Suggesting menu items

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With this template, you automate
Displaying menu
Customer service
Online orders

Your restaurant automation displays your menu items by categories. Once a customer selects something, they can call you by pressing a button. It improves your restaurant's customer service and makes it easy to proceed with orders.

The template is already pre-filled in.
Just customize the following and activate it

Getting started

Greet visitors and introduce them to your menu categories. Edit existing ones, remove them or add more by clicking a picture icon next to the block.

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Corresponding flows

After selecting a menu category, customers move to a corresponding flow. If you add more categories to this template, create a corresponding flow and redirect users to it.

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Editing menu

You can manage the item descriptions in all menu categories as you wish. After choosing something, customers will proceed to make orders.

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In this flow, customers can return to the main menu, make an order by phone, or visit your website. Manage the block as you wish.

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After customizing the template, activate the Entry Point to let users in: Facebook Page, Persistent menu, or both. To do that, go to the Getting started flow and move the toggle(s).

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