Lead generation & qualification

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With this template, you automate
Lead generation
Lead qualification
Collecting data

Your real estate chatbot offers clients a survey-like flow. The idea is to discover the type of property they want to sell, buy or rent and their contact details. Once a client completes the flow, we email you all the information gathered. It works the same for any property, from residential estates to condos. You need to step in only to call clients and prepare for a showing.

The template is already pre-filled in.
Just customize the following and activate it

Starting step

Introduce yourself or your agency to visitors. Add and edit buttons to find out what services visitors are looking for.

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Grouping leads by their intent

Once customers select a service, they will move to the corresponding flow based on their intent. This template has four service flows: Sellers, Buyers, Property owners, and Property tenants.

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Editing corresponding flows

Your chatbot offers customers buttons and text fields in each corresponding flow to collect essential information about their requests. Edit button names, add or delete them as you wish.

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Collecting and emailing data

In all flows, your chatbot collects all customer request details in {{user attributes}}. To receive this data, add your email address.

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After customizing the template, activate the Facebook Page Entry Point to let users in. To do that, go to the Starting step flow and move the toggle.

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