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Published March 15, 2024 in

Recover abandoned carts with Shopify + Chatfuel automation for WhatsApp

Boost your eCommerce sales by automating cart abandonment reminders using the Shopify + Chatfuel automation for WhatsApp.

Out of every ten customers who add an item to their shopping cart, seven leave without completing the purchase. Among the reasons for items remaining unpaid are poor cart recovery strategy, lack of personalized follow-up, and inefficient remarketing approach.

Sending cart abandonment reminders can help you close more deals. A simple and effective way to automate these notifications is by using the Shopify + Chatfuel automation for WhatsApp.

Your gains from automated abandoned cart reminders

  • Direct and personalized customer engagement
    Leverage WhatsApp's widespread use to send personalized messages directly to your customers, increasing the likelihood of completing the purchase.

  • Increased conversion rates
    Utilize targeted messaging to convert abandoned carts into sales, significantly improving your store's conversion rate.

  • Enhanced customer insights
    Gain valuable insights into why carts are abandoned and tailor your approach accordingly, improving overall customer experience.

  • Cost-effective marketing
    Reduce marketing costs by using an automated, yet personalized approach to re-engage with customers, as opposed to more expensive and less effective methods.

  • Streamlined customer experience
    Offer a seamless experience from browsing to purchasing by engaging customers on a platform they are already using and comfortable with.

  • Boost in customer loyalty
    By addressing customer concerns and queries in real-time via WhatsApp, you enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you're looking to improve cart recovery and increase sales, you've landed in the perfect spot. Read on to learn how to set up automated cart abandonment reminders in two steps.

Before you continue, make sure you’ve connected your Shopify store to Chatfuel and set up your checkout page. Otherwise, you won't be able to send any notifications.

2 steps to automate abandoned cart notifications

Step 1. Create a message template in WhatsApp Manager

In WhatsApp Manager click on Manage message templates, and you'll be redirected to Message templates. Click Create Template.


Choose Marketing – Custom as your category.

Type a name for your template and choose its language, then click Continue.

Add content to your template (more on adding content). There are four types of fields: Header, Body, Footer and Buttons. Body is the only required field. Here you can use some variables such as the customer’s first name to personalize customer experience.

Next let's add a link to our Shopify store to the message. Scroll down to Buttons and click Add a button. Choose Visit website as your button. Set up the button name (e.g., Open store). Choose Dynamic as URL type.

Click Submit to send your template for review. The Meta team will review your template and either approve or reject it within 24 hours. You can check the status of your template in the templates list.

Step 2. Create a notification (reengage message) in Chatfuel

After your template is approved, you can start sending WhatsApp notifications to your Shopify customers.

Open the dashboard and go to the Reengage tab, click Create message.

create message.png

Choose a WhatsApp template you created in step 1 and click Next.

Add a name and choose the following settings:

  • Send – after a trigger

  • Trigger – abandoned cart

  • Send in – set to your liking

Finally, click on the template block to open Attribute mapping settings. Type in attributes to match the variables you specified in the message template.

Click Set live to start recovering customers who didn't complete their purchase in WhatsApp.

That’s it! You’re all set to improve cart recovery and close more deals.

For more details, please refer to our complete guide on automating abandoned cart notifications.

Watch the video below on setting up Shopify cart abandonment reminders in WhatsApp, and follow the Chatfuel YouTube channel for more insights and tutorials.