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Published February 26, 2024 in

Boost sales efficiency with AI automation set up in 15 minutes

Drive sales 24/7 without hiring extra staff by utilizing AI automation. Easy-to-follow setup guide and ready-made template to get started quickly.

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A sales team can not effectively close deals when burdened with routine and repetitive tasks. However, these tasks are essential for the sales process and cannot be avoided. The way out of this closed loop is AI automation. Read on to learn how you can implement AI automation to reduce your sales team's workload while enhancing their efficiency in 3 simple steps, which will take no more than 15 minutes.

Use AI automation if you’re facing these challenges

  • Routine task overload in sales. Employ AI sales tool to automate repetitive tasks to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of your sales team.

  • Limitations in 24/7 sales operations. With AI, you can expand your sales reach beyond regular business hours without additional staff.

Your gains from AI automation

  • Elevated productivity. AI handles mundane tasks, allowing your sales team to dedicate their time to high-value activities.

  • Extended operations. Leverage AI to keep your sales efforts going round-the-clock, catering to a global market.

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Set up AI automation in 3 simple steps

Explore the detailed guide and ready-made template that will help you set up AI automation in under 15 minutes. Faster than your sales team's morning response to lead inquiries piled up overnight.

  1. Connect your WhatsApp number to Chatfuel (5 minutes)

  • Log in to your Chatfuel account.

  • Go to the Home tab in the dashboard, find the WhatsApp Business section, and click Connect.

  • Choose Use your number and follow the steps to verify your phone number with your Meta Business Account.

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Please note that you need to use a new phone number to avoid conflicts with your existing accounts and potential data loss.

Find a detailed guide on connecting your WhatsApp number here.

  1. Copy the template and fill in the details (5 minutes)

  • Click the link to get the template and save it to Chatfuel.

  • Add your business details to the AI agent block.

  • Test the flow to ensure it works as expected.

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  1. Activate the bot (5 minutes)

Ensure that you have an Entry Point in place so that users can start conversations with your bot. Main Entry Points include:

  1. Chat launched by new users. Initiates conversations when a user texts your WhatsApp Business number for the first time. To enable users to reach out to you via WhatsApp, make sure your website includes your WhatsApp phone number.

  2. Bot link. Starts the conversation from a specific block in your flow. Use links or QR codes to invite users to interact with the bot.

  3. WhatsApp chat button. Adds a conversation-starting button to your website. Customers can click on it to initiate a conversation in WhatsApp Messenger.

  4. Pop-up. Incorporates a pop-up window on your website with an image, header, body text, and CTA (call-to-action) button. By clicking the pop-up, customers start a conversation with your business on WhatsApp.

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Learn more about each Entry Point here.

That's it! You're all set to generate sales 24/7.

For more details, please check the complete guide on AI-powered sales service 24/7.

Watch the full video on creating an AI agent for sales in 10 min below, and follow the Chatfuel YouTube channel for more insights and tutorials.