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With this template, you automate
Lead generation
Lead qualification
Collecting data

It's an automated beauty & healthcare marketing funnel embedded in your direct messages and post comments. Answer customer common questions, let them register for your events, or cancel their registration. Your chatbot gathers and emails you all customer data: their names and contact details, intents, and requests.

The template is already pre-filled in.
Just customize the following and activate it

Getting started

Your chatbot greets visitors and offers them to click a button depending on their intent. Manage the texts and buttons as you wish.

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Corresponding blocks and flows

Your chatbot asks customers questions to find their intent, saves their answers as {{user attributes}} and redirects them to the corresponding flows based on user intents. You can manage blocks and flows as you wish.

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Event registration and Cancellation flows

In these flows, users can choose a suitable date and time, register for the event, or cancel their registration and mention a reason. You can add more buttons and edit the content as you wish. For example, edit the event date and time.

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{{User attributes}} and exporting data

Your chatbot collects customer data as {{user attributes}}. You can manage them as you wish: edit, save and share them with your team in the Notify admin flow. To do that, add your email address and edit the data you wish to receive.

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After customizing the template, activate the Entry Point to let users in: Facebook Page, Comments Autoreply, or both. To do that, go to the Getting started flow and move the toggle(s).

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