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Published February 29, 2024 in

ChatGPT for Shopify: best use cases and apps

Learn how to use ChatGPT with Shopify to boost sales and improve buyer experience.

ChatGPT is an advanced language model capable of imitating human interaction and generating responses based on human text-based inputs. It’s ideal for eCommerce platforms and such marketplaces as Shopify to help brands provide unique content for product descriptions, meta descriptions, customer support messages, and more. ChatGPT for Shopify helps store owners get a competitive edge and boost customer satisfaction.

What is the ChatGPT Shopify app?

Since its release, ChatGPT has been seeking a way to improve people’s lives by taking away a load of tedious tasks, including communication with customers. Being able to understand and analyze natural language ChatGPT is an ideal sales assistant who is restless, available round-the-clock, and extremely resourceful.

There are many ChatGPT Shopify chatbots available for integration. These are ChatGPT models trained to serve eCommerce goals.

ChatGPT Shopify apps use cases

Chatbot and customer support

ChatGPT is an ideal tool to provide accurate, detailed, and swift answers to customers. While the Shopify chatbot helps customers with order details, returns, and shipping, customer support staff can concentrate on more elaborate tasks and address intricate customer service problems.

ChatGPT remembers the previous communication with the customer and builds on it. Working across several databases, tracking customer behavior online, and analyzing spending patterns helps ChatGPT provide relevant product recommendations to Shopify store customers. Modern models of ChatGPT are capable of understanding subtle intricacies of the language and provide human-like responses. Also, such models can be trained to talk with a specific personality that business owners set up: engaging and friendly, for example.

SEO-optimized product descriptions

ChatGPT for Shopify can be used for product descriptions. One of the biggest pluses of this chatbot is that it can provide brand-consistent descriptions. Prompt ChatGPT with the brand and product details, add examples of brand-tone texts, and enjoy the result. ChatGPT can easily and instantly translate product descriptions into multiple languages. Shopify chatbots can be also used to analyze competitors’ product descriptions and reveal their content secrets. Using SEO-optimized product descriptions generated by ChatGPT contributes to increased sales and brand visibility.

Feedback and product review analytics

ChatGPT and Shopify are good matches for reviews and feedback analytics. After some minor training, the Shopify chatbot can analyze even the sentiment and determine if the feedback or review is neutral, negative, or positive. Also, ChatGPT can save tons of working hours to generate summaries of product reviews, visualizing them in graphs or charts, etc. Having such deep analytics, your business marketing team can be more resourceful in making the right decisions regarding brand online visibility.

ChatGPT Shopify apps

  1. Chatfuel

shopify chatgot chatfuel.png

Chatfuel is an AI-powered app designed for managing eCommerce businesses. It enables Shopify merchants to integrate a WhatsApp button with ChatGPT into their stores. With Chatfuel, merchants can automate sales, marketing, and customer support, thereby increasing revenue and enhancing the buyer's experience. In addition to English, the app also supports Spanish and Portuguese languages.


  • automated product recommendations and sales with ChatGPT built-in

  • abandoned carts recovery

  • order confirmations and shipping updates

  • live chat with multiple agent support

  • integrations with Google Sheets, Zapier, Stripe, and WhatsApp Cloud API

  • ready-made eCommerce chatbot templates


The price for the Chatfuel app starts at $59 per month.

Claim your 7-day free trial to explore the app's features and see how it can aid in increasing sales and enhancing the customer experience.

  1. SEOKart


Based on its name, SEOKart is developed to optimize SEO content for the Shopify eCommerce marketplace. This tool uses ChatGPT to analyze customer inquiries and generate SEO-friendly posts. It is capable of increasing search rankings and bringing more organic traffic to the Shopify platform.


  • AI SEO Optimizer enhances content optimization processes

  • AI Audit helps to go through the website SEO and improve such SEO elements as keywords, meta tags, and general content structure

  • Bulk Optimization provides automated analysis and optimization of content on several pages at the same time


  • free plan

  • pro 1,000 — $20/month

  • pro 5,000 — $30/month

  • pro 10,000 — $40/month

  1. KamiChat


KamiChat is a ChatGPT Shopify app that brings round-the-clock support services to the marketplace. It provides instant detailed answers to inquiries and improves customer satisfaction.


  • multi-channel chats integrate chat plugins from Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

  • customer support effectively handles various customer requests at the same time


  • basic — free

  • team — $9/month

  1. GoWise


GoWise is an AI chatbot Shopify marketplace that utilizes to create SEO-optimized product descriptions. By prompting this ChatGPT Shopify bot, marketplace owners receive product and meta descriptions in multiple languages according to the provided SEO recommendations.


  • SEO Optimizer enhances text descriptions across the website

  • automated bulk product description generation

  • meta tag generation is automated with the help of existing templates


This ChatGPT tool for Shopify is free.

  1. HeiChat


ChatGPT AI integrated into HeiChat is capable of interacting with multiple customers in real time. This Shopify chatbot improves efficient customer support and increases sales.


  • chatbot trial mode enables testing the HeiChat bot before the store owner brings it live

  • AI chatbot customization

  • multilingual customer support


  • free

  • pro — $19,9/month

  • pro plus — $69,9/month

  • pro max — $200/month