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Published December 25, 2023 in

Real time AI agent assist for customer service

Learn how you can drive your sales, improve customer experience, and boost agent productivity with the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

There are not so many things that are more irritating than trying to reach a customer service team and getting no answer for hours. When a company can’t build efficient real-time communication with clients, it can become a fatal mistake for a business and its prospects to grow.

If you have a general understanding of the specific nature of agents' work, you may say that it is practically impossible to provide an accurate detailed response within a couple of seconds. We have to agree with you. However, artificial intelligence (AI) in general, and agent assist technology in particular, can change the game for businesses.

What is AI agent assist?

Agent assist is a software tool that helps human agents across various industries enhance their interaction with customers. These solutions are powered by AI, namely artificial intelligence, which allows them to analyze questions sent by customers. Based on the context, such tools can make suggestions for the best possible responses.

This functionality is ensured thanks to the combination of several emerging technologies. Machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), automatic speech recognition (ASR), and data analytics are among the most important ones.

To provide answers, agent assist tools rely on various sources. For example, they can use internal and external knowledge bases, previously provided chatbot responses, and other resources that contain information in text form. These solutions can learn from interactions with customers, which makes their responses more comprehensive and efficient over time.

Key features of AI agent assistants

Different software tools of this type can be enhanced with various functionalities. However, as a rule, they include the following features:

  • guidance cards that are provided in real time,

  • guided script for building the most efficient conversation flow,

  • proactive issue prediction,

  • a comprehensive knowledge base that typically unites several resources,

  • real-time transcription for voice calls,

  • process automation,

  • data-driven insight generation,

  • automatic reporting.

How AI agent assist can help your business

  • Faster request resolution. With checklists and automatic guidance cards provided by a real-time agent assist tool, agents need less time to process customer requests.

  • Fewer errors. The majority of mistakes in the agent and customer interaction are usually caused by a human factor. When the requests are processed automatically, the risk of misunderstanding will be lower.

  • Enhanced customer experiences. With AI tools agents do not need to focus on searching for accurate facts. They can concentrate more on building highly personalized empathetic interactions with clients.

  • Increased agent productivity. Automated request processing and knowledge searches are the main driving forces that allow agents to deal with more inquiries in less time.

  • Faster agent onboarding. You can train newcomers on previously provided suggestions and conversations. As a result, the training process will take less time.

  • Higher agent retention. Working as a customer support specialist can be very stressful. That’s why a lot of specialists start thinking about quitting already within the first 12 months. Easy-to-use AI agent assist tools help to create more comfortable working conditions.

  • Valuable business insights. Advanced AI agent assist products can detect customer trends, identify behavior patterns, and analyze agents’ KPIs. These insights are highly valuable for managers. They can make better-informed decisions related to business strategy and professional training for agents.

  • More sales. Enhanced customer experiences, faster responses, and more personalized interaction result in better conversions. What’s more, customer acquisition cost is decreased as well as overall operating expenses.

This range of benefits makes agent assist technology a good choice practically for any domain that presupposes interaction with customers.

AI agent assist in customer support

Real time agent assist software can help to unite several digital communication channels under one roof. As a result, it will be significantly easier for human agents to maintain omnichannel interaction with clients.

For customer support, it is vital to work with inquiries as fast as possible. AI can process a large number of inputs simultaneously and provide answers based on the chosen knowledge resources.

Agents assist tools can also provide multilingual support. With this feature, businesses can offer communication to customers in their native languages. This approach makes the interaction for clients more convenient and better understandable.

AI agent assist in call centers

AI agent assist can be of great help not only in written communication but also in voice conversations.

Artificial intelligence can process natural speech in real time. Thanks to this, it immediately offers guidance cards with lists of possible actions that are expected to bring the best results in handling the issue.

Moreover, such solutions can also facilitate after-call work for employees. AI makes real-time transcription and gets the entire content of a conversation in the form of text. Then, the script can be processed and summarized.

A high-quality summary saves agents from huge volumes of routine work. So, they can put more effort and time into elaborating solutions for customer issues.

Final word

Today clients seem to be spoilt with good service (and it is a positive trend). To stay afloat businesses need to correspond to the set standards to meet customer expectations. An AI-powered agent assistant can become an excellent tool to increase customer satisfaction.

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