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Published February 7, 2024 in

5 best Shopify AI chatbot apps that improve your business

Learn what Shopify chatbots are, how they can improve your business, which are the best Shopify AI chatbot apps, and how to choose one that suits your needs.

Recent statistics on eCommerce marketplaces claim that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is actively applied to create personalized eCommerce experiences for customers as well as drive sales. It’s confirmed that in 2023 over 50% of eCommerce businesses adopted AI technologies, including AI chatbots to boost operations. The growing trend of applying AI technologies, including AI chatbots, to create personalized eCommerce experiences and drive sales in the eCommerce industry is expected to continue. If your business is built on the Shopify eCommerce platform, it’s high time to apply a Shopify chatbot integration to drive your sales smartly.

What is a Shopify chatbot?

A Shopify chatbot is a special software deployed to the Shopify eCommerce platform that imitates human conversation and fulfills the major functions of the customer service team. Nowadays, chatbots for Shopify are not limited to a website only, they can provide multi-channel experiences. Their strong side is to instantly get access to clients’ databases and information gathered from several resources. Thus, Shopify chatbots significantly level up customer service by providing meaningful data to the right person at the right time.

Chatbot VS AI chatbot: difference

In one of our previous posts, we explained the difference between traditional chatbots and AI chatbots. Anyway, the topic is important and it’s worth stressing some of the most important points one more time. AI chatbots are more advanced than traditional rule-based chatbots. They are capable of handling complex queries and their replies are more elaborate and human-like. For example, Chatfuel, a conversational AI chatbot can remember the previous experiences of chatbot-human interaction and use this data to personalize communication. Traditional chatbots cannot perform such a function.

How to choose the Shopify chatbot app?

Choosing the right tool for your platform is halfway to success. Before committing to one of the Shopify chatbot services a business owner has to do the research. The brand’s values, goals, customer preferences, and expectations should be taken into consideration. Also, there are simple rules that one might follow to choose the right Shopify chatbot.

  1. Determine what are the goals of Shopify chatbot integration: increase sales, improve customer support, streamline operations, etc.

  2. Visit the Shopify App Store and research what are the available Shopify chatbot apps to comply with your requirements.

  3. Find the perfect balance between pricing and features. Make sure that your AI chatbot for Shopify provides all the vital integrations, can transfer chats to human agents, and offers multichannel functionality.

  4. Go for a free trial with a Shopify chatbot and see how compatible it is with your platform.

  5. After you make up your mind and commit to one of the Shopify chatbot apps, keep optimizing it through constant analyzing and monitoring its interaction with customers.

How Shopify AI chatbot can improve your business?

Based on the fact that a Shopify chatbot is the software that simulates and processes human conversation it has several superpowers. One of them is that Shopify AI chatbots may have multiple conversations at the same time with different customers. Secondly, the waiting time for a reply is significantly shorter. Thirdly, chatbots are incredibly accurate. There is almost zero chance that a chatbot makes a mistake and provides customers with faulty information.

Benefits of AI chatbots for your Shopify eCommerce platform

  • personalized customer experience and increased conversion rates

  • running promo campaigns which leads to customer engagement

  • minimized sales cycle time

  • gathering customer information and automatically uploading it to the CRM system and email marketing tools

  • instant feedback collection

  • providing instant order check

  • increased customer satisfaction due to various post-sale support

  • reduced operational costs

5 best Shopify chatbot apps

  1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel Shopify.png

Chatfuel is a no-code conversational AI chatbot builder that has a dedicated integration with the Shopify marketplace in addition to other channels such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Get a free trial to access all of Chatfuel's powerful features and tools and boost your Shopify shop.


  • automated notifications, shipping information updates, and personalized product recommendations for Shopify

  • 30+ pre-designed chatbot templates

  • GPT-powered language model trained specifically for eCommerce businesses

  • abandoned carts recovery

  • personalized notifications

  • integrations with Google Sheets, Zapier, Stripe, and REST API

Pricing plans:

  • business — from $39 a month

  • enterprise — from $300 a month

  1. Gobot


Gobot is an AI ecommerce chatbot for the Shopify marketplace. In addition to providing personalized recommendations, this chatbot is designed to have shopping quizzes. They are pre-built and help customers choose the best matching product.


  • integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk

  • building an extensive customer knowledge base

  • easy-to-apply drag-and-drop building platform

  • automated feedback collection

Pricing plans:

  • free chatbot for Shopify for the first 5,000 customers

  • custom (on demand)

  1. Formilla


Formilla is a Shopify digital assistance solution providing various tools to automate marketing processes such as a multichannel dashboard, customer data management, and real-time monitoring.


  • automated lead classification

  • customizable identities for a chatbot

  • creation of menu-based chatbots

  • integration with Zendesk, Mailchimp, Zapier, and Pipedrive

Pricing plans:

  • premium — $15 a month

  • professional — $25 a month

  • growth — $35 a month

  1. Ometrics Ochatbot

Ometrics Ochatbot.png

Ometrics Ochatbot is an AI chatbot for Shopify eCommerce platforms. Being found on the Shopify App Store, this chatbot is extremely resourceful and multi-functional.


  • multiple templates to sync product feed

  • abandoned cart recovery

  • automated order status tracking

  • NLP-based chatbot

  • advanced analytics

  • Open API

  • various integrations including Zapier

Pricing plans:

  • free

  • basic — $69 a month

  • plus — $109 a month

  • pro — $495 a month

  1. Relish AI

Relish AI.png

Relish AI is a Shopify chatbot providing multiple templates to automate customer support services. It helps businesses to connect to their customers 24/7.


  • templates focused on upselling and cross-selling products

  • running conversational campaigns

  • assistance in product discovery

  • newsletter signup

  • automated order tracking

  • abandoned cart recovery

Pricing plans:

  • grow — $29 a month

  • pro — $69 a month

  • premium — $199 a month

  • custom (on demand)