Each Facebook user who comments on your business’s Facebook page posts is a potential sales opportunity. But replying to each person manually isn’t scalable, and won’t work as a very effective sales funnel, either. If you want to take advantage of the engagement on your Facebook page, it’s time you added your Messenger chatbot to the mix. 🤖

With Chatfuel, you can set up your Facebook bot to automatically reply to post comments. This type of marketing automation will save you time, and help you turn commenters into customers on autopilot. To begin sending warm leads from your page to your bot, all it takes is a few easy steps. You can set up Comments Autoreply in the Flows tab or the Blocks tab in Chatfuel, depending on where you've built your bot. Continue reading for details and instructions on both so you can get started right away.

How your business can benefit from automatically responding to comments

The Comments Autoreply feature is a powerful one with many different applications. Check out these ideas from Chatfuel clients who have found success with it:

🍼A baby-furniture brand used the feature to generate nearly 4,000 qualified leads from the comments on a single post.

🛹 A skateboard brand boosted total company sales by 320% with this feature as a part of their strategy.

🥗 A meal-kit company relies on this feature for multiple campaigns throughout the year. When they used it on Black Friday 2018, they had a 64% conversion rate.

hellofresh bot
HelloFresh, a meal-kit company, uses this feature for successful campaigns throughout the year.

You could also use this feature to:

  • Manage contests and giveaways. Comments Autoreply can put your social media contest or giveaway on autopilot. First, create a Facebook post that tells users what to comment to enter. Then set up the Comments Autoreply feature using the instructions above and the keyword or phrase you chose (or have your Facebook Messenger bot respond to all comments), and you're ready to go! Your bot will engage with all those who enter but don't win, and can even share a discount code or similar consolation prize with them so your brand can get more leads or sales.
Use Comments Autoreply to easily manage social media giveaways.
  • Respond to reviews on your Facebook page. To do this, enable users to leave reviews on your Facebook page. Then, head to your Facebook page’s inbox. Find Automated Responses and toggle one or both of the options under Respond to Feedback to On. Then, set up two autoreply rules: one for positive reviews, and one for negative reviews. The first one can thank the user for their feedback instantly, then offer other services like sharing a discount code, recommending products, or answering FAQs. The latter can offer a freebie or discount code to the user to make up for their experience. You could even use the Live Chat plugin to connect them with a human agent to resolve the issue and learn what you can do to improve.

Setting up Comments Autoreply in the Flows tab

In Flow Builder (the Flows tab under the Automation tab), the Comments Autoreply feature takes the form of an Entry Point. An Entry Point is simply a channel through which you can bring new users to your Facebook chatbot. The Comments Autoreply Entry Point has several extra functionalities in the Flows tab, including the ability to:

  • respond to comments not just on posts, but also on photos, albums, or videos
  • post a public reply to the user's comment, in addition to sending them a private reply in Messenger
  • set an optional delay of seconds, minutes, or hours for the public and/or private replies
  • add multiple public reply options and set your bot to choose one to post at random each time
  • set up a reply and keyword triggers for existing users of your bot (different from the reply and triggers for new users)

When setting up this feature in the Flows tab, here are the basic settings you'll get to select and customize:

#1. Choose the post(s) 📍 Do you want your Facebook bot to reply to comments on a single post, photo, video, or album, or every post, every photo, every video, or every album?

autoreply fb comments

#2. Set the rule(s) 🚫 Do you want your chatbot to reply to every comment on that piece(s) of content, or only those that contain certain keywords? You'll have the option to add keyword group(s) as a rule(s) for your bot's replies. (You can have separate replies for each keyword group, if you have multiple, or you can have them all lead to the same reply.) Or, you can leave the keyword spaces empty to have your Messenger bot reply apply to all comments.

reply to comments

#3. Create the reply or replies 💬This is the part where you'll decide what your chatbot says in response to user comments. You can choose to have it:

  • post a public reply in the comments
  • send a private reply to the user in Messenger
  • or both!

You'll also be able to customize the message(s), set a time delay if desired, and even set up separate replies for existing users of your bot versus new users.

comments autoreply

You can follow along with the video below, or get complete, detailed instructions on setting up the Comments Autoreply Entry Point in our help docs.

Setting up Comments Autoreply in the Blocks tab

The version of this feature for chatbots in the Automation-->Blocks tab is simpler, so you can set it up in a flash. You’ll just have to decide two main things:

  1. Which post(s) will it apply to? Do you want your bot to message commenters on one specific post, like one you created for a special campaign or announcement? Or do you want it to apply to all posts on your page? (Be careful with the latter option; it can get spammy.)
  2. Which comments will it apply to? You can have your chatbot message everyone who comments on the post(s) you chose above. Or, it can message only those whose comments include a keyword(s) or phrase(s).
Screen_Shot_2020-11-03_at_3.34.27_PM.png (1102×1526)

You can have your chatbot respond to all comments on a post(s), or only those that include a keyword/phrase that you set.

You can make these selections (also known as creating an autoreply rule) in the Grow tab of your bot dashboard. After that, you just have to create the initial message you want your bot to send those commenters, in the Reply with a private message box. Make sure it’s engaging and gets users to respond! If they do, they become a reachable bot user, which means you can contact them again in the future. You can also choose to send new users to a relevant block in your bot once they reply. Just check the last box on the screen (shown above) and select a block or flow there.

You can follow along step by step with the video below, or find more information on our documentation page for Acquiring Users from Comments.

Note that the following rules also apply to the Comments Autoreply feature:

  • Only link to posts published on your page. This feature won’t work for posts that were created just for an ad and only exist in Ads Manager (“dark posts”). You can acquire users for your bot from comments on a boosted post, but only if it was originally published directly to your page.
  • Only top-level comments will trigger the response, not replies. And it’ll only work on the original post, not shared versions of it. Also note that your bot will never message the same user more than once, no matter how many comments they may have left on that post.
  • Stickers and images cannot be tracked. For these acquired users to become bot subscribers, the first interaction must include actual text from both sides. Your bot’s first message must have some text, and same for the user’s first reply. Stickers and images don’t count for this, so use that first message to encourage a text response from users.

Helpful tips for both Comments Autoreply features

No matter which tab you set up this feature in, take these additional points into account so you can get the best results:

  • Your bot must be set up properly. Make sure it’s connected to your business page. Also check that it’s set up to view replies to posts on that page.
  • Don't add the Send Message button to your post. This button can make things more confusing for users. Basically, it adds another CTA (Send Message) in addition to the one in the text of your post. Users might not understand what you want them to do, so they may not engage at all.
Avoid using the "Get Messages" action in Comments Autoreply posts.
Don't add the "Send Message" button to Comments Autoreply posts, or users may not comment.
  • Avoid engagement bait. Posting broad or irrelevant questions like Do you like dogs or cats? Reply in comments may get you more comments. But it’s not worth it in the long run. Facebook will punish this engagement bait with lower reach. That’s why it’s best to only post authentically engaging content that’s highly relevant to your audience.

Comments Autoreply for Instagram

In case you haven't heard, marketing automation tools for Instagram are coming! 🔥 Facebook has announced their plans for expanding the functionalities of Instagram messaging. For the latest updates on Chatfuel features for Instagram marketing, sign up to get notified.

Start profiting from the engagement on your Facebook page

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