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Published April 18, 2024 in

Automate lead qualification from Facebook ads in 10 minutes with Fuely AI

Learn how to automate lead qualification from Facebook ads with Fuely AI.

Not all leads from Facebook ads will become customers. Nevertheless, it's important to promptly process all inquiries and qualify leads. Any delay could result in lower conversion rates and lost opportunities.

You can use Fuely AI to automate ad lead qualification, boosting conversion rates by promptly and accurately handling incoming inquiries. Besides qualifying leads, it’ll also help you address the following challenges:

  • connecting with new prospects

  • high bounce rate

  • long wait times

  • lack of personalizing offers and deals

By automating lead qualification from ads on Facebook with Fuely AI you:

  • increase conversion rates due to optimized budget allocation and prompt automated engagement with leads;

  • save time for core business activities while Fuely AI manages and optimizes campaign details;

  • eliminate human errors with Fuely AI automating tasks previously done manually, ensuring smoother and more accurate advertising campaigns;

  • make informed adjustments to your ad strategy due to enhanced reporting, resulting in more efficient and successful campaigns.

With our step-by-step guide and a ready-made template, you can have Fuely AI up and running in under 10 minutes.

Automate lead qualification from ads in 2 steps and 10 minutes

Step 1. Connect your Facebook Page to Chatfuel

Go to the Home tab and click Connect under the Facebook Page section. Then, choose the Facebook Page you want to connect from the list. Click the Connect button next to that Page and hit Done to close the pop-up window.

connect your Facebook page to Chatfuel.png

Make sure you’re an admin of your page and have granted all the necessary permissions. Learn more about connecting your Facebook Page here.

Step 2. Copy the template and set up Fuely AI

Click the link to get the template and then save it to Chatfuel.

uc 12 en.png

Choose your ad and craft a welcome message for leads who engage with it. Add your business details to the AI block. Also, add conditions for lead qualification or disqualification and create a message for disqualified leads.

Then, register your email to receive notifications about all newly qualified leads. And finally, click on Publish changes on Facebook in the Ads Manager to activate Fuely AI.

That’s it! Now, Fuely AI is ready to qualify leads from ads.

Still have questions? Find more details on setting up Fuely AI in our complete guide.

Or, if you're more of a visual learner, you can watch our video on running Click-to-Messenger ads.