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Published April 12, 2024

Boost your website engagement with a free WhatsApp pop-up: AI template, tips, and tutorial

Leverage WhatsApp's power with practical strategies to convert website visitors into loyal subscribers and paying customers to achieve new heights of success.

Do you need help expanding your customer base and increasing sales for your business?

With the rise of social media and instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, there's a new opportunity to reach potential customers and convert them into loyal subscribers.

In this article, we'll explore the best strategies to turn your website visitors into WhatsApp subscribers and, ultimately, into paying customers.

Get ready to learn how to take your business to the next level and achieve new heights of success.

What is a WhatsApp pop-up?

WhatsApp pop-up is a feature that allows your website visitors to see an inviting WhatsApp chat window. This window displays a welcome message encouraging them to start a conversation with your business.

The WhatsApp pop-up can include an image, header, body text, and a call-to-action (CTA) button. By clicking the CTA button, visitors can reach out to your brand and start a WhatsApp chat with your business, whether with a human agent or a chatbot. Once a website visitor clicks the pop-up, it will not reappear.

WA popup.gif
WhatsApp pop-up window on Shopify.

Reasons to integrate the WhatsApp pop-up on your website

If you struggle to convert website visitors into loyal customers — don't worry. You're not alone. Many businesses face similar challenges.

Here are some of the common difficulties you may be facing:

  1. Complexities in converting visitors into buyers

The process of converting visitors into buyers can be complicated, and a lack of effective communication strategies can be a significant barrier to success. A pop-up will be incredibly efficient if your website has a lot of mobile traffic because customers prefer chatting with a business in messengers instead of navigating websites alone.

  1. Poor engagement on the website

Visitors often leave websites without taking any action due to the lack of interactive elements or unengaging content. It's crucial to captivate leads from the first few seconds.

  1. Losing leads due to an ineffective web strategy

Without a clear strategy for interacting with website visitors, you risk missing out on crucial opportunities to increase your customer base.

However, by leveraging AI agents by Chatfuel, you can boost your visitor-to-customer conversion rates and stay ahead of your competitors. AI automation has never been more accessible and impactful, making it a valuable tool for increasing business efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

Why are we talking about AI agents in this article?

You can integrate them right into WhatsApp and use a pop-up window on your website to attract visitors to start a chat with your business via familiar messenger. That way, you can offer a personalized user experience to engage and retain customers.

Keep scrolling for a free template, video and text tutorials, and use cases for better results.

Benefits of WhatsApp pop-up

WhatsApp pop-up is a great entry point for winning your website’s visitors. See how you can use it for business:

  • Automated replies. You can provide instant auto-responses to capture leads when visitors click on your WhatsApp pop-up. This saves time and provides better customer service by acknowledging messages promptly and providing helpful information.

  • Collecting customer data. By adding a WhatsApp pop-up to your website, you can prompt visitors to share their WhatsApp numbers. This allows you to collect valuable contact information.

  • Audience engagement and growth. A WhatsApp pop-up on your website creates immediate and personal engagement with your audience. This can significantly grow your user base.

  • Improved customer support. You can use WhatsApp pop-up to provide personalized support to your customers, making them feel valued and heard.

  • Personalized offers and updates. A WhatsApp pop-up allows you to send tailored offers and updates to your customers, making them feel special and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

How to add a WhatsApp pop-up with AI agent to the website?

  1. Connect your WhatsApp number to Chatfuel

To connect your WhatsApp number to Chatfuel, follow the video tutorial or the guide below:

  • Open the Chatfuel dashboardHome tab.

  • Go to the WhatsApp Business Account section → click Connect.

wa pop-up 1.png
  • Select Use your number → click Next.

  • Follow the steps in the pop-up window to verify your phone number.

💡 Need additional details? Please check our Help center.

  1. Customize WhatsApp pop-up + AI agent

  • Copy the template here → click Save to Chatfuel in the bottom right corner.

wa pop-up 2.png
  • Click on Open WhatsApp to customize your pop-up.

wa pop-up 3.png
  • Add an image, header, pre-filled message, a call-to-action button, and other details. Also, you can customize the pop-up's behavior. For example, a time delay in displaying it.

wa pop-up 4-3.png
  • Edit a welcome message. Your website visitors will see it after clicking on the pop-up and sending you a pre-filled message you set up in the previous step ('Hi, I want to claim my code.'). Then, edit the Send Message blocs and add or remove other blocks.

wa pop-up 5.png
  • Add your business details and FAQs to 1st-line customer support agent. It will use the details you provide at this point to communicate with your customers.

wa pop-up 6-3.png
  • Test your automation. If needed, edit the flow and AI agent instructions you provided to make them better suit your business case.

WA pop-up template 6.gif

  1. Activate WhatsApp pop-up + AI agent

WA pop-up template 7.gif

✅ Done. Now your AI agent by Chatfuel is ready to chat with your website visitors on WhatsApp.

Achieve your business goals with AI agents by Chatfuel

Now that you've learned the best strategies to convert your website visitors into loyal subscribers and paying customers, it's time to take action.

Chatfuel's AI agents are the perfect tool to help you achieve your business goals and take customer relations to the next level. By signing up with Chatfuel, you can create personalized customer experiences, automate your sales and marketing processes, and grow your business exponentially. With Chatfuel, you'll streamline your operations, save time and resources, and focus on what truly matters — growing your business.

So why wait? Sign up with Chatfuel today and see the results for yourself.