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Published December 19, 2023 in

9 best AI digital marketing tools in 2024

Whether you manage a small business or an enterprise team, these tools will help you gain a competitive advantage.

As a marketer or business owner, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the constant changes in this industry. Every month, there are new tools, algorithm changes, and trends. Many of them are powered by AI. But we still have to stay on top of it all to keep our competitive edge. We’re here to help.

In this article, we’re compiling the 9 best digital marketing tools in 2023. We’ll take a look at their key features, what they’re best for, and how much they cost.

Let’s get started.

Best AI marketing tools

1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is best for creating and managing chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and your website. It’s a great tool for businesses looking to automate their sales, engaging with customers on social media and messengers, customer service, and more.

Chatfuel’s key features:

  • No-code chatbot builder. Allows users to create chatbots without knowing how to code.

  • AI capabilities. Chatfuel’s integration with ChatGPT makes it a powerful tool for enhancing the customer experience. Using ChatGPT, your chatbots can effectively understand, respond to, and engage with customers.

  • Integration options. Seamlessly integrates with website platforms, popular CRM (Customer relationship management) tools, Google Sheets, and other third-party applications.

  • Platform compatibility. Use Chatfuel’s chatbots where your customers are: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or your website.

  • Pre-built templates. Simply duplicate their most popular templates, and you can have your chatbot live in less than 30 minutes.

Chatfuel’s pricing:

Free 7-day trial (no credit card required), then plans start at only $14.39/month.



2. Synthesia

Synthesia is best for creating AI-generated videos from text. It's flawless for marketers and businesses looking to produce high-quality video content at scale and without complex video editing.

Synthesia’s key features:

  • AI video creation. Synthesia can generate videos using AI, including AI-generated human-like avatars.

  • AI avatars. Choose from 150+ diverse avatars to use in your video or create your own.

  • AI voices. Simply type in your text and turn it into a voiceover in minutes. You can choose from 120+ languages, different accents, or even clone your own voice.

  • Easy-to-use editor. With a user-friendly interface, editing and customizing videos is faster and simpler.

Synthesia’s pricing:

Starting at $22/month, with enterprise plans available for bigger companies. Note that plans are charged annually.



3. AdCreative AI

AdCreative AI is best for generating ad creatives using AI. It’s a great choice for businesses looking for cost-effective creatives to test and increase the performance of their ads.

AdCreative AI’s key features:

  • AI-powered design. The tool automatically generates ad creatives with your brand’s logo and messaging. It’s like having your own AI assistant that specializes in making creatives.

  • Performance optimization. Uses AI to test and optimize creatives for better performance.

  • Integration with other platforms. You can integrate AdCreative AI with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

  • Customization options. Keep your creatives aligned with your brand identity and campaign goals.

AdCreative AI’s pricing:

Free 7-day trial, then plans start at $21/month and go up to $499/month for agency plans.



4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is best for social media marketing and management. Save time and grow your social media presence with this all-in-one scheduler, manager, and analytics tool.

Hootsuite’s key features:

  • Social media scheduling. At the core of their product is the feature to schedule your posts across multiple platforms.

  • Analytics and reporting. See how your posts are performing.

  • Social media monitoring. Track mentions, keywords, and trends across platforms.

  • AI content creation. Use OwlyWriter AI to help you create content, including generating captions and winning post ideas for your brand.

Hootsuite’s pricing:

Free 30-day trial, then plans start from $99/month and go up to $249/month or custom pricing for enterprise customers.



5. Semrush

Semrush is best for SEO and competitor research. This tool is a must-have for anyone doing SEO or trying to improve their online visibility.

Semrush’s key features:

  • SEO toolkit. Includes keyword research, site audits, and backlink analysis.

  • Content marketing. For easy content planning and writing using AI.

  • Market analysis tools. Find insights from competitors’ strategies by looking at their organic pages, paid ads, backlinks, and more.

  • Social media management. Enables post-scheduling, tracking, and analytics.

Semrush’s pricing:

Plans start from $129.95/month and go up to $499.95.



6. Frase

Frase is best for AI-powered content planning and writing. This tool is made for SEOs and content managers who want their content to rank well in search engines.

Frase’s key features:

  • AI writer. Generate high-quality content that incorporates accurate facts and background research.

  • SEO research. Use their tool to analyze competitors and keyword search volume.

  • Multilingual support. Frase can help you write content in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish.

  • SERP data enrichment. Their Pro Add-on includes SEO data like domain authority and backlink data for top search results. So you can make sure that your generated content is targeted and optimized.

Frase’s pricing:

You can get a 5-day trial for $1, then plans start at $14.99/month and go up to $114.99/month.



7. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is best for content creation and copywriting. Jasper is one of the most popular tools in this space. It’s ideal for enterprise marketers and businesses looking to generate high-quality written content quickly and efficiently.

Jasper’s key features:

  • AI writer. Use AI to generate original content, including blog posts, social media captions, and sales copy.

  • Brand voice. Make sure your content follows your voice, strategy, and positioning.

  • Team collaboration. Easily work with your team to manage projects, review content, and make edits.

  • Analysis and insights. Improve your content with AI recommendations and suggested changes.

Jasper’s pricing:

Free 7-day trial, then plans start at $39/month.



8. is best for personalized marketing automation and lead generation. This tool is designed to identify customers visiting your website and engage them with AI-powered sales outreach automation.'s key features:

  • Personalized campaigns. Creates personalized marketing campaigns using AI.

  • Customer segmentation. Uses AI to segment customers based on behavior and preferences.

  • Analytics and insights. Provides detailed analytics to track campaign performance and engagement.

  • Platform integrations. Connect to your advertising accounts, email platform, and more.'s pricing:

They offer a free trial, but the pricing will depend on your scale and specific needs.



9. Ocoya

Ocoya is best for content creation and social media management. Ocoya is similar to Hootsuite, but it’s even more AI-powered. This tool is great for businesses looking to automate their social media creation and posting.

Ocoya’s key features:

  • AI content creation. Automatically generate engaging content for all your different social media accounts.

  • Post scheduling. Schedule your social media posts across different platforms and accounts.

  • Analytics. Get insights into your social media performance.

  • Plan your content. Use their content calendar to plan and organize your posts better.

Ocoya’s pricing:

Free trial is available, with plans starting at $15/month and going up to $159/month for large organizations.



AI digital marketing tools: FAQs

Which AI tool is best for digital marketing?

Choosing the best AI tool depends on your specific needs and goals. For instance, Chatfuel is excellent at customer service and sales automation, Frase is better at SEO content creation, and AdCreative AI is better at making creatives.

For this reason, we included a mix of different tools with their strengths and use cases in this article. Based on your needs, you were able to find something for your business.

Is AI a digital marketing tool?

AI is not a digital marketing tool but rather a technology that powers digital marketing strategy and other tools. AI makes these tools more efficient, intelligent, and capable of handling complex tasks.

What is an AI marketing tool?

An AI marketing tool is a tool that leverages AI (artificial intelligence) technology to enhance various marketing tasks. These tools use AI to automate, optimize, and make more intelligent marketing decisions. Some AI capabilities of these tools might include data analysis and insights, personalization, natural language processing, content creation, and more.

How are AI tools used in digital marketing?

AI tools are used in every aspect of digital marketing: content creation, personalization, automated interactions, ad optimization, social media management, analytics, and much more. The key is to identify what’s the most important for your business, and start by finding the right tools for you.

In conclusion, it’s clear that AI-powered tools dominate digital marketing, each with their own capabilities and strengths. From chatbots to generating videos, the 9 tools we’ve covered in this article represent the best options available right now.

Whether you’re a small business or part of an enterprise team, these tools will help you gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Just remember, the key is to align these tools with your own needs and business objectives. Do that, and you are on the right path to success.