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Published June 17, 2024 in

How to create WhatsApp Business account: step-by-step guide

Want to drive your sales and increase the quality of your customer support? Creating a WhatsApp Business account is one of the most efficient ways to do this with minimum investments.

WhatsApp is a powerful business tool that can streamline your processes and boost efficiency. Read on if you’re planning to create your business profile in the messengger. In this article, you’ll learn how to make WhatsApp business account and find some practical tips that will facilitate your interaction with clients.

What is WhatsApp Business?

This business solution was designed to feel and work just like a traditional WhatsApp app. Nevertheless, it has some peculiarities.

The main difference between these two app versions is their target audiences. The standard app is primarily used for personal communication between individuals. And WhatsApp Business was created to address the needs of companies of different types with a special focus on small businesses.

This business app offers its users message templates, short links to start a conversation, and enhanced messaging tools like away notifications and quick replies. Moreover, it allows companies to create their business profiles. For users of the standard version, these things are not available.

The benefits of using WhatsApp Business include:

  • message automation;

  • enhanced customer support;

  • insights into messaging performance;

  • the possibility to launch marketing campaigns;

  • multi-device support.

Requirement for creating your business account on WhatsApp

Before you learn how to make a WhatsApp business account, make sure you have everything at hand.

  • A dedicated phone number. It can be a mobile phone or a landline number. But it shouldn’t be registered with WhatsApp before. Also, before making an account, check whether you can receive phone calls or SMS with the number you want to indicate.

  • A relevant device. It can be a smartphone or a tablet on iOS or Android. WhatsApp stops supporting older operating systems and devices on an ongoing basis. If you have doubts on your device compatibility, check the relevant info on the official website.

  • Internet connection. To download the application from the app marketplace and further work with it, you will need a stable connection to the internet.

How to get a business WhatsApp application? When everything is ready, you can open either the App Store or Google Play depending on your device, and download the app. In both cases, downloading of the app is free of charge.

How to create a WhatsApp Business account?

If you already have your personal WhatsApp account, the general process will be well-known to you.

  1. To begin with, open your newly installed app.

  2. Read the Terms of Service and accept them by pressing Continue.

  3. Register and verify your phone number. The verification can be conducted by entering a 6-digit code. You can choose how to receive the code — via SMS or call.

  4. Allow the app to access your phone book contacts.

  5. Create a profile and set your business name.

For those who previously had such business accounts, there is an option to restore a backup. After the launch, the app will automatically detect the backup and give you the option to click on Restore.

There is also another variant. After installing an app go to the Settings menu, click on Chat, and opt for Chat backup. After that, you will get an option to restore everything on WhatsApp Business.

Tips for creating your business profile

To stay visible and look credible on WhatsApp for your customers, you should take care of filling your business profile with relevant info.

Here’s what you should add:

  • Key business details. You will need to enter the name of your company and choose the correct business category.

  • Description. It’s necessary to compose a short but concise description. There you can indicate what you offer and what makes your business different from your competitors. It’s also possible to add your business hours and/or delivery options.

  • Contact details. Share your email, website, and business address.

  • Profile picture. It can be your logo or a picture that shows your products or the team.

Setting up messaging tools

The use of the WhatsApp Business app opens new opportunities for you to increase the efficiency of your communication with customers. But to enjoy its benefits to the fullest extent, you should have a good understanding of the available features.

Message automation

This functionality can fully cover the needs of companies that do not deal with a huge number of inquiries. You can set up Greeting messages, Away messages, as well as prepare quick replies for the most popular questions.

Consider using Chatfuel, a no-code platform that automates the entire cycle of your interactions with customers and leads—from answering frequently asked questions to customer support, lead generation, sales, broadcasts, personalized product recommendations, and post-purchase updates.

Use case 1 - button.gif
Source: Chatfuel

The platform offers dozens of pre-configured templates for various use cases—customize them to tailor to your business, and you're all set.

Additionally, as a Meta-approved tech provider, Chatfuel always features the latest official version of the WhatsApp Business API, ensuring reliable operation.

By entrusting repetitive and time-consuming tasks to Chatfuel, you can free up resources without compromising the quality of the customer service or dropping conversion rates—all for $35 per month for 1,000 dialogues. Sign up for a free trial to explore Chatfuel's capabilities and see how it can help you run your business on WhatsApp.


You can better organize your conversations by sorting them into categories. For example, you can create such labels as “Pending orders” and “New contacts”.

whatsapp labels.png

Exploring additional features


Catalogs allow you to showcase your products and services directly within your business account.

whatsapp catalog.png

Broadcast lists and group chats

You can unite your customers into groups sharing the most important updates with them just in one click. You can choose the most appropriate option in your case. A group can become an open forum for all the participants. At the same time, only you will see the replies to broadcast messages.

Interactive messages

This format presupposes the use of interactive buttons with consistent options, instead of long-text messages.

Interactive messages.png
Source: Meta for Developers

What other tools can be connected to WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Web

This will allow you to use WhatsApp on up to four linked devices simultaneously. And there is no need to have a primary phone connected.

CRM system

CRM integration will let you accumulate all customer data and interactions into one platform. As a result, you’ll benefit from actionable insights into customer needs and behavior.

WhatsApp Business best practices

  1. Follow general business communication rules

Interaction via messengers offers a lot of freedom. Your conversations with clients can be rather informal, but still, they should be professional. Don’t cross the red line with jokes and topics that can be inappropriate.

  1. Make interaction with clients highly personalized

To make your messages valuable with personalized offers, you can rely on advanced AI-powered tools like Chatfuel. AI will identify customers’ preferences and provide them with relevant recommendations.

  1. Ensure security and privacy

Every message sent via WhatsApp is protected by the Signal encryption protocol. But you also should think about those people who can get access to your business account. Thoroughly protect all your corporate devices from unauthorized logins—for example, with multi-factor authentication.

Troubleshooting common issues with WhatsApp Business accounts

If you face any tech issues with your business version of the app, you can send all your questions to the dedicated email [email protected]

You can also try to solve some common issues fully on your own.

  1. You can’t get pre-approval for your business account

Usually, it happens when offered goods or services don’t comply with the WhatsApp commerce policy. In this case, consult the relevant rules and introduce the required changes.

  1. Your account is blocked by Meta

It happens for several reasons, such as reports from customers or a huge number of messages sent at once. To get the information about the exact reason in your case, you need to access your WhatsApp Business Manager account. There, you will also find the instructions from Meta to resolve this problem.

  1. Your WhatsApp Business account name is not approved

Unfortunately, if the chosen name is rejected by Meta, you can’t schedule WhatsApp campaigns. Your display name should correspond to the official guidelines. After changing the name, you need to complete the verification process.

WhatsApp and the evolution of business communication

The business communication space is greatly influenced by general trends in tech innovations. While some decades ago, phone calls were the preferable tool, today the leading positions are taken by messengers. And the main reason for that is the convenience for both businesses and consumers.

WhatsApp itself is also gradually changing with the introduction of new services and possibilities. For example, just recently, it has been announced that Meta is going to integrate AI-powered features into the WhatsApp Business app. For example, AI will help users create click-to-WhatsApp ads and generate answers to frequent customer messages.

WhatsApp Business: success stories

In 2023, the number of monthly active users of WhatsApp Business surpassed the mark of 200 billion. This figure is continuously growing. And this can be viewed as proof of the platform’s efficiency which is also demonstrated by real-life examples. Let’s have a look at a couple of them.

Mercedes-Benz Turkey integrated the WhatsApp Business platform into its marketing channels. The company's key goal was the promotion of its commercial line of vans. WhatsApp became one of the channels of the company’s hybrid campaign. As a result, Mercedes-Benz Turkey achieved a 93% boost in sales, a 63% increase in customers moving toward purchases, and a 78% lower cost per qualified lead.

HolidayPirates, an international travel company, started using WhatsApp Business Platform to deliver time-sensitive travel offers to its subscribers. With 97% message open rates, the team managed to reach the following results. The number of its WhatsApp subscribers increased by 53% in 3 months, while subscriber engagement through WhatsApp over email jumped by 10 times.


WhatsApp business is an excellent communication channel for businesses looking to stay in touch with their audience. However, it doesn't run itself—to get results, you need to invest some effort in it first.

And here you have options. You can manage the account yourself, dedicating significant time. You can also hire an employee or two to ensure 24/7 contact with your audience. Or, you can focus on strategic tasks and business development, while Chatfuel handles communication with your customers and leads. Claim your free trial today to explore the benefits of AI-driven automation for your business.