support team. It’s crucial to make sure that your tool is well-protected against hacker attacks, easily adaptable to new spikes in customer requests, highly customizable and compatible with various third-party integrations, not to mention high-accuracy in providing customers with the relevant info on their requests.

Businesses that can provide quality and immersive customer support witness a significant reduction in customer churn rates, increased messaging interaction and overall engagement. Moreover, the existing support team is not overloaded and can concentrate on more important tasks and complicated issues. AI ability to detect customer intent and the sentiment of the conversation adds much to it. Anyway, let’s go through the main selection criteria to choose the best AI customer service software.


No matter how high your machine learning agent productivity is, if it allows for serious data breaches and is vulnerable for potential hacking it’s not good for you. The majority of conversational AI platforms are compliant with GDPR, but some go further and also apply for ISO 27001, AICPA SOC, and other certifications;


Every business sets a goal to grow and expand their outreach, that’s why the customer service platform should be scalable, making sure it can handle increase of customer inquiries and feature expansion, as well as provide cross-platform support;

Integration facilitation

Your AI tool should be able to smoothly integrate with the tools you already use, such as social media apps, payment systems, eCommerce platforms, CRM, live chat solutions, review websites, survey generation tools, call center apps, AI-powered translation tools, and many others. It’s better to opt for a customer service platform with REST API than without it. Native API saves time and development resources to provide the required integrations from scratch. It’s important to mention that AI customer support assistants should be capable of easy integration with social media apps, payment systems, eCommerce platforms, CRM, live chat solutions, review websites, survey generation tools, call center apps, AI-powered translation tools and many others.


To make sure that your conversational AI tool is able to follow the brand tone of voice, it’s important to pay attention to its customization flexibility. It should be easily adapted to your design guidelines, and provide various visual and workflow customizations. Moreover, based on your business needs AI assistants could be trained to pinpoint your nice challenges and become effective in dealing with customers’ issues.

Accuracy of performance

Several metrics indicate how well machine learning software is trained and how efficiently it can handle customer queries. Some of them include self-service and performance rates, usage rate per login, bounce and satisfaction rates, etc. Starting with free trial versions to check the required parameters and metrics is a great idea as it also helps to take a better-balanced decision.

Best AI customer service software: An overview

In the present read, we are trying to provide a holistic approach to what are the criteria taken into consideration while choosing the right AI in customer service among different AI customer service solutions. Knowing that your customer support assistant outperforms other customer service AI tools is good, but it doesn’t make much sense for your business if it doesn’t interact through the channels you require. Let’s check what main integrations our listed artificial intelligence customer service software provides, what channels it operates on, and what use cases it suits most.

AI customer service software_ comparison table.png

Ready to take your customer service to the next level?

AI receives a dominating status in all spheres of human life. And it’s quite understandable. The benefits it brings to businesses are massive. It changes the way many industries operate.

Well-trained chatbots and other AI agents and copilots are dedicated to provide stellar customer support around the clock, provide instant personalized replies and are able to significantly enhance user experience. Sign up and start your journey with Chatfuel, the one-of-its-kind no-code AI chatbot builder.


What is the best AI for customer service?

Among the leading AI tools’ providers for customer interaction is Chatfuel. Its AI assistants are trained to fulfill a wide range of tasks: booking appointments, lead qualification, answering FAQs, giving product recommendations, replying to comments, etc. At the same time, it’s very easy to integrate as it comes with its own API and the integration processes don’t require a single line of code.

How much does AI customer service cost?

Chatfuel offers Business and Enterprise plans. Business plan for Instagram and Facebook is $14.99, while WhatsApp is a bit costly, reaching $34.49. Enterprise plan for all channels is the same - $300.

How will AI transform customer service?

There are several aspects of how AI transforms customer service. First of all, it’s cost-efficient. Why should companies keep hiring real people if one AI assistant can interact with various customers in different languages at the same time. Secondly, despite its hallucinating state, some AI chatbots are near to perfect: accurate and completely error-free, capable of sophisticated tasks handling and deep analytics provision. Having such a powerful copilot, it’s easier for company’s management to make right decisions on how to build brand-customer relations. Thirdly, AI customer support solutions are available round-the-clock. Fourthly, being able to instantly work with massive data sets, sophisticated AI agents and copilots have short learning curves. Train them on your customer data and they will always remember it, keep updating the customer knowledge base and be able to provide a hyper-personalized customer experience.