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Get up to x3 conversion with Meta and Chatfuel superpowers1
Meta’s targeting technology
Reach and retain people who most likely find your ads relevant. Ads that click to message send people directly into conversation with your business.
Chatfuel automation
Jump into immediate communication with the leads from ads:
  • Display relevant offers
  • Collect leads data
  • Encourage a purchase
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Attract new
  • Introduce your brand and products to
    people who you want to inspire.
  • Automatically display relevant deals and
    offers to increase lead generation.
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  • Let your Chatfuel chatbot start interacting
    with people immediately to discover their
    interests and intents.
  • Encourage leads to opt-in for your product
    updates, special offers, company news, and
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Convert leads into
  • Send out relevant promo codes and
    exclusive deals based on leads’ preferences
    and interests.
  • Embed your product links right in your
    chatbot to let prospects quickly complete
    their purchase at your store.
Use Chatfuel automation to motivate people who click on your Meta ads to purchase at your store.
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