The Brand

3D Mats is a Taiwanese ecommerce retailer that sells floor mats, sunshades, roof racks, and other car accessories. They design all these products themselves, so they’re focused on constantly innovating and releasing new, useful items for their customers. They hired GoSky AI, a Chatfuel agency partner, to build a chatbot for their brand. The bot produced such great results for 3D Mats that it won second prize in our 2019 Ecommerce Chatbot Competition! 🏆

The Problem

3D Mats was facing three main problems:

  1. An overwhelmed customer-service team. The support agents for this ecommerce brand were spending most of their time answering the same questions over and over. That meant less time to respond to more complex inquiries, plus longer wait times for all customers.
  2. A lack of information about their target audience. 3D Mats didn’t have a good feel for who their ideal customer was. That lack of knowledge made it hard for them to market effectively.
  3. Expensive, underperforming ads. Not understanding their target audience meant that their Facebook ads weren’t too successful, either. Their retargeting ads especially were getting pricey, even though they weren’t actually doing much to increase sales for their store.

The Solution

GoSky AI built a chatbot to help 3D Mats with all three of these problems. They aimed to tackle the most pressing one first: a burned-out support team and frustratingly long wait times. To that end, they equipped the bot with answers to FAQs and a simple product-recommendation flow. As the bot worked its magic through these two features, the team was able to make progress on the other two issues as well.

When a Chatfuel bot gains a new user, their profile information is saved in the People tab. So the more new users the 3D Mats chatbot interacted with, the more data the team had to learn from and work with—helping them with their second problem. That insight allowed them to eventually run better ads and produce more relevant content, helping solve the third too.

The benefits 3D Mats got from their chatbot didn’t stop there, though. Because they were now reaching their ideal customers and “speaking their language,” the bot also helped them:

  • bring in more sales 📈
  • increase their average order volume (AOV) 🛒  
  • improve customer satisfaction and retention 😄
“The Chatfuel chatbot dashboard is very stable and trustable. It brings a very pleasant user experience not only to the bot builder, but also to the bot users,” -Dora Tseng of GoSky AI explains why they chose Chatfuel for this and other projects
3D Mats ecommerce chatbot
The 3D Mats bot in action

The Recipe

GoSky used these tools and plugins in Chatfuel to build a highly effective ecommerce Messenger bot for 3D Mats:

  • Click-to-Messenger ads. The GoSky team used click-to-Messenger ads to bring thousands of new users to the 3D Mats chatbot. Tseng calls CTM ads and chatbots “a perfect match because they lead right to the chatbot, avoiding necessary redirect.” GoSky used bot links to make this process even smoother. These links can take the user right from an ad that shows a certain product, to the portion of the bot that gives information about it. They don’t have to go through the entire flow to find what they need that way, so conversion rates increase. It's now easier than ever to link click-to-Messenger ads to your bot and monitor their performance. Learn how.👇
  • Save to Google Sheets plugin. The 3D Mats chatbot quizzes users about their car and their needs. It automatically exports their answers to a Google Sheet. A human agent then checks the responses, finds the right product for the user’s car, and sends them the store link to it via Live Chat. Soon, the team plans to equip the bot to make product recommendations totally on autopilot to save even more time.
  • A/B Test plugin. For the brand’s holiday campaign, GoSky AI used this powerful feature (available only in Chatfuel's Blocks tab at this time) to find the most effective way to send a coupon code to users. They tried three variants: sending it immediately, sending it later via sequences, and sharing it with a countdown timer. The results showed that the Sequence flow worked best, as it got them the most conversions. They used that method for all future users and increased monthly sales by 29%!
A/B test plugin in Chatfuel
The A/B Test plugin showed that Variant B—sending the coupon later via sequences—got the most conversions.
  • Lookalike audiences. They’re Facebook ad audiences made up of users with characteristics similar to your most valuable bot users. They allow you to target new people on Facebook who are most likely to be interested in your ad—and most likely to convert. Chatfuel users like 3D Mats have access to this data in the People tab. Exporting it to Facebook to use in your ads takes a single click, thanks to the Segment Sync feature.

The Results

So did the bot GoSky built help solve 3D Mats’ problems and accomplish their goals? Definitely—and then some!

⏰ The chatbot’s FAQs function and quiz feature have already reduced repetitive inquiries by 70%. Once they upgrade the flow to have the bot cover the entire process, GoSky estimates that number will jump to 95%! The 3D Mats support team already has much more time to spend on other tasks, and that time will only increase.  

📊 The audience data that the 3D Mats chatbot gathered helped give their Facebook ad performance a major boost. Their yearly average return on ad spend is now an incredible 999%.

Return on Ad Spend
The GoSky team achieved a yearly average return on ad spend of 999% for their client 3D Mats!

🌟 Suggesting products has been a super effective function of the bot, too. 47% of customers now also purchase other recommended products, not just the floor mats they set out to buy. Finally, the brand’s repurchase rate has climbed to 30%. Their personalized, constantly available service via bot is clearly memorable, and keeps customers coming back.

Drive sales 🚘, save time, and improve support with a Chatfuel bot

An overwhelmed support staff and unimpressive ad performance: Did 3D Mats’ problems sound familiar? If your store is experiencing some of the same issues, a Messenger chatbot for ecommerce can help.

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