Sitting down to build your first chatbot from scratch can be overwhelming. When staring at a blank screen, it can be hard to envision the flow of conversation your bot will guide users through. To help you get a head start, we recommend utilizing one of our pre-built flows!

What a pre-built flow is

A pre-built flow is a ready-made template for a bot’s path of conversation. Chatfuel offers five different flows for you to choose from. There’s one for each of the most common, basic bot functions to help you save time and increase sales. All five are available to any Chatfuel user on any plan.

When you choose one of our pre-built flows, connected blocks and responses will appear in your bot. They’ll be fully functional already; all you have to do is customize with your own content.

FAQ-bot built with pre-built flow
An FAQ bot like this one will be automatically set up for you when you select that pre-built flow. You just have to customize the content.

Why use a pre-built flow

First, as mentioned, pre-built flows can help get you started in the bot-building process. They give you a foundation for a chatbot that can complete one of five basic function. That way, you can focus on customizing it for your needs instead of actually building it.

The other benefit to using a pre-built flow is that it can help you learn about how Chatfuel bots work. By seeing how the various blocks are connected, you can understand more about how effective bots are designed. That way, you’ll be armed with knowledge if you decide to add more complex features to your bot, or build a new one from scratch later.

These flow templates are perfect for those who are new to Chatfuel, or new to bot-building in general. They’re also great for anyone who simply wants to get a basic bot up and running in less time.

Save time by automating responses to FAQs

Automate frequently asked questions

Answering FAQs is a common and effective use for a chatbot. In general, these key questions contribute to 50% or more of all incoming messages to your Facebook page inbox. Use this flow to reduce your team’s manual workload and decrease the customer wait time. You’ll be able to automate between three and ten common questions about your business in one block, but you can always create more blocks.

Increase sales using Messenger

Collect email addresses and phone numbers

This flow will let you easily gather lead information and grow your list of contacts faster—and with minimal manual effort. Messenger makes it easy for users to share their contact details with your bot in one click. From there, you can export that information to your CRM, access it in Chatfuel’s People tab, or export it to a Google Sheet for use in future sales and marketing tasks.

Qualify leads

Customize this flow with relevant qualifying questions for your business, and the bot can do the rest. It’ll automatically segment users according to these questions, so you can focus only on those leads that will be most valuable for your business. Send their information to your CRM, or use the next flow below to take over the conversation and personally close the deal.

Take over the conversation with Live Chat

This flow works well with the Qualify Leads flow above. It lets you to personally take over the conversation from your bot at any time via Live Chat. That way, you can speak with high-value leads yourself as needed to close deals and boost sales. This flow is also useful for identifying users who are stuck mid-funnel, and manually helping them move forward. Or, you could use it to offer immediate assistance to users that need customer support from a human agent. Either way, this flow is perfect for helping increase sales and improving the user experience.

Export data and information

Once your bot has gathered user data from flow #2 or #3, you can put it to use it immediately. Use this flow to send the information via email to a sales rep, so they can follow up with the qualified lead right away. Or, export the data to a Google Sheet.

How to use a pre-built flow

Adding a pre-built flow couldn’t be easier! Just open an existing or blank bot in Chatfuel, then go to the Automate tab. Create a new block or click into an existing block, and you’ll see the Add Element menu bar with the button to add a pre-built flow.

Click the Pre-Built Flow button and a window will pop up, asking you to pick one of the five templates. The flow you choose will appear in the block automatically, fully functional and ready for you to customize.

A to-do list will also appear on your screen to guide you through the customization process. It’ll disappear as soon as you check the boxes and mark all steps as “completed.”

Make building a bot easier than ever

Chatbots can have a huge impact on your business, from saving you time and resources to helping increase sales and customer satisfaction. That’s why we created tools like pre-built flows—so that it’s as easy as possible for you to get started building your own bot! Plus, it’s free to create an account on our platform, and there’s no coding knowledge or special skills needed to use it. As we like to say here at Chatfuel, #AnyoneCanBuildABot.

To make the process even easier, check out our free online course on bot-building for beginners. Take a look the other type of pre-set templates we offer to simplify bot creation, get ideas on designing your bot’s Welcome Message, or learn four tips and tricks to help you use Chatfuel even more efficiently.