Collecting feedback from comments

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With this template, you automate
Collecting feedback
Customer support
Customer service

With this template, your Facebook chatbot answers to user feedback in comments, DM, or both. Reward customers for taking their time and sharing their experience, or let your manager contact those who left negative reviews to fix the issues. Your chatbot addresses users by name and gathers all data, just like a healthcare lead generation service.

The template is already pre-filled in.
Just customize the following and activate it

Getting started

Automation reacts to keywords in user comments. Choose whether you want your chatbot to respond to comments under all posts or specific ones and manage how it responds. For example, send separate replies to customers that have interacted with it before (existing users), respond to them in comments, DMs, or both.

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Positive reviews

Customers who agree to leave feedback get a few questions about their experience. You can reward them for taking their time by giving them a promo code, like in this template.

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Negative reviews

In most cases, unhappy customers want to talk to a manager to fix the issue. Those who left a negative comment or low-rated their experience while answering questions get an additional message. Your chatbot collects their response as a {{user attribute}}.

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Fixing issues

In the Contact dissatisfied customers flow, your chatbot asks customers who left negative feedback to share their phone numbers. To receive this data and the complaint details, add your email address.

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After customizing the template, activate the Comments Autoreply Entry Point. To do that, go to the Getting started flow and move the toggle.

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