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Published May 8, 2024

Meet the faces behind Chatfuel: episode #4 with our customer success specialist

In our interview series, we introduce you to the people behind Chatfuel who make things happen.

At Chatfuel, we believe that the best customer success specialists are those who used to roll up their sleeves, be in the trenches, listen to concerns, and navigate challenges—like folks from support departments. That’s the story behind Manuel, our customer success specialist, who has recently transitioned to his new position from our stellar support team.

In this interview, Manuel discusses his experience switching to a new role, what fosters his professional growth, and how he replenishes resources to maintain performance in his demanding role.


  1. Could you share your journey at Chatfuel and how you ended up transitioning from a Customer Support Specialist to a Customer Success Specialist role?

It has been a rewarding experience. Starting as a Customer Support Specialist allowed me to deeply understand our product, customers' needs, and expectations. This knowledge, combined with my passion for ensuring customer success, opened a door for me to switch to the Customer Success Specialist role. The transition felt smooth due to some previous tasks I was assigned before starting in the new role and also due to the great guidance from my teammates.

  1. What key skills and knowledge do you consider most important for success in your new position?

Strong communication skills, empathy, problem-solving abilities, a deep understanding of our product, and the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with customers are all crucial. Specifically, good analytical skills are needed to understand the customer’s goals and challenges.

  1. What features make Chatfuel a great product for a customer success specialist to work with?

Chatfuel's user-friendly interface, robust features for creating chatbots, our star product Fuely AI, which makes it easy to build a ChatGPT integration for your business without any technical knowledge, and excellent customer support make it an ideal product for a Customer Success Specialist to work with. The platform's versatility and ease of use greatly benefit both customers and the team.

  1. What principles guide your interactions with team members and users?

My interaction principles involve open communication, active listening, empathy, and a customer-centric approach. I believe in fostering a collaborative environment where feedback is valued, and relationships are built on trust and respect.

  1. How do you sustain your professional growth? What resources do you use to learn about new trends and methods in the industry?

I regularly watch industry-related videos, read relevant blogs and articles, and follow business influencers on social media. This helps me stay updated on new trends and best practices.

  1. How do you replenish and maintain resources within a demanding schedule, including hobbies and passions? Is there a specific approach or strategy you find particularly effective in managing your energy and achieving a work-life balance?

Prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries, and allocating specific time for both work and personal activities work well for me. Also, running and spending time with loved ones contribute to my overall well-being and work-life balance.

  1. How do you perceive the alignment of corporate values with your day-to-day work?

I think it's crucial to weave our corporate values into our everyday work, as it creates a harmonious and upbeat atmosphere. By living out these values in every interaction and decision I make, I'm doing my part to foster a culture that's rooted in honesty, collaboration, and a strong focus on our customers.

  1. What specifically about our company inspires or appeals to you the most?

What inspires me most about our company is its commitment to innovation. The collaborative work environment, focus on continuous improvement, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our user’s businesses excite me about being part of the team.

  1. What advice would you give to new employees for successful integration into the corporate environment?

Here's a friendly piece of advice from my own experience: don't shy away from seeking feedback, be eager to learn from your colleagues, and make it a point to connect with different teams. Foster relationships, be curious, and ask lots of questions. Embracing the company culture is key - it will guide you in understanding your role and help you fit right in.

That's a wrap on our chat with Manuel, but we have more interviews lined up with other members of the Chatfuel team, each ready to share their unique insights and experiences. Stay tuned for the next episode of our interview series!