In the not-so-distant past, people observed Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards, flowers, and chocolates with their significant others. Today, however, the 14th of February has become one of the top five biggest sales days of the year for retailers. And those billions of dollars spent each February aren’t just going towards bouquets and sweet treats, as you can imagine.

Valentine’s Day has evolved into yet another popular gifting holiday. People are buying bigger-ticket items than ever before to commemorate it. And they’re not just gifting them to their partners, either. Consumers are now shopping for their pets, their friends, and even themselves on this traditionally romantic holiday.

This is great news for ecommerce merchants. It means you can profit from this holiday even you don’t sell products directly related to lovestruck couples. Here’s how to give your revenue a boost this February. First: Attract customers with creative campaigns. Then, help them find the perfect gift at your store (no matter who they’re buying it for).

Attract customers with creative campaigns

The December holidays are starting to fade into memory. People’s budgets are getting back on track. That’s why February is the perfect time to convince shoppers to take their credit cards out of hibernation. Design a creative Valentine’s Day campaign to attract new business and give your store a sales spike.

💝 Relate your products to the theme. If your store sells jewelry or candles, it shouldn’t be too hard to advertise them as gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. What if your products aren’t traditionally Valentine’s-related? You’ll need to make it clear that they can still make great presents for this holiday. Show prospects how they can express their affection to their partner/friend/pet/themselves with whatever it is that you sell. Appeal to their emotions. Get creative to help them see how a certain item(s) you sell would make a wonderful gift.

For example, an outdoors retailer could promote camping gear as a Valentine’s gift. The message could be that people can enjoy nature together with the one they love. Or, a beauty store could offer a deal on moisturizing face masks. It could encourage women to get a few for their friends to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day
If it makes sense for your brand, skip the Valentine's-Day promotions altogether and focus on Galentine's instead!

👀 Get visual. With all the hearts and flowers, the pinks and the reds, Valentine’s Day can be a pretty picture-perfect holiday. That’s why it’s smart to promote your products on visual-heavy platforms like Instagram at this time of year. Add a little seasonal pizzazz to your campaigns to catch your prospect’s eye and draw them in. You can use relevant hashtags to get traction (#valentinesgiftideas, #valentinesgiftsforhim, #valentinesgiftsforher, #valentines2020, #valentinesale). You can even set up Instagram ads that will drive users to your chatbot which can then answer prospect questions and recommend products.

Promote your product on Instagram for Valentine's day using hashtags
Take advantage of the eye-catching visual elements of this holiday by sharing colorful Instagram content.

👥 Get your audience involved. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for you to interact with your audience more directly. Think about campaigns that’ll drive authentic engagement (and therefore, sales). You could:

  • Run a Valentine’s-themed giveaway. Better yet: Partner with a relevant brand to do one together. You’ll get double the exposure while spending half as much on promotion. (You can set up a Facebook giveaway easily with a Messenger bot. It can automatically message all entrants—those who commented on the post announcing the giveaway, but didn’t win—to encourage them to shop anyway!)
  • Hold a contest to gather user-generated content. Tap into the love people are feeling for their partners/friends/pets/themselves around February 14th, and get them to share about it. For example, an organic dog-food store could ask their audience to share how they’re spoiling their pup this Valentine’s Day. Or, a clothing brand could ask users to share photos of the outfit they’ll be wearing out to a Valentine’s dinner. You can use a chatbot to collect this content via the User Input plugin. Then, choose the winner and post their content on your social channels to get shares and drive people to your website. Or, use it in ads to lead shoppers to your store.

🎄 Reach out to your holiday contact list. Did you grow your email or chatbot-subscriber list during BFCM? Did you get an influx of new customers during the 2019 holiday season? Those shoppers should be first on your list of prospects to target this Valentine’s Day. Send a coupon code to past customers (or all new contacts you added to your lists in December), and encourage them to shop your relevant items now. You can share a discount or announce a sale via email, via chatbot with a sponsored message, or even via SMS.

You can use a sponsored message to reach out to chatbot subscribers you gained during the holiday shopping season.

Help shoppers find the perfect gift

For many shoppers, finding the perfect gift for a significant other (or even a friend) is stressful. Make it easier for them to find it at your store, and you’ll be rewarded with sales.

🤖 Use a Messenger bot to recommend gifts. You can set up your Messenger chatbot to suggest the perfect gift to each prospect it chats with. Build a quick quiz to gather information about things like the gift recipient’s preferences and the shopper’s budget. Design it yourself, or use our Shopify ecommerce template to get this feature up and running in minutes. A gift-recommendation bot is especially useful if you sell products that require shoppers to make multiple selections, like diamond rings (cut, color, shape, band) or perfumes (scent type, brand, price), for example.

The chatbot for 1-800-Flowers helps users pick out the right bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

🎁 Create and share a Valentine’s-specific gift guide. Don’t make prospects work to find your best products for the holiday. Simplify their search by sharing a Valentine’s Day gift guide. Organize it by recipient if that make sense for your store (for him/ for her, for nature lovers/for health nuts/for home cooks, etc.). Then, you can share it on your website, link to it on your social media pages, or use a sponsored message to send it to subscribers via Messenger bot.

Hallmark offers Valentine’s Day gift guides by recipient (for him, for her, for kids, for friends), and then by price and by category.

💳 Offer gift cards. And for those who just can’t decide on the right Valentine’s present, offer gift cards to your store. It may seem like gift cards wouldn’t be popular on such a sentimental holiday, but they’re a great option if you sell something that’s best enjoyed when personalized to the individual. Delta Airlines, for example, sells gift cards for flights, since a travel destination is generally something people want to choose for themselves.

Delta Airlines encourages gift-card sales for Valentine’s Day, so the recipient can put the money toward the trip of their choice.

Bonus: Bring back users who abandon their carts

There’s one other quick strategy you can use to capture more sales this Valentine’s Day—and we mean quick! Our Cart Reminders app takes just three clicks to set up, but it can help you recover up to 7x more abandoned-cart revenue. Here’s how it works:

  • Shoppers will opt in to receiving content from you on Messenger via a pop-up on your store website.
  • Then, next time they add an item(s) to their cart on your website but leave without purchasing, they’ll get an engaging reminder from your chatbot in Messenger. It’ll notify them of the abandoned items, and encourage them to come back and buy.

You’ll help make sure the customer gets the gift they’re looking for, and will increase sales for your store in the process. If you only implement one tip from this article, this should be the one! 📈 It’s a win-win for both you and your prospects, and couldn’t be easier to get up and running. Upgrade to Pro to access this and other business-boosting bot features.

Chatfuel’s Cart Reminders app takes just three clicks to set up, but can help you recover up to 7x more abandoned-cart revenue.

Show your store’s bottom line some love this Valentine’s Day 💰

You don’t have to sell tulips or truffles anymore to make money on Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of how this holiday has expanded to earn yourself a sales spike, no matter what you sell. And if you’re interested in using a chatbot to increase your sales on February 14th and beyond, sign up for Chatfuel today, free. No credit card or coding knowledge necessary. 😎