Why are billboards set up along the most highly trafficked freeways? Why do TV commercials during the Super Bowl cost millions of dollars? Why do restaurants, bars, and shops vie for the real estate with the heaviest foot traffic? Simply because the most successful marketing and advertising happens where the most people are spending the most time.

Exactly the same rationale applies to marketing on Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Billions of people around the globe use the photo-sharing app every month, and smart businesses are reaping the benefits. Here are ten reasons why you should start making your Instagram business presence a priority today.

#10. Over a billion people use Instagram. 👥

It's an often-cited statistic, but it deserves repeating: the Instagram app has over a billion monthly active users around the globe. Facebook and YouTube are the only platforms that have surpassed that figure. Perhaps even more impressive, 63% of Instagram users check the app daily. So if getting your brand, content, and products in front of a huge, engaged audience is your goal (and how could it not be?), you simply can't afford to ignore Instagram and its enormous user base.

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#9. People spend an average of 28 minutes on Instagram every day. ⏱️

In the US, Instagram users spend an average of 28 minutes on the platform each day. This number has been increasing by a minute or more per year since 2016, and the upward trend is only projected to continue. Competition for the user's attention on most any social marketing platform is fierce, it's true. But with the right strategy (think strong brand storytelling and an emphasis on video marketing), your brand's Instagram account can start earning the attention of users.

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#8. Instagram is the place to reach a younger demographic. 💁🏼‍♀️

If your brand is looking to reach a younger demographic, Instagram is the place to be. According to Pew, 73% of 18 to 24 year olds use Instagram. The photo-sharing app is clearly a staple for young people across the globe. That's why businesses that are trying to reach the next generation of shoppers should focus their attention on marketing with Instagram.

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#7. Instagram is the top channel for influencer marketing. 🤳🏽

92% of influencers themselves say that Instagram is their platform of choice for influencer marketing. Businesses already spend 69% of their influencer marketing budgets on Instagram influencer campaigns. It's no secret: Instagram is best platform for finding influencers who can help grow your brand by promoting it to their highly engaged and relevant audiences.

And if you're not yet investing in this type of marketing strategy, statistics show that you should be. On average, brands are earning $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. This industry on Instagram alone is worth $1.7 billion—and growing, as more businesses start experiencing the incredible power of an Instagram influencer marketing campaign done well.

Just make sure you're choosing the right influencers for your brand. Dennis Yu, CTO of Chirorevenue, explains that influencer marketing "doesn't mean you just hire a celebrity and get them to say something about your brand." Instead, he says, "You need to find people that your customers respect. So instead of you trying to market directly, you're marketing through people that your audience already trust."

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#6. Instagram has higher engagement rates than other major social platforms. 📈

The median engagement rate on Instagram is 1.22%, versus Facebook's 0.09%. Simply put, your brand's posts on Instagram have a better chance of getting likes and comments than your posts on Facebook do. Instagram for brands is more community-oriented in that way, which gives your business more opportunities to share high-quality content that gets seen and makes an impact.

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#5. People want to engage with brands on Instagram. 💬

The numbers prove it! In one Facebook survey, 66% of users specifically stated that they use Instagram to interact with brands. Other figures back up this finding: 90% of accounts on Instagram follow a business. 200 million+ Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily, and a third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. People aren't just on Instagram to keep up with family and friends; they're just as interested in keeping up with their favorite brands. So if your business's Instagram account is nonexistent or could use some work, you may well be missing out on consumers who want to engage with you.

But remember, simply posting to Instagram isn't enough. It's important that your brand make an effort to engage with its audience in other ways, too. Skyler Chase, CEO of Social Savvy, shares his advice: "Put in the time to comment and to respond to comments consistently," he says. "Reaching out and commenting back and forth with new people is a surefire way to grow your page."

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#4. Shopping is big on Instagram, and it's growing. 🛍️

Ecommerce seller? Instagram recently made it even easier for you to succeed on their platform by releasing their Shops feature. It lets users browse and buy from their favorite brands natively, in-app. Instagram users have already shown they want to shop in the app, so this development was no surprise. In a Facebook survey, 83% of Instagrammers say they use Instagram to discover new products and services, and 80% of them use it to help them decide whether to buy. Using Shops to have your products easily accessible makes it easier than ever for shoppers to purchase them

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#3. Advertising on Instagram is popular and powerful. 💪

If recent trends continue, Instagram will keep accounting for a larger and larger share of Facebook's total revenue, thanks to ads. Over two million business already advertise on Instagram, making up the platform's $20 billion in revenue last year. Instagram marketing via ads can take the form of photos, videos, or collections in the feed, and can also appear in Stories or the Explore section. You can have them redirect to your site, your Shop, your Instagram profile, or even your Facebook Messenger chatbot. Again, if you're aiming to reach a younger, highly engaged audience, Instagram ads should be a crucial component of your strategy.

Just getting started with Instagram ads and trying to decide on a budget? Nicklas Birg, Head of Performance Marketing at CityHelden Agency, shares his advice: "I recommend a budget of at least 100 euro per day so you can do some testing. For companies that don't have that much to spend on ads," he continues, "add up your monthly budget and spend it over two weeks instead, so you can get some meaningful results and takeaways for the next month."

And if you're looking to give your ad performance a little boost, keep this tip from Lauren Schwartz, Creative Director at The Loft 325, in mind: "The main thing to remember when designing ads for Instagram is that you want to make it look like a friend posted it to their feed. So anything that you can do to make your ad look native is very important." The more natural your ad appears, the more likely your audience is to stop scrolling and take a closer look.

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#2. Having an Instagram presence makes your brand more appealing. 👀

A Facebook survey found that 78% of Instagram users perceive brands that have a presence on the platform as "popular." (An engaged following on Instagram can act as a form of social proof for your brand.) 74% of users see these brands as "relevant," and 77% see them as "creative." It stands to reason, then, that if your brand is missing from Instagram, users may lose faith in its relevance. Simply having an Instagram presence for social media marketing can help reinforce a user's interest in your brand—and this includes both permanent content like posts, as well as disappearing content like Stories.

Jun Wu of InstaBusiness Academy, breaks it down this way: "On one side is your permanent feed, which should look polished so that anyone who lands on your Instagram page immediately respects you as a professional," he says. "And on the other side is your behind-the-scenes content. It's all that struggle, conflict, and drama that draws people into your business and humanizes your brand—and that's done through Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV." 

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#1. BIG NEWS: Messaging on Instagram is about to get easier. 🔥

On October 19th, Facebook announced that they're introducing an update to the Messenger API to support messaging on Instagram. What does this mean for your brand?

👉That it's about to get lots easier to communicate one-on-one with prospects and customers at scale, via messaging.

To help your brand take advantage, Chatfuel will be supporting Instagram messaging. Soon, you'll be able to do the following in Chatfuel:

  1. Link your Instagram account
  2. Use Live Chat to manage Instagram messaging conversations directly in your Chatfuel dashboard, just like you already do with Messenger (including the ability to tag and assign conversations to agents)
  3. Set away messages for users who contact your brand directly when there's no agent available

We're so excited to provide the tools to help you have more meaningful, productive, and efficient conversations with your audience—and Facebook is too. Messenger's VP of Platform Partnerships says:

"We are thrilled that Chatfuel is launching tools to support messaging on Instagram. Businesses and people are messaging with each other more than ever, and Instagram is an important channel to connect with customers and build relationships. Messenger API support for Instagram means businesses and developers can now manage their customer communications on Instagram at scale." –Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger.

Get notified when we release new functionalities for Instagram messaging. You can also join our Facebook Community for the latest updates. Cheers to the future of business messaging on Instagram! 🥂

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It's time to level up your brand's Instagram presence

Want to learn more about how to get maximum ROI on your brand's social media marketing efforts on Instagram? Check out this episode of our podcast where IG expert Jenn Herman spills her insider secrets on decoding the Instagram algorithm in 2020. 👇

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