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Can't respond to
brand mentions?

Are customers mentioning your brand in stories? You need to know when a customer mentions you and respond the right way.

Mention automation helps you identify opportunities to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

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Turn customers into
brand advocates

"I just bought these from @yourbrand. Love em!"
Every time a customer mentions you in a story you have a chance to pull them deeper into your world by starting a DM conversation.

Convert every happy customer into a micro-influencer for your brand - automatically.

to customers

Crappy customer service sends customers 4x more often to run to a competitor. Lead the pack. Provide instant and exceptional answers right in Instagram DMs. Turn what could have been a bad customer experince into a great one.

Build your DM list

Customers expect to be engaged on instagram. Most brands don't. It's a one way conversation.

Get ahead of your competition and stand out by engaging. Be an part of your customers' story every time they mention you.

Get started with the Instagram Brand Mention Template

This instagram chatbot template helps you respond to customers when they mention your brand in a story.

Because Facebook/Instagram doesn't give context for the mention, you'll first ask if the user experience was positive or negative.

If it was positive then you'll want to convert that customer into a brand ambassador or possible give the some other incentive to share or purchase more from you.

If the mention was negative the chatbot template will escalate the situation to a live customer service rep who can help resolve the issue.

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See Instagram mention automation in action & how to get started in 3 mins.

In this walkthrough we'll show you exactly how to get your chatbot up and running in just 3 mins.

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