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You can't attribute traffic and sales
to influencers

Having trouble with IG attribution in general? Imagine never having to guess if a lead on Instagram converted to a sale.

Give each influencer their own keyword to make attribution easy.

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Give your influencers their own keyword in your IG flows

Directly capture your
influencer's audience

Give each influencer their own keyword trigger for your instagram chatbot. Send the audience to a dedicated flow for that specific influencer. Capture the lead's info so that they're now part of your audience.

to customers

Because you can customize each flow you're able to adapt the messaging to suit each influencer's audience. While doing this on a landing page is tedious, custom flows in Chatfuel is a breeze.
Duplicate. Change the tone. Done. Watch your conversions 🚀🔥

Build your DM list

With Chatfuel's CRM capabilites, anyone who enters your chatbot with the influencer's keyword will be captured.

You'll know at a glance exactly who is coming in and understand the quality of the audience as a whole.

That way you can answer - "Was this partnership worth it?"

Get started with the Instagram Chatbot FAQs Template

Humans + Chatbots = Amazing service

Treat your customers well and they'll keep coming back to you and feel good about spending more.

Millennials - the biggest segment of Instagram users are willing to spend 21% more for a product from a company with great customer care.

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See Instagram automation in action & how to get started in 3 mins

In this walkthrough we'll show you exactly how your instagram chatbot can help automate frequently asked questions from customers and help them purchase.

Start helping more customers, faster and at a lower cost with this Instagram FAQ automation template

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