The Problem

Nissan Israel was receiving hundreds of questions per month through their Messenger inbox. Their team answered these messages manually, resulting in delayed response times. Worst of all, the team wasn’t qualifying these leads because they had no system in place.

In other words, all leads were being treated as equal. A cold lead who was window shopping might get priority over a warm lead who was ready to sign the paperwork today! Their inbox was a leaking sales funnel.

The Solution

In partnership with digital agency Business Pineapple, the car manufacturer built an automated lead qualification system for its Messenger inbox.

People who message their Facebook page are asked:

  1. Which of these models do you like?
  2. Is your mind already set on this model?
  3. What is your phone number and email address?
conversional commerce
Nissan's bot gauges a user's buying intent to qualify leads

Based on the answers provided, Chatfuel will determine the lead’s temperature and buying intent. If the lead is ready to buy, Chatfuel tags them as “high priority” and sends their information to the dealership’s CRM. Their sales team will jump in, counter any objections, and close the deal.

The Results

Nissan Israel generated $380,000 by selling ten cars during the first month of launching their Chatfuel experience. Promotion of the campaign was purely organic.

“I've played around with many chatbot builders and the key things I like about Chatfuel are its stability and speed. Each message gets delivered when it should without any delays or lags.”

-- Dima Kagan, Founder of Business Pineapple

lead generation

The dealership saw a 10X increase in monthly organic sales from Facebook. Their number of monthly qualified leads coming from Facebook also grew by 3.5X — from ten to thirty-five.

The Recipe

conversational commerce
Gallery Card: showcases Nissan models in an interactive photo carousel
conversational commerce
User Email/Phone: suggests email/phone listed on user’s FB profile for frictionless, one-click lead capture
lead qualification
Send Email: alerts sales team via email when lead is qualified and ready to buy

As a final step in the process, the Nissan bot uses the Chatfuel JSON plugin to send lead information (name, email, car model) to dealership’s CRM. This closes the loop and keeps customer data automatically updated for the dealership.