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Published January 31, 2024 in

5 best AI tools for coaches

Life coaching has seen massive growth in the last five years. According to the ICF, it has grown by 54% since 2019. With such a big jump, competition soars. 

But how to stay ahead of this competition? AI tools and automation can help life coaches to free time by taking over tasks like admin, content creation, invoicing, or note taking. 

Another interesting statistic is that approximately 99% of life coaches are freelancers and SMEs. On my website,, I review AI tools for small businesses so my busy audience doesn’t waste time experimenting with what works. 

From personal experience, I know how life-changing coaching can be. I worked with my coach Maja for three years on and off. During this time, I transitioned from an event manager to a successful marketer, with a nice side effect: gaining more confidence and developing a better money mindset.

To return the favor, I’ve put together a compact list of the five best AI tools for life coaches, leading with a mission and recommending the best products. I’m going much beyond ChatGPT because I assume it has been part of your toolbox for a while now.

  1. AI chatbots 

Getting too many customer inquiries might sound like a luxurious problem. Still, it’s one we all would rather have than not. A bot could handle many questions efficiently and instantly. This is where Chatfuel comes in. 

Chatfuel’s AI chatbots support coaches in communication via WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram and engage with customers in a personalized and convenient way. Resolving customer issues reduces churn because people feel valued and attended to. 

Free version: free for up to 50 users, no credit card is required for the sign-up.

  1. AI bookkeeping software

New AI bookkeeping software does a lot more than just helping with finances. Today, they provide a whole range of templates for contracts, invoices, quotes, etc., and automation does its magic in the background. 

Bonsai is specifically tailored to freelancers and SMEs and understands their target audience perfectly. My favorite feature is the automated invoice reminder (who wants to spend time on that?)

Free version: 14-day free trial.

  1. AI CRM 

If the lead generation machinery works well, a life coach should have a pool of potential customers. From my former coach, Maja, I know that the conversion window from first contact to becoming a customer can be quite long. It makes sense to check in with potential clients regularly to stay on top of their minds, even if the time isn’t right yet. 

Folk is the slimmest and simplest CRM AI version I could find now. Many systems are very elaborate and offer too many features, handling them can feel like walking through a maze. Folk is pretty simple, but remember that even the CRM is only as good as the input it receives.

Free version: free for up to 200 contacts.

  1. Social media assistants

Social media is a very relevant but time-consuming channel for client acquisition. New AI tools can create images and copy them at the same time. They lure us in with their extensive library of royalty-free pictures and the promise to never have to search for images again.

For example, AdCreative.AI generates 100 versions of each assignment right away so that you can choose and use your favorite. On top of that, this AI social media assistant offers a 500€ sign-on credit for Google Ads to new customers — that’s a generous offer.

Free version: 7-day free trial including ten credits (e.g., for background remover.)

  1. AI virtual assistants

I remember Maja scribbling a whole lot during our sessions back then. Imagine how much more coaches could focus on their customers if they didn’t have to jot things down.

This is exactly what does: taking meeting notes, making a transcription, and even sending you a meeting summary. 

I’ve tested for my meetings and was surprised at how well it understood the conversation. If unsure about the outcome of a specific topic, the handy search function of this AI virtual assistant will lead directly to the answer.

Free version: one transcription monthly and a 7-day free trial for pro and business plan.

These apps allow coaches to reach a larger audience. By automating certain aspects of the coaching process, these tools can provide personalized coaching to a large number of individuals simultaneously. 

This ability to scale allows coaches to grow their coaching business significantly. The real-time feedback provided by the AI assistant ensures that each individual's learning experience is optimized.

Set up your success in coaching with AI

These tools serve as an AI assistant, improving learning experience. As a result, coaching becomes more effective, helping people learn more efficiently. 

These five AI tools for coaches should equip you to focus more on your customers and strategic decisions regarding your business. Some of the tools require a bit more attention from your side to work properly (e.g., CRM); some will get to work right away for you.  

But one thing is sure: AI for coaches will help set you up for success in the long run so that you don’t need to be afraid of the competition.