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Published April 25, 2024

Meet Fuely AI, your all-in-one AI agent by Chatfuel

Fuely AI, an AI agent with various skills from Chatfuel, is now available to everyone.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Fuely AI, an autonomous and flexible AI agent from Chatfuel built on OpenAI’s models.

From first inquiry to post-purchase updates, Fuelly AI streamlines and enhances each stage of your customer and prospect journeys, ultimately helping to scale your business and grow sales.

What is Fuely AI?

Fuely AI is an AI model created by Chatfuel. It's based on OpenAI's models and is enhanced with real-world insights from messages we process and our expertise in marketing and sales.

Fuely AI has a range of skills that can be used in various combinations. Additionally, it integrates with multiple platforms such as Stripe, Shopify, Zapier, Calendly, Google Sheets, and more.

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Truly autonomous AI agent

Ordinary AI agents aren't flexible as they strictly follow set patterns. When the conversation deviates from the established script, they can’t adapt due to a lack of conditional features.

Fuely AI features a Connectors tab where you can set rules or conditions for the agent’s actions. For example, you could establish a rule like "user is angry" and direct Fuely AI to connect these users to a live chat. Now, if the agent identifies that the user is about to blow up, it will automatically redirect them to talk with a real person.

Connectors allow Fuely AI to cover a wider range of scenarios, enhancing its efficiency and providing an optimal experience for your customers and prospects. Learn more about setting up Connectors here.

What can Fuely AI do for you?

As mentioned, Fuely AI has various skills. You can use one or mix and match a few in different combinations—you name it. Let’s have a look at what exactly Fuely AI can do for you.

Appointments booking

One of Fuely AI's skills is facilitating easy and convenient appointment booking through messaging platforms. It provides personalized options and effective scheduling for your consultations.

Customer support

Empowered with the customer support skill, Fuely AI can serve as a first-line support agent. It can answer frequently asked questions and redirect inquiries to different teams, such as sales and marketing.

Classification of incoming inquiries

Another skill allows Fuely AI to categorize client inquiries based on topic or interest, directing them to the relevant automated service.

Leads qualification

Fuely AI can also efficiently qualify leads based on predetermined criteria and forward them to your sales team.


Additionally, Fuely AI can act as a sales agent, recommending products to your customers and assisting with order placement.

Custom skill

Lastly, a custom skill for Fuely AI can be developed using the ChatGPT API. This allows for the creation of prompts and receipt of responses from ChatGPT. Furthermore, you can add up to five AI Connectors for your custom skill to enable Fuely AI to act depending on specific conditions.

How to set up Fuely AI?

You can find Fuely AI in the Flows tab. Open the dashboard, go to Flows, right-click anywhere on the canvas to bring up the menu, and choose Fuely AI.

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Edit your welcome message in the Starting block and add details about your business that vary depending on the use case.

Test the flow to make sure everything works as expected and activate Fuely AI by moving the toggle. That’s it!

To help you get started with Fuely AI quickly, we’ve prepared several templates for various use cases—appointment booking, lead qualification, and others. Copy the template, save it to your Chatfuel account, fill in the required details, and you’re good to go. You can find all templates with a step-by-step guides on setting up Fuely AI here.

Don’t have a Chatfuel account yet? Sign up for a free 7-day trial to meet Fuely AI and see how it can help your business grow.