Want to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the abandoned-cart reminders for your ecommerce store? Rethink where you send them.

If you’re like many ecommerce merchants, you send abandoned-cart reminder emails to bring back shoppers who didn’t convert. But what do you do when those reminders aren’t performing? Tweak the copy, add new images, send them more frequently or at different times?

If you’re struggling to make adjustments that actually move the needle, we recommend approaching the problem from a different angle.

Cart reminders work: You just might have to change where you send them to get the best results.

The 2.52 billion-person shift

97% of Americans send text messages at least once a day. Already in 2015, the top four messaging platforms had more users than the top four social media platforms. Mobile messaging apps now have 2.52 billion users monthly. That’s 87.1% of smartphone owners. We’re in the middle of a major shift in how people communicate online. To remain competitive and maximize conversions, your business has to keep up with this trend.

Send cart reminders (and other content) from your business on messaging platforms or via SMS, and you can catch users in a different state of mind. They’re already there chatting with friends and family about topics that are important to them. So if your reminders can:

  • match the same tone: conversational, friendly, helpful, and personalized, and not annoying or overtly sales-y
  • allow users to reply and be part of a dialogue…

…they’re likely to listen and engage. Sending reminders via a messaging app or SMS changes the context from, You forgot to give us your money! to How can we help you find the right product for your needs? Let’s talk.

The case for reminders via Facebook Messenger

Business-to-consumer communication has always been one-sided. Shift to messaging apps and turn it into a helpful conversation instead of a demand. Consumers are more receptive to your content this way, and the proof is in the numbers.

Send abandoned-cart reminders via Facebook Messenger, for example, and you can expect 80% open rates on average compared to email’s 20%, and 35% click-through rates compared to email’s 2%.

Email reminders still have their place, but the conversational marketing trend is growing too fast to ignore. Add cart reminders sent via apps like Messenger to your existing strategy, and you’ll see your conversions rise.

How Messenger reminders work

The process is essentially the same as if you were to send abandoned-cart reminders via email. There are just two key differences when you send them via Messenger with Chatfuel’s plugin:

  1. Instead of using a pop-up on your website to capture a user’s email address, you’ll use one to have them agree to be contacted by you via Messenger.
  2. Then, of course, they’ll receive the reminders in Messenger too, instead of email. It’s the key factor that’ll make all the difference in maximizing your shopping-cart conversions.
Abandoned cart plugin

Set up Messenger reminders in three clicks

The best news is that adding Messenger cart reminders to your strategy couldn’t be easier to do. You can set it up for your Shopify store in three clicks.

First, log into Chatfuel, navigate to the Grow tab, and find the Cart Reminders plugin. Then:

  1. Link your store. Enter the URL of your Shopify store, then hit Connect.
  2. Design your opt-in message. Remember the website pop-up we mentioned, where users will agree to receive messages from you? All you have to do is customize its headline and main text, and choose from a number of pre-set button options.
Abandoned cart plugin
It’s easy to customize the simple opt-in pop-up for your store’s website. Once a user clicks, they’ll be reachable by your bot, and will be able to receive abandoned-cart reminders.

3. Create your reminders. You can send users anywhere from two to five cart reminders with this plugin. Simply choose when you want them to be sent, write the messages, and decide whether you want the cart items to show up with images or without. Consider including a discount code too to incentivize a purchase.

Abandoned-Cart Reminders
You can customize your cart reminders in minutes.

If you want, you can also add a button that leads to a block in your Chatfuel bot. You can use them to lead those who are undecided about their purchase to your FAQs, or to a live chat with a human agent. It’s a great way to remove any last barriers to purchase (in the form of questions, concerns, or other issues) so the user will follow through and buy.

Once you’ve set up the plugin, head to Growth Tools in Chatfuel. There, you’ll be able to see exactly how much revenue this plugin has earned you!

Abandoned-Cart Reminders
In Chatfuel, it’s easy to see exactly how much revenue the Cart Reminders plugin has helped you recover.

Next: Getting repeat business via Messenger

Bonus: Not only can messages from a Chatfuel bot help you make the sale, but they can encourage repeat business, too. After a customer makes a purchase with you, your bot can message them to:

  • Gather customer feedback. Your bot can ask the customer to rate their experience with you from one to five stars. First, you’ll get useful feedback to improve. Second, you’ll show customers that you’re committed to their satisfaction.
  • Collect user-generated content. Ask users to send photos, videos, or testimonials about the product they bought. They can submit these easily through Messenger. You can then use this content as social proof in future campaigns, and the users feel like an important part of your brand’s community.
  • Announce future sales, deals, or new products. Once a user has opted-in to receiving messages from your bot, they’re a subscriber. That means you can reach them via Sponsored Message at any time in the future. Use this feature to send them special sales or deal notifications, or give them a sneak-peek at new products—all to reward them for being a loyal customer.

The case for reminders via SMS

While reminders via Messenger are proven to be highly effective, there are definitely other options worth exploring, too. Your customers are unique, so it’s important to test different types of abandoned-cart reminders through different channels to see what they respond to best.

66% of consumers prefer messaging to reach or be reached by brands—and this includes SMS texts as well as messaging apps. With the average American checking their phone 45 times a day, SMS is another viable channel for cart reminders.

Just like with Messenger, people are used to exchanging texts with family and friends. When your brand appears in their list of messages, starting a conversation about their cart and their needs, they’re likely to engage. In fact, SMS messages have an impressive 99% open rate, and a 45% response rate.

Abandoned-Cart Reminders
Impressive statistics for customer messaging via SMS

Activating abandoned-cart reminders via SMS

SMSBump is an SMS marketing app that will let you automate all notifications and marketing processes in your store. It’s fully TCPA and GDPR compliant, and you can use it to create text campaigns and track their results in seconds.

The strongest feature of SMSBump is its abandoned-cart automation. Use it to send text-message reminders to prospects after they abandon their cart. Your messages can also include a picture of the items they left behind, so they get a visual nudge to complete the purchase.

Abandoned-Cart Reminders
SMSBump allows you to send personalized abandoned-cart reminders to shoppers via text message.

The general process is the similar to Messenger reminders:

  1. The user opts in. A site visitor can opt in to receive text messages from you at checkout, or via pop-up forms and floating buttons. They can also subscribe through a link shared via email or on social media.
  2. Activate abandoned-cart reminders. Then, you can set up one or several SMS abandoned-cart reminders to send automatically. Using two in a row—one after five minutes and another after an hour—has been shown to work best.
  3. Compose your message. Add a picture of the items left in the cart and some snappy copy. Remember, SMS messages are designed to be concise. A text of around 200 characters will convert best.
  4. Provide an incentive. Don't forget to incentivize prospects to complete their order. 63% of digital shoppersabandon their carts because the shipping costs are too high, so consider offering free shipping. A small discount on their purchase can also go a long way.

Providing customer care via SMS

You can also use text messaging to show customers you care, and bring them back to buy again. With SMSBump, you can send messages:

  • With order updates. A quick, automatic text letting the customer know you received their order gives them piece of mind and keeps them in the loop.
  • Asking for feedback. Customer ratings of your shopping experience will help you know where to improve. Plus, using that input can help promote brand loyalty. 97% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a company that implements their feedback.
  • Offering future discounts. To thank the customer for buying, you can follow up with a later text that offers a discount code for their next purchase.
  • Notifying users about new products. You also set up a Product Created automation, which will alert your subscribers whenever you create a new product. Keep them in the know and share new items they might like, making them feel valued and informed.
Abandoned-Cart Reminders
You can send discounts and new product alerts to customers via SMS after they’ve made a purchase with you.

Recover more abandoned-cart revenue than ever

Your business is unique. Experiment with sending cart reminders and other content on different messaging channels. See what works best for your particular audience, and run with it!

➡️ Sign up with Chatfuel for free, and set up the Cart Reminders plugin in just three steps.

➡️ Add the SMSBump app to your Shopify store for free, and get set up in less than five minutes.

Cheers to more abandoned-cart revenue for your ecommerce store! 📈