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Published January 26, 2024

Meet the faces behind Chatfuel: episode #1 with our customer support wizard

In our interview series, we introduce you to the people behind Chatfuel who make things happen.

Ever wondered who's on the other end of your support ticket? We're thrilled to introduce you to Edgar, our Customer Support Specialist and go-to person for all things.

What's in store? Edgar's journey to AI and chatbots, a behind-the-scenes perspective on the most promising AI tools, key principles of successful customer interaction, and tips on approaching non-standard problems. Dive right in!

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  1. What sparked your interest in chatbots? Can you share a specific moment or event?

I believe that the initial bot platform for messengers, or at least the first major official bot API, was developed by Telegram in 2015. At that time, I was a volunteer at Telegram Support Force and closely monitored the development of various emerging bots, which always intrigued me due to the wide range of possibilities they offered, from day-to-day assistance to the creation of large-scale platforms. This also included Chatfuel for Telegram at the time.

  1. What are the key principles that you believe are crucial for successful interaction with users?

Always being one step ahead and providing additional context, even if not asked, is a valuable trait. As a support person who has engaged with thousands of users over the years, you have the ability to offer more suggestions beyond simply addressing their initial questions. There are instances where a user may inquire about their connection not working, and upon investigating the issue, you may identify small adjustments that could enhance their overall setup. It is truly rewarding to not only assist with their immediate inquiries but also contribute to their company's progress in a positive direction.

  1. When encountering complex user scenarios where standard solutions are ineffective, how do you find alternative solutions?

At times, we may encounter limitations in addressing certain Meta-specific questions or issues. In such instances, it’s crucial to refrain from assigning blame or deflecting responsibility. Instead, the focus should be on offering specific workarounds that may be applicable to their particular situation. Taking additional steps to demonstrate a willingness to assist the user to the best of our ability is also essential.

  1. Regarding AI and chatbots, which tools and technologies do you find most promising? How do you use them in your work and how do they improve your workflow and user interactions?

There are several excellent tools available that can assist in enhancing your responses. One such tool is our internal feature located in Chatfuel's Live Chat tab, which utilizes AI to "correct spelling and grammar" and adjust the message's tone to be more friendly or formal. These tools are valuable resources that we frequently utilize in our daily tasks, particularly when communicating with users through a translator.

  1. How do you interpret and apply corporate values in your daily work?

It’s always important to think creatively and foster a spirit of innovation. Understanding market trends and user needs is crucial for our Support team. Keeping up-to-date on market changes and learning how to adapt to them is essential for providing exceptional user assistance. These values are integral to our Support team.

  1. How do you successfully replenish and maintain resources within a demanding schedule, including hobbies and passions? How do you manage your work-life balance?

Remember to find a good balance between work and personal time. Prioritize your tasks and mix in a big demanding task with some smaller ones to avoid feeling overwhelmed. A well-planned schedule will help you feel accomplished and productive, giving you a positive mindset.

When it comes to hobbies, I have so many that it’s hard to count! I enjoy football, video games, movies, music... I also love studying different language structures to understand how they work and learning about other cultures. I believe my hobbies are harder to schedule and prioritize than my day-to-day work because I want to do so many things, it’s hard to manage. Right now, I’m trying to avoid the feeling of completion and the “fear of missing out” and just do them when I feel like it.

  1. Are there areas where the company could provide support to help you find a better work-life balance?

Chatfuel is the company that has taught me the most about work-life balance. In Brazil, where I'm from, there is a culture of overworking, especially in IT areas. There is a prevailing belief that if you don't overwork, you're not working enough. It was a shock to me how the culture at Chatfuel changed my perspective on how dangerous this mindset is, not only for your health but also for your personal life. In the Support team, more specifically, we have a great culture where each teammate always checks up on others to see if they need any additional help or if they need some time off. I feel like I am in paradise right now, knowing that I can count on my teammates if I need anything, and vice versa. It is a great spirit that I highly value!

  1. What stands out the most to you about our company? Is there a specific aspect that you find uniquely appealing or distinctive?

The employees are extremely friendly and interactive, not only in the context of professional tasks and projects but also in social activities and efforts to encourage better acquaintance. Despite the physical distance, everyone is ready to ensure your ease and confidence in your position.

  1. What aspects of our corporate culture inspire and motivate you?

The same spirit I previously mentioned is the sense of community. Despite having a diverse team working across different time zones around the world, I feel a strong sense of closeness with everyone. I am confident that I can always seek assistance when needed, and I am equally willing to support my teammates. I have never felt burdened by this dynamic. On the contrary, it seems that everyone is striving to achieve the best results together while respecting each other's culture, time zone disparities, and, most importantly, work-life balance.

  1. In your view, what sets our company apart from other workplaces?

Respect for employees' boundaries as a priority. Chatfuel offers a variety of optional activities, ensuring that no one is compelled to participate in anything they are not comfortable with.

The high value of your work-life balance. There is no pressure to be constantly available online or to immediately attend to messages on our internal messenger platform.

And last but not least, great importance on respecting diverse cultures across the team. Chatfuel comprises individuals from various countries, and I have always felt welcomed and accepted. Everyone is genuinely interested in learning about different cultures and embracing our cultural differences.

  1. What recommendations would you offer to new employees to facilitate a smoother integration into our corporate environment?

Be receptive to diverse cultures, participate in company-wide activities. Do not hesitate to express your opinions or inquire, as others will be always willing to assist you or appreciate your insights. Strive to excel in your professional endeavors while also honoring your personal life and well-being.

That's a wrap on our chat with Edgar, but we have more interviews lined up with other members of the Chatfuel team, each ready to share their unique insights and experiences. Stay tuned for the next episode of our interview series!