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For businesses that want to automate customer support and increase sales on Facebook, Instagram, or Website. All platform features are available. Get personalized onboarding and:

  • technical support available 24/7
  • help docs and video guides
  • pre-made templates for 20+ cases
  • ability to request new features you need
.99 /MONTH
It’s easy to count

Choose the number of followers on your Facebook or Instagram page, and we’ll show you how much to pay monthly

Recommended planStartup$19.99 /monthWhen your business grows, our analytics show which pricing plan to choose

Join 7M+ businesses boosting sales and support with Chatfuel

They’re from different niches, and all succeed

Chatfuel templates
Beauty Player
Goal:increase sales, reduce cost per lead
Industry:e-commerce: beauty
Results:10% average order value (AOV) increase
50% cost per conversion reduction

“We believe that when we bring the top-level digital marketing strategy (Facebook ads + Chatfuel bots) to all the traditional SMEs and startups, we can help make their dream come true. And this is our dream.”
— Fash Chang, GoSky AI

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