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Published March 21, 2024

20+ Shopify apps for marketing and sales

A healthy business always actively looks to increase sales and revenue

Your current marketing may bring some customers, but you'll hit a wall at some point. Most Shopify businesses just don't have marketing knowledge or money for agencies, so they look to Shopify apps.

These apps are low-cost, low-risk tactics you can test quickly to see what sticks. Below, you'll find more than 20 best marketing apps for Shopify across different categories: email marketing, reviews, loyalty programs, live chat and customer support and more.

Email marketing, marketing automation



Shopify App Store rating: 4.1/5 Pricing: Free to install, upgrade from $15/mo

Key features:

  • Powerful email marketing and marketing automation platform

  • Trigger-based automation across channels like email, SMS, web, and mobile

  • Advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities

  • A/B testing and campaign analytics to optimize performance

  • Integrations with popular apps like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok

  • Abandoned cart flows and browse abandonment flows

  • Pre-built templates and drag-and-drop email builder

User reviews: Shop owners love this email marketing app for its easy-to-use interface, smooth integration with Shopify, and powerful features including an intuitive email builder, segmentation, and automated flows. They've seen sales soar, with some enjoying a 30% boost from sign-up incentives and newsletters. Quick customer support and detailed analytics also impress.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.8/5 Pricing: Free to install, upgrade from $14/mo

Key features:

  • User-friendly email marketing and automation platform

  • Drag-and-drop email builder with product feed integration

  • Pre-built workflow templates for abandoned carts, welcome series, etc.

  • Segmentation capabilities based on customer behavior and purchase data

  • Automated email campaigns and remarketing flows

  • Basic reports and analytics to track email performance

  • Integrations with platforms like Facebook, Instagram,

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its easy email marketing tools and great customer service. Affordable and perfect for small businesses, its automation for abandoned carts and newsletters is a hit. Customizable templates, reliable performance, and useful analytics make it stand out. Free plan available for beginners.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.6/5 Pricing: from $24/mo

Key features:

  • Easy to create email signup forms, exit intent popups, banners and bars

  • Integrates with email marketing platforms like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend

  • Automated targeted messaging and segmentation rules

  • A/B testing capabilities for optimization

  • Cart saver functionality to recover abandoned carts

  • Analytics to track signups, conversions and revenue metrics

  • Mobile-optimized displays and campaign scheduling

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its easy interface and customization options for pop-ups, emails, and automations. Competitive pricing, great service, and advanced targeting boost engagement. Advanced analytics and seamless integration with top email platforms are praised. Automation, conditionals, and free beginner-friendly plan are highlights. Spin to Win and one-on-one support are effective.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.6/5 Pricing: $135/mo

Key features:

  • Automated email and SMS marketing campaigns

  • Abandoned cart recovery flows

  • Welcome series and post-purchase flows

  • Customer segmentation and personalization

  • Product reviews and loyalty program

  • Integrations with apps like Klaviyo,, Recharge

  • Basic reporting and analytics

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its all-in-one loyalty and marketing tools, from email to SMS and automated flows. Affordable and effective, with a user-friendly interface and great customization. Responsive customer service and valuable analytics. Significant boosts in sales and engagement reported. Continuously improving with new features.

Social proof and reviews

Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards


Shopify App Store rating: 4.7/5 Pricing: Free to install, upgrade $199/mo

Key features:

  • Collect and display reviews, ratings, photos/videos from customers

  • Showcase social proof like star ratings on product pages

  • Email review request campaigns after purchase

  • Q&A sections to answer pre-purchase questions

  • Visual marketing tools for user-generated Instagram content

  • Analytics on reviews, ratings, sales conversions

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its seamless integration and simple interface, especially for loyalty programs. Features like rewards bars and referral widgets boost engagement and sales. 24/7 chat support is efficient and responsive in resolving issues.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: 14-day free trial, upgrade from $9/month

Key features:

  • Display real-time visitor count and recent sales notifications

  • Highlight customer testimonials and reviews

  • "As seen on" logo banners for increased brand trust

  • Exit intent popups with opt-in forms

  • Campaign scheduling and targeting rules

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its easy interface, smooth integration, and affordability. They value its ability to manage reviews from platforms like Etsy and Amazon, with automated email systems and verification enhancing credibility. Quick support and customization options make it a game-changer for boosting credibility and conversion rates.



Shopify App store rating: 4.8/5 Pricing: 14-day free trial, upgrade from $49/month

Key features:

  • AI product tagging and smart search solutions

  • Customizable product filters and navigation menus

  • Related product recommendations

  • Variant picker and color/image swatch displays

  • Mobile optimized and fast page load times

User reviews: Shop owners appreciate this app for its many useful features like loyalty programs and product reviews. It's easy to use and fits well with Shopify themes. Customer support is quick and helpful. The loyalty features boost customer retention. Translation helps reach non-English speaking customers. It's a good value, replacing multiple apps.

Affiliate and referral marketing



Shopify App store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free to install, upgrade from $29/mo

Key features:

  • Build, manage and track affiliate marketing programs

  • Access to affiliate marketplace to recruit partners

  • Multiple commission rate and cookie duration options

  • Detailed analytics on affiliate performance

  • Customizable affiliate pages and links

  • Fraud protection and secure tracking

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its easy interface, real-time tracking, and detailed reports. It boosts sales through referrals and helps find affiliates. Cost-effective, with sales often covering its price. Quick, helpful customer support. Recommended for both new and experienced merchants, helping grow businesses and social media presence.



Shopify App store rating: 4.7/5 Pricing: 14-day free trial, upgrade from $119/mo

Key features:

  • End-to-end affiliate tracking and management

  • Customizable affiliate onboarding and sign-up process

  • Support for multiple commission types like percentage, flat-rate

  • Advanced reporting and fraud detection

  • Integration with analytics tools like Google Analytics

  • Affiliate marketplace and suggested partners

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its smooth Shopify integration, easy interface, and efficient affiliate management. It handles complex setups well, with a convenient onboarding process and post-purchase affiliate sign-ups. Many experienced business growth. Customer support is quick and skilled at problem-solving.

Referral Candy

Referral candy.png

Shopify App store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: 14-day free trial, upgrade from $59/mo

Key features:

  • Multi-incentive referral program campaigns

  • Custom reward options like discounts, account credits

  • Automated email templates and social sharing

  • Editable referral widget and embedded sign-up forms

  • Advanced tracking, analytics and fraud protection

  • Integrations with apps like, Klaviyo, Mailchimp

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its customizable referral campaigns that work smoothly with other Shopify apps. It boosts sales with little effort and has helpful customer support. Live chat for instant help and multilanguage support, although some want more languages. Great for turning customers into advocates.

Loyalty and rewards



Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free plan, upgrades from $29/mo

Key Features:

  • Points-based rewards program for customer loyalty

  • Reward actions like account signup, placing orders, leaving reviews

  • Customizable reward tiers and VIP customer levels

  • Cash back, discounts, free shipping as reward options

  • Integration with Shopify POS for offline and online syncing

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for being budget-friendly, easy to set up, and customizable. It smoothly integrates with Shopify, handles high volumes well, and has effective rewards and referral systems. Prompt, helpful customer support is a plus. Features like POS integration and live chat are highly valued. Free plan is generous; premium plan offers more customization affordably.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free to install, upgrade from $49/mo

Key features:

  • Points-based rewards and VIP tiers

  • Customizable rewards program structure

  • Referral marketing capabilities

  • Loyalty program analytics and reporting

  • Integrations with email, reviews, accounting apps

  • Support for multiple languages and currencies

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for boosting customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in more repeat business. They like its easy interface, Shopify integration, and customizable rewards. Some want more customization options. Quick, personalized customer support is a plus. Pricing can be tricky, but the team is helpful in finding solutions.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free plan, upgrades from $29/mo

Key features:

  • Loyalty and rewards program to boost customer retention

  • Points and rewards system to encourage repeat purchases and engagement

  • Customizable VIP customer memberships and community tiers

  • Rewards for referring friends and sharing on social media

  • Reminders via pop-ups, email notifications and expiry alerts

  • Multi-language support

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its strong features, customization, and fair pricing. They like controlling points for different actions and how smoothly it integrates with websites. They also note good customer service, user-friendly interface, and easy setup. Standout features include rewarding points for newsletter sign-ups and reviews, with regular updates improving functionality.

Conversion optimization



Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free plan, upgrades from $25

Key features:

  • Create exit-intent popups, banners, scroll boxes

  • Wide range of pre-built templates

  • A/B testing and targeting options

  • Email list building opt-in forms

  • Integrations with email marketing apps

  • Real-time analytics on conversions

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its powerful email subscription popups and list-building tools. They praise its easy design wizards, customizable templates, and targeted customer groups. The user-friendly interface, quick setup, and geo-targeted content are also appreciated. Prompt, professional customer service and extensive features in the free version are highlighted. The app boosts revenue with customizable popups and offers instant support.

Live chat & customer support



Shopify App Store rating: 4.7/5 Pricing: 7-day free trial, upgrades from $59/mo

Key features:

  • No-code chatbot builder for WhatsApp

  • AI agents and free ChatGPT

  • Official access to WhatsApp Business API

  • Automated message flows and broadcasting

  • Cart reminders, cart abandonment, shipping and checkout integration

  • Analytics on engagement and conversion metrics

User reviews: Shop owners love Chatfuel for its easy WhatsApp integration, support for official WhatsApp Business API and integration with ChatGPT. They notice how it helps to recover abandoned carts, track shipping and send order confirmations. Plus, the live chat with multiple agent support makes sure their customers always get the help they need 24/7.



Shopify App Store rating: 4.8/5 Pricing: 14-day free trial, upgrades from $49/mo

Key features:

  • Live chat functionality with customizable widget

  • Automated cart recovery flows on chat

  • Route chats to team inbox or Messenger

  • Chat-to-video calling capabilities

  • Reporting and analytics dashboards

  • Integrations with Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS

User reviews: Show owners note useful features like WhatsApp broadcasts, abandoned cart recovery and templates and automations. They praise its fast customer support and the WhatsApp unified inbox that helps improve sales.



Shopify App Store rating: 5/5 Pricing: from $325/mo

Key features:

  • All-in-one chat marketing platform

  • Live chat, messaging and Facebook marketing tools

  • Cart recovery automation across chat channels

  • Build Messenger audience for promotions

  • Popups and widgets to capture visitor emails

  • Analytics on conversations, subscribers, sales

User reviews: Shop owners love ShopPop for how it helps with customer engagement, like email problems. They note personalized alerts, like back in stock or price drops that you can send via WhatsApp and SMS. Plus, collecting data directly from customers to personalize campaigns.

Other notable apps

Junip: Product reviews


Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free plan, upgrades from $19/mo

Key features:

  • AI virtual shopping assistant and chatbot

  • Conversational Q&A and recommendations

  • Detailed product attributes and guided searches

  • Customer support and sales assistance

  • Integrations with apps like Gorgias, Recharge

  • Real-time insights and analytics

User reviews: Shop owners love this app! It's easy to use and set up, with a quick review collection process. The dashboard is user-friendly, and it integrates well with other platforms like Klaviyo and Meta/Google. Responsive customer service and review titles boost conversion rates. Mobile-friendly and great for multi-store owners.

Nova: Currency converter


Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free

Key features:

  • Automatic currency conversion on product pages

  • Support for all currencies and updating rates

  • Option to display multiple currencies

  • Geo-location detection and visitor IP targeting

  • Custom currency symbol styling and formatting

  • Reporting on sales by currency

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for offering real-time currency conversion and supporting several currencies. They praise its user-friendly interface and efficient customer support, especially the live chat. Plus, it's free, making it a popular choice for new businesses.

Instafeed: Show Instagram feed


Shopify App Store rating: 4.9/5 Pricing: Free plan, upgrades from $6/mo

Key features:

  • Display Instagram photos as a gallery/feed

  • Customizable layout, sizes and captions

  • Pull from hashtags, user accounts or locations

  • Mobile responsive and touch-friendly

  • Moderation tools and spam filtering

  • No coding or Instagram API key needed

User reviews: Shop owners love this app for its automatic Instagram post updates and the feature to showcase their Instagram feed on their homepage. They praise its simplicity, stylish design, and smooth integration with Shopify. Even on the free version, it's valuable and budget-friendly. Feedback for enhancements includes adding multi-account support and displaying product prices and options.

Find the right app for you

Marketing apps are a huge opportunity for Shopify stores to grow sales without breaking the bank. Email marketing, loyalty programs, product reviews, affiliate marketing - apps give you powerful tools in each of these areas. And most are cheap to try with free trial periods.

Don't be afraid to test out the top-rated apps like Klaviyo,, and Chatfuel to see what works best for your business. Find the right mix of apps, and you'll boost sales through automated marketing flows, happy repeat customers, and an army of affiliate sellers - all for a fraction of hiring an agency.