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Published July 24, 2023 in

Solve 7 common ecommerce problems with these chatbot plugins

How’s the health of your eCommerce store looking? If your sales are a little anemic or your engagement is under the weather, we can help!

How’s the health of your ecommerce store looking? If your sales are a little anemic or your engagement levels are under the weather, we can help. Check your store’s vitals to diagnose it with one of these seven common ailments. Then, find the Messenger-chatbot cure to get it into good health. Each Rx is a plugin or tool you can add to your Chatfuel bot in minutes!

1.No contact info for your audience

Chatfuel’s Rx: The Save User Phone Number and Save User Email plugins

We all know that the most successful sales and marketing campaigns take place across multiple channels. It’s no different for brands that use Messenger bots. So after a prospect or customer engages with your ecommerce chatbot, how can you reach them on other platforms? Try the Save User Phone Number and Save User Email plugins. They’ll let you easily gather subscriber contact info so you can reach out to them via SMS or email too.

These plugins will automatically populate quick replies that contain the user’s contact information. It’ll pull it directly from their Facebook account, so there’s no need for the user to manually type anything. They just have to confirm the number or email your bot suggests by tapping it, and voilà! You’ve captured the necessary information in a quick, frictionless way.

Save User Phone Number and Save User Email with your bot
These two plugins will automatically populate user contact information, so they can share it with your bot in one tap.

2.Overwhelming Facebook Messenger inbox

Chatfuel’s Rx: The Save to Google Sheets plugin

You know the saying, “Cluttered desk, cluttered mind?” It’s the same with your Facebook Messenger inbox. There’s no native way to easily sort through messages there. As a result, you may be missing opportunities to communicate with prospects and customers.

For example, let’s say you’re running a giveaway. You announce that users must message your bot to enter. The promotion generates a lot of buzz and gets hundreds or even thousands of entrants. How are you going to sort through all the messages then and pick a winner? Easy. 😎

Use Chatfuel’s Save to Google Sheets plugin to export the contest entrants, their messages, and their info to a spreadsheet. It’ll be much easier to work with that format than manually sorting through your inbox.

3.Lots of shoppers abandoning carts without purchasing

Chatfuel’s Rx: Cart Reminders

The average cart-abandonment rate for ecommerce is about 70%. It’s an ailment that affects all online retailers—but our cart reminders can ease the pain! This simple app can help you recover up to 7x more revenue than with reminders sent by email alone. And the best part? They take just three clicks to set up.

‍ The way Cart Reminders work is simple:

  1. A user who is signed into their Facebook account visits your store. They opt in to receiving messages from you.

  2. They stop at some point in their cutomer journey and leave without completing the purchase.

  3. Your bot reminds them about the item (s) on Messenger to encourage a purchase.

Cart Reminders for Shopify
It takes just three clicks to set up Chatfuel’s Cart Reminders app, which can help you recover up to 7x more abandoned-cart revenue.

Messenger reminders have high open rates (80%) and click-through rates (35%), so the user is more likely to return to your store and convert. Chatfuel will even show you how much revenue the plugin has recovered. You can measure its impact in actual dollars!

Chatfuel's Cart Reminders tool
The Cart Reminders tool will show you exactly how many dollars in revenue it recovers for you.

4.Organic traffic that’s not being engaged or converted

Chatfuel’s Rx: The Acquire Users from Comments tool

Are you taking advantage of the existing organic traffic to your Facebook page? If you’re already getting comments on your posts, use our Comments Autoreply tool to turn those visitors into customers. They get more information about your brand, which they’ve already expressed interest in. You get more users into your chatbot sales funnel. Win-win!

It’s another powerful plugin that’s incredibly easy to set up. Just select the post you want this tool to apply to. Then choose whether you want it to affect all commenters or only those who use a specific keyword. Once set up, your chatbot will automatically message commenters who fit the criteria. From there, it can engage and drive these users to your store.


You can also set your bot to apply an attribute to users whose comments include a keyword. For example, an athletic-apparel store could create a post asking users how they prefer to exercise: running or swimming. The bot can tag those who comment running with one attribute, and those who comment swimming with another. Next time they run a promotion on running gear, it’ll be easy to message just to those who expressed interest in that sport.

5.Insufficient data to tell what’s working and what isn’t

Chatfuel’s Rx: The A/B Test plugin

“The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer.” Jeff Bezos said this, and he knows a thing or two about running a successful ecommerce business. One element of this mindset is paying attention to how your audience responds to the content you present to them. You need to figure out exactly what gets them to engage and interact, and exactly what causes drop-offs and loss of interest. That way, you can do more of the former and less of the latter. The key to uncovering these insights is data.

To gather this kind of data for your chatbot, use Chatfuel’s A/B Test plugin. t’ll evenly distribute traffic to two bot variations that are identical except for one key difference (like welcome message, CTA, or imagery). For example, have it send 50% of bot visitors to to one, and the other 50% to another. It’ll then automatically measure how each variant converts. That way, you’ll know exactly what your audience responds to best. From there, you can double down on more content or elements like that to optimize your bot’s effectiveness.

A/B testing in your chatbot
Use Chatfuel’s A/B Test plugin to easily see which elements of your bot users respond to best, like one image versus another with all other elements kept the same.

6.Ineffective Facebook ad targeting

Chatfuel’s Rx: Export users from the People tab

Welcome to one of the easiest ways to make your Facebook ads more effective! You probably already know that Chatfuel’s People tab is where all the juicy data about your bot subscribers is stored. But did you know that you can export this information to Ads Manager to create highly targeted Lookalike audiences? It takes just one click with our Segment Sync feature.

Let’s say you have an online organic-juice store. You’ve learned that your bot subscribers with the veganattribute tend to become customers very often. You can filter out just the subscribers with that tag in the People tab. Export their data to Facebook using Segment Sync so you can create a Lookalike audience. Facebook will then show your ads to new customers who share similar characteristics with these most-valuable users. It’s a great way to combine Chatfuel’s power with Facebook’s intelligence to find new, high-value prospects for a lower cost.

Learn how a Dehli-based chatbot agency used this technique to run super-effective ads for their client, a major media company.

Create highly targeted Lookalike audience
Export a specific segment of users from Chatfuel’s People tab to create highly targeted Lookalike audiences.

7.Too much time wasted on manual tasks

Chatfuel’s Rx: The Export via Zapier plugin

It’s simple. The quicker you can complete repetitive, manual tasks, the more time you’ll have for other value-adding activities in your business. Combine the time-saving power of Zapier with Chatfuel to start saving time right away!

Use our Export via Zapier plugin to connect Chatfuel with a third-party app you already use. There are thousands to choose from, but we’ll choose MailChimp for this example. Let’s say you offer to send a 20%-off coupon to all users who sign up for your email list. Use this plugin to connect Chatfuel and MailChimp so that every time a shopper shares their email with you, Zapier will automatically add it to MailChimp. No more copying and pasting each time; just set it and forget it.

Get your ecommerce store into good health with Chatfuel

If your ecommerce store is suffering any of these seven issues, we prescribe a Messenger chatbot! You can access all the features we covered here with your free Chatfuel account. Sign up today.