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Published April 30, 2024 in

How to use Instagram Reels for business and marketing in 2024

Learn how to promote your business on Instagram using Reels.

Instagram's algorithm has shifted its focus from Reels to a more balanced mix of content types like stories and posts, aiming to diversify user feeds. Despite of this, Reels remain a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase audience engagement and grow Instagram visibility.

Read on to learn how to use Instagram Reels for marketing.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are video clips that have their own dedicated section and feed on Instagram. Just like other content types, reels are displayed in the feed based on individual user interests and interaction history. You can enhance reels with music, text, and visual effects. Reels can be liked, shared, commented on, and created by users. They can be edited within Instagram or using external applications.

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How does the Instagram Reels algorithm work?

The reels users see on Instagram are dictated by its ever-changing algorithm. While this algorithm may seem complex, there are established factors that influence what appears in the feed:

  • The relationship between the content creator and the viewer. The algorithm considers who you interact with and how often, therefore, you're more likely to see reels from accounts you're subscribed to. Interactions such as likes, comments, direct messages, or sharing content with another user increase the chances of seeing each other's reels in your feeds.

  • Relevance. Instagram aims to display content it believes you will enjoy. For instance, if you frequently watch sports reels, your feed will feature more similar content.

  • Timeliness. In the Instagram algorithm, priority is given to newer content.

  • Popularity. The more subscribers you have, the higher the chances Instagram will promote your content. This social media platform also measures user interaction with your content—maintaining high engagement extends your reels' reach.

Are Instagram Reels good for marketing?

Instagram is a perfect platform for connecting with a massive audience. Just imagine, 37.74% of the 5.3 billion active internet users regularly stop by Instagram.

Reaching and engaging your target audience is central to your Instagram marketing strategy, and the Reels format is perfect for this. One significant benefit of Instagram Reels for business is that these short-form videos extend your reach beyond your followers and help to keep them engaged. According to Meta, over half of Instagram users interact with reels via likes, comments, or reposts at least once a week. Moreover, reel content makes up more than half of the content shared in messages.

So the answer is yes, the format of Reels offers effective instruments for businesses looking to expand their reach on Instagram.

How to make reels

Instagram provides a user-friendly interface for creating reels up to 30 seconds directly within the app. If you want to post longer Instagram reels for marketing, you can use third-party applications.

Step 1. Open the Reels editor

You can open the Instagram Reels editor in three different ways:

  • from the Instagram news feed by pressing the "plus" button at the bottom and selecting “Reels” from the list

  • from the Reel section — by clicking on the camera icon in the upper right corner

  • from your profile by pressing the "plus" button in the upper right corner

Step 2. Record the video or select clips from the camera roll

Technically, you can use the screen recording button to capture video within the Instagram app. However, it isn’t the most convenient way to create content for Instagram marketing reels. Instead, upload pre-recorded video clips. To access clips in the camera roll folders, tap the square icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Step 3. Add audio

There are three ways to add music to your Instagram reel:

  • Select an audio recording at the same time as choosing clips by clicking on the music note icon on the left side of the screen.

  • Click "Next" to open the audio menu and access Instagram's music library by touching the music note icon at the top of the screen.

  • Add audio directly from the Reels editor.

That’s it, you opened the audio menu—now you can search for the song you want or select one from the trending songs. No matter how you reach it, the Instagram Reels audio selection menu looks the same.

Step 4. Add the text on your reel

You can add text during the reel preview by clicking on the text icon at the top of the screen. Additionally, in the Reels editor, you can add text by clicking on "Text" at the bottom of the screen. After entering your text, you can experiment with its size, font, color, and outline style. And don’t forget to proofread for spelling errors because once the reel is published, you won't be able to change the text.

Step 5. Edit and polish the reel

Reel editing tools allow you to trim videos, reorder frames, add transitions, split clips, adjust playback speed, include stickers, and more. Once you’re completely satisfied with your reel, click the small blue arrow on the right side of the screen.

Step 6. Add a cover

Don't underestimate this step: a wisely chosen cover image ensures that your clip matches the aesthetic of your Instagram feed. To add a cover, select the "Change Cover" button. You may either choose a frame from your video or use a photo from your camera roll as the cover.

6 proven tips for using Instagram reels for business

Here are some tips to help you maximize the benefits of using Reels for business and marketing.

  1. Show your brand identity in reels

People appreciate the stories behind businesses as they foster a deeper connection, and reels are an effective method for conveying your business's story, values, and beliefs to customers. By creating reels reflecting those stories, you can garner more attention, engagement, and loyalty from your audience.

  1. Engage with your audience

An engaged audience contributes to your Instagram account visibility. But engagement is a two-way street: don't let likes and comments on your Instagram reels for business go unnoticed. Reward your subscribers for their attention by actively interacting with them.

As the number of your followers grows, engaging with them can be time-consuming—if done manually. The most effective way to maintain continuous interaction with your audience is by employing Fuely AI, an AI agent from Chatfuel.

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Here's what Fuely AI can do for you on Instagram:

  • automatically respond to comments under reels and posts, recognizing the message and responding accordingly

  • like all or specific comments

  • respond to direct messages and stories reactions

  • reach out to users who reposted your reels, posts, or stories, and those who tagged your profile in their content

  • generate, qualify, and nurture leads and transfer them to your sales team

  • answer FAQs, offer personalized product recommendations, book appointments, provide updates on order status, and more.

Also, Fuely AI integrates with various platforms such as Stripe, Shopify, Calendly, and others, allowing for omnichannel AI automation and facilitating business operations on Instagram.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial to assess the full potential of Fuely AI for promoting your business on Instagram.

  1. Boost your reels visibility

Here are a few easy ways to boost your reels:

  • Share reels in Stories. Subscribers who missed your reel in their feed will come across it while watching stories.

  • Share your reels on other social platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

  • Use paid promotion tools like Instagram Ads.

  1. Add captions

Captions help get people to watch your reel. They tell viewers what it’s about and make them want to watch it. Keep captions short and true but compelling—your goal is to get viewers excited to watch your video.

  1. Use hashtags

Using relevant and popular hashtags can increase the reach of your reel and attract more viewers. You can use up to 30 hashtags per one reel.

  1. Consider reel length

Technically it’s possible to post longer business Instagram reels, however, the ideal length is between 15 and 30 seconds. A longer reel is less likely to be watched till the end due to users' short attention span, and the Instagram algorithm considers the completion rate when deciding which content to promote.

FAQs on Instagram Reels

How to find trending songs and sounds?

Like any Instagram user, you'll frequently encounter viral reels. Take note of the sounds and music used in these videos—some of them you might want to use in yours. If you find a sound you like, you can save it for future use by simply tapping the “Save” button.

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Source: Instagram

Also, when selecting a sound for your marketing Instagram reels, pay attention to the arrow next to the title that points upwards. This indicates that the track is trending.

What should be posted on business Instagram reels?

The reels format provides plenty of space for your creativity. Here are just a few Instagram reels marketing ideas:

  • give a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes in your company

  • record a trending video with content tailored to your business

  • show what your product can do

  • share some quick and handy tips

  • answer frequently asked questions

  • show before-and-after transformation

Regularly posting reels, you’ll quickly identify what resonates with your followers most.

How long can Instagram reels for marketing be?

Reels recorded using the Instagram camera are limited to 30 seconds. If you want to post longer clips, you can create reels from pre-recorded videos.

When is the best time to post reels on Instagram?

Instagram app provides analytical tools, which you can use to view parameters like reach, views, and interaction. Identify when your posts receive the most interaction, as this indicates when your subscribers are most active. Typically, these are early morning, lunchtime, and early evening, when your audience is coming online to check their Instagram feeds. Try posting in these time slots and measure the results. But still, there’s no single recommendation—you’ll have to try various slots to identify what works best for you and your audience.

How often should I post reels?

When it comes to Instagram reels marketing strategy, the general advice is to post up to 7 reels per week. While Instagram allows for more frequent posting, doing so could cause your content to compete with itself, negatively affecting your visibility.