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Published March 29, 2024 in

34 WhatsApp Business statistics that trending in 2024

Discover WhatsApp Business statistics for 2024 to learn how people use the platform and what opportunities it provides for your business.

Here are the WhatsApp statistics for 2024 where you may find actionable insights to refine your online strategy and discover new opportunities.

How users interact with WhatsApp

  1. WhatsApp has reached an impressive milestone with over 2.7 billion people now actively using the platform. (Statista)

  2. WhatsApp secured its place as the third most popular social platform worldwide. It is only surpassed by Facebook, which holds the top spot, and YouTube, coming in a close second. (Statista)

  3. More than 140 billion WhatsApp messages are sent daily. This number includes all types of interactions, from chats between family and friends to communications between businesses and customers. (Backlinko)

  4. On average, a user opens WhatsApp between 23 and 25 times a day. This makes it a preferred platform for companies aiming to maintain close contact with their customers. (Gary Club)

  5. WhatsApp users are typically very active on the platform. 50% of them engage with WhatsApp at least once a day, and 91% access it at least once per month. (Statista)

  6. Typically, users dedicate about 38 minutes each day to using WhatsApp, accounting for about 19 hours per month. (Data Reportal)

Geography and demography of WhatsApp users

  1. Being available across 180 different countries, WhatsApp is a highly relevant platform for businesses looking to scale their marketing efforts. (WhatsApp)

  2. The largest age group among WhatsApp users is 30-49 years old, making up 30%. Meanwhile, 24% of US users are 18-29 years old, 23% are between 50-64 years old, and only 10% are 65 or older. (Statista)

  3. India has the highest number of WhatsApp users (over 530 million), with Indonesia having the second-largest user base. (Statista)

  4. Hispanic Americans are the largest WhatsApp users in the US at 46%, notably higher than Black Americans (23%) and White Americans (16%). (Statista)

  5. Most users are from urban and suburban areas, with fewer in rural regions. In the US, 33% of WhatsApp users have post-college education, 20% are college-educated, and another 20% have a high school diploma. (Statista)

WhatsApp for business and marketing

  1. WhatsApp business had reached over 200 million monthly active users in 2023, up from 50 million in 2020. Thus, the app quadrupled its number of active users in three years. (WhatsApp)

  2. WhatsApp is quickly becoming a prime platform for businesses to engage with their customers. Approximately 40 million users view the WhatsAoo business catalogmonthly to discover products and services. (Meta)

  3. WhatsApp is among the four most popular platforms consumers use to discover new products (the others are Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger). In 2021, these platforms were the main channels of discovery for 64% of consumers. (Meta)

  4. Messages sent via the WhatsApp Business API boast a 99% open rate, far outstripping the average email open rate which lingers just above 21%. (Telemedia)

  5. 65% of people feel more confident messaging businesses as opposed to sending an email. (Sanuker)

  6. An impressive 83% of consumers use messaging apps to contact businesses and learn about their products and services. (Zendesk)

  7. Even more striking, 75% of these consumers make purchases after using a messaging app, indicating a high conversion rate. (Zendesk)

  8. Furthermore, 67% of people now expect to communicate with businesses through messaging apps, instead of traditional methods like email or phone calls. (Zendesk)

  9. Abandoned carts and application dropoffs happen when customers leave without completing purchases or signups. With WhatsApp marketing and automated recovery notifications, you can recover 60% of abandoned carts, effectively re-engaging customers. (Economic Times)

  10. People most commonly contact businesses on WhatsApp for customer support. Other reasons include pre-sales support, community engagement, and participation in raffles and games. (WhatsApp)

  11. Companies that sell exclusively through WhatsApp have a repeat customer rate of 68%. (Spectrm)

  12. Using WhatsApp chatbots can lead to an increase in lead generation by over 500%. (Cooby)

  13. Compared to other social media channels, WhatsApp chatbots have a lower cost-per-lead. (Cooby)

  14. Implementing WhatsApp Chatbots for marketing can result in a 28% lead-to-conversion rate. (Cooby)

WhatsApp and customer experience

  1. Customers find brand communications via WhatsApp quite convenient. It simplifies their interactions with their favourite brands, making it effortless to place orders and provide feedback. A significant 64% of WhatsApp users agreed that the platform fosters a personal connection with businesses. (Sanuker)

  2. A significant 68% of users find WhatsApp to be the most convenient way to connect with businesses. By meeting customers on the platforms they prefer, businesses can boost their brand perception and uplift customer satisfaction. (Sanuker)

  3. 69% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if a WhatsApp messaging option is available. (Spectrm)

  4. Companies that use WhatsApp Business have reported a 225% faster customer service response time. This has led to a 27% increase in sales and a 20% improvement in overall conversion rates. (Your Business Number)

  5. 73% of users say that slow responses on WhatsApp will convince them not to engage with a brand. (Cooby)

  6. 56% of users have said that they’ve abandoned a purchase because a company was too slow to respond to their query. (Cooby)

Some real-life examples of using WhatsApp for business

  1. Concrete Jungle sends personalized WhatsApp marketing messages to customers, segmented based on gender and past purchase behavior, and has seen a 300% return on investment.

  2. The Rajasthan Royals, a well-known IPL team, experienced a 50% increase in merchandise sales through marketing on WhatsApp.

  3. Mercedes Benz Turkey experienced a 63% lead-to-conversion rate from a single WhatsApp marketing campaign.

Wrapping up

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