Table ordering in Facebook

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With this template, you automate
Online reservations
Customer service
Collecting data

With this table ordering template, you can accept online reservations for your restaurant, cafe, bar, or other food and beverage industry. We email you all data about each new reservation: date, time, table size, and customer contact details. This template is a perfect fit for proceeding with ordering via Facebook Messenger.

The template is already pre-filled in.
Just customize the following and activate it

Getting started

Greet and welcome visitors and let them know that they can make a reservation right here.

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Reservation details

Let users choose the date and time, table size, and a part of your place they want to reserve. You can edit the requesting details as you wish. Your bot collects all user answers as {{user attributes}}. You can export and use this data later.

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Managing reservation

After answering all questions at the previous step, customers receive a message with their reservation details to confirm, edit or cancel it. You can manage the blocks and attributes as you wish.

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New reservations

After customers confirm their booking, your chatbot takes them to the Request contact info flow. It gathers all reservation details in {{user attributes}}. Add your email to receive this data once you get a new reservation.

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After customizing the template, activate the Entry Point to let users in: Facebook Page, Persistent menu, or both. To do that, go to the Getting started flow and move the toggle(s).

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