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Published February 1, 2024 in

Product update: meet AI agents

AI agents are now available in Chatfuel.

AI agents are ready-to-use employees designed to help you boost sales and rapidly expand teams. They are not your typical bots—agents can fulfill complete roles instead of just automating functions.

Each agent performs specific business roles:

  1. First-line support agent

  2. SDR for lead qualification

  3. E-commerce sales associate

  4. Pre-sales manager for the education sector

Consider AI agents as your junior employees who, if trained properly, can become your top performers. To train an agent, provide it with the context of your business and clients.

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You can strengthen your human team by incorporating AI workers or create an AI sales department from the ground up. Use a specific agent or combine them in various ways—the choice is yours.

To learn more about AI workers, please refer to our article. You can also check the help center for a detailed guide on how to add and set up AI agents.

Soon, we'll release six more agents meeting a wider range of business messaging needs. In the meantime, meet your first AI workers and explore their capabilities.