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Published December 21, 2023 in

6 best AI tools for Instagram in 2024

Learn how to stay competitive on Instagram and grow your brand presence with powerful AI Instagram tools.

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Being creative and finding your audience to mutually support each other has become easier nowadays. One of the brightest examples is Instagram. It's a social media platform with a heavily visually driven nature, embracing up to 2.5 billion monthly active users. Moreover, Instagram not only allows peer-to-peer connections but has also become a fertile ground for businesses to reach out to their customers and build brands. According to recent Instagram statistics, every month around 130 million people tap on shopping posts.

How businesses and influencers can grow their presence on Instagram?

The modern Instagram business world is highly volatile. A solid marketing strategy that worked ideally yesterday might stop generating traffic and attracting customers today. That's why it's essential to answer the question of how to build a strong presence on the Instagram platform and at the same time continue to derive enjoyment from resourcefulness and creativity while delivering content and engaging in social games with your followers.

AI for Instagram can make unfeasible things doable. The adoption of AI tools has revolutionized the way businesses run their social media accounts. Through the automation of many menial tasks, brand marketers concentrate on strategic growth rather than spend time on like-for-like campaigns, or sifting through hundreds of images on Shutterstock.

AI for Instagram helps to:

  1. stay resourceful and full of originative ideas

  2. get deep and insightful analytics on your account performance

  3. embrace the newest trends and incorporate them into your marketing strategy

  4. stay ahead of competitors

AI Insta takes off the heavy load of intensive analytics, video editing, photo generation, hashtag generation, creation of Instagram posts, etc. All you have to do is find innovative ways to tell the audience about your products and services in an appealing and engaging way.

What is the best AI for Instagram?

  1. Chatfuel



Chatfuel is a no-code chatbot platform aiming to facilitate customer support. Chatfuel platform is directly integrated with ChatGPT and is able to craft personalized messages in addition to automated responses.

Key features:

  • automates promotion code offerings,

  • increases lead generation,

  • works across platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp,

  • saves you much time and effort while boosting engagement with your followers.


Chatfuel business plan starts at $14.39 a month. It includes 500 monthly conversations, charging any extra conversation $0.03. Chatfuel offers an enterprise plan at $300 when a company gets 10 extra free hours for bot-building services in addition to other plan integrations.

  1. Copy AI



Answering a frequent question ‘What is the AI tool that makes Instagram posts?’ we can say it’s — Copy AI.

Key features:

  • is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3,

  • streamlines the generation of web content, social media posts, emails, blog headlines, captions, etc.,

  • available in 25 different languages.

  • is ideal for novices who are just getting around generative AI to post on Instagram,

  • provides several writing frameworks to structure your Instagram post, including attention-interest-desire-action, problem-promise-proof-proposal, and others.


This AI tool for Instagram is free for individuals. If you want to use it as a team, it will cost you $36 per month.

  1. Pictory AI



Pictory AI is an AI-powered video creator that makes videos for Instagram through the conversion of your long-form content into short engaging videos.

Key features:

  • adds captions and subtitles automatically,

  • can be used for customization and editing,

  • supports more than 20 languages.


There are three pricing plans available for users: Starter with $19 per month, Professional with $39 per month, and Teams with a $99 monthly fee if you buy a yearly subscription. If you would like to subscribe on a monthly basis, then the fee is higher.

  1. Peachly AI



Peachly AI is a must-have AI tool for Instagram marketing campaigns.

Key features:

  • a hybrid solution combining human expertise and cutting-edge AI,

  • creates, targets, and optimizes Instagram ads.


There are three pricing plans available: Starter, Accelerator, and Aristocrat with $29, $37, and $99 monthly fees respectively. Also, there is a 7-day free trial for all pricing plans.

  1. Tailwind



Tailwind is an AI marketing content assistant. It comes as a Chrome extension and helps you to build an efficient marketing workflow. The most valuable part of the Tailwind platform is the ‘Smart Schedule’ tool. It’s not a secret that posting on Instagram should take place at the right time when your audience is the most responsive.

Key features:

  • enables scheduling posts in advance — when the time of publication is approaching, Tailwind sends an image with the caption to your phone,

  • provides Instagram analytics, and based on the results the scheduling timings could be corrected.


With an annual subscription, Tailwind for Instagram is only $9.99 per month.



Source is an AI-powered suite for all things social media that features a free Instagram hashtag generator.

Key features:

  • helps to boost your content presence on Instagram,

  • exposes your posts to more people,

  • helps to connect to your customers and strengthen the brand’s presence through branded hashtags,

  • offers appropriate hashtags.

Summing up

Instagram is a visually-driven social media platform ideal for services and product promotion, building brand presence, and engaging with your followers. To stay successful and competitive brands have to create high-quality content, utilize ads, provide efficient customer service, and post as frequently as they can.

Such exhausting practices could lead to burnout and loss of enjoyment and happiness that come hand in hand with creativity if it’s not for AI Insta tools that come to your rescue. AI for Instagram posts streamlines multiple processes letting you concentrate on strategic and other marketing goals.

With Chatfuel, you can automate customer interactions on Instagram in a few simple steps. Sign up today to get started.