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Published February 16, 2024 in

7 ways to reduce cart abandonment in Shopify store: tips and apps

Learn effective strategies to reduce cart abandonment rates, increase sales, and optimize your Shopify marketplace with the best Shopify abandoned cart apps.

It’s impossible to find an e-commerce online store that is immune to cart abandonment. 7 out of 10 carts abandoned on Shopify are left irrespective of the type of business. Luckily, there are several ways to increase Shopify abandoned cart recovery rates. Read on to get a handful of tweaks that can help you reduce cart abandonment. Any proactive actions toward Shopify abandoned carts save your money, retain customers, and increase sales.

What is Shopify cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is a process when shoppers while visiting the Shopify store add items to the cart and then, for some reason, don’t complete their purchase. The reasons for abandoning their carts could be various: complicated checkout pages, high extra costs, unwillingness to share banking private information with the website, no or unsatisfactory return policy, slow delivery, or lack of convenient payment methods.

What is the average cart abandonment rate?

According to the Shopify statistics, the average cart abandonment rate is around 70%. Based on the recent research provided by Statista, only less than a third of customers complete the purchase. Moreover, one-fourth of these visitors go to the competitors to buy the same items. Understanding the shoppers’ concerns and reasonings helps businesses work around this problem and stay ahead of competitors.

How can cart abandonment affect your business?

The recent data provided by Shopify claims that e-commerce businesses lose up to $260 billion if no cart abandonment Shopify strategies are implemented. If there is no proactive strategy to fight cart abandonment, a marketplace, in the long run, might witness lower conversion rates, higher customer acquisition costs, lost customer lifetime value, inventory management issues, and increased retargeting costs.

7 ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment on Shopify

  1. Use proactive live chats

Live chats are one of the most efficient ways to reduce Shopify cart abandonment. Intelligent AI-powered customer support can help customers with the checkout flow as well as answer questions and provide other types of activities.

  1. Send recovering abandoned carts emails

Another means to get customers’ attention and make them return to the shopping on your platform is to remind them to continue shopping. Based on the data from Klaviyo, they managed to generate $60 million from Shopify abandoned cart email campaigns only.

  1. Treat your website data carefully

It’s a good point to turn your weaknesses into your superpowers. Go deeper into your Shopify cart abandonment data: day, month, time, order amount that was abandoned, or what the items are. These small bites of data can help your business build the right strategy and reduce abandoned cart on Shopify.

  1. Provide various payment options

Not finding convenient payment options is another reason for Shopify cart abandonment. You can connect multiple payment means to your website or use Shopify Payments to enable facilitated checkout with only one click.

  1. Offer free or low-cost shipping

Based on the research, 82% out of 5,400 shoppers surveyed claimed that they prioritize free shipping over speedy deliveries.

  1. Send notifications to re-engage customers

These could be encouraging messages kindly asking visitors to continue their online shopping experience on your website. Apply software tools to automate push notifications.

  1. Start a loyalty program

One more way to reduce abandoned cart in Shopify is to provide marketplace visitors with discount codes and reward programs. Discounts and referral programs are great ideas but they alone without proactive live chat support, email, or push notifications might not be very effective.

3 best Shopify abandoned cart apps

  1. Chatfuel

chatfuel shopify.png

Chatfuel is a conversational eCommerce platform that allows you to integrate WhatsApp with ChatGPT into your Shopify store to automate marketing and sales. Sign up for a free trial to see how it can help you recover abandoned carts and seal more deals.


  • abandoned carts recovery

  • ready-made templates

  • automated notifications

  • live chat

  • personalized product recommendations

  • integrations with ChatGPT, Google Sheets, Zapier, and WhatsApp Cloud API


  • business — starting from $29.49/month

  • enterprise — starting from $300/month

Watch the video below on setting up Shopify cart abandonment reminders in WhatsApp, and follow the Chatfuel YouTube channel for more insights and tutorials.

  1. Omnisend

omnisend shopify.png

Omnisend is an app that enables Shopify abandoned cart messages across various channels. Similar to Chatfuel, Omnisend could personalize Shopify cart abandoned cart messages.


  • advanced automation

  • segmentation by default

  • targeted abandoned cart emails for Shopify


  • free

  • standard — $16/month

  • pro — $59/month

  1. Retainful

retainful shopify.png

Retainful is an app responsible for automated email marketing concerning abandoned cart in Shopify. If visitors during the shopping process start showing signs of leaving the cart, Retainful can send abandoned cart emails and personalized messages reminding them to finish the purchase.


  • drag-and-drop email editor

  • exit-intent push notifications

  • automated setup


  • free

  • essential — $9/month

  • starter — $19/month

  • growth plan — $49/month