How do you scale a chatbot marketing agency? You already know automation is the key to scale for many businesses. After all, the automation tools you provide to clients help them grow theirs. But how can automation help you in your service-based, creative business where each client is unique? The secret: Synced Cloning.

Synced Cloning: A Chatfuel feature that lets you copy blocks from one master chatbot to a "clone" chatbot in two clicks. Any future changes to the blocks in the master template will reflect in the cloned bots, too.

The phrase "No need to reinvent the wheel" applies nicely here. For clients in the same niche, you typically don't need to start from scratch and build a completely new chatbot for each one. (The same goes for single clients with multiple business locations.) You don't have to open two browser tabs and spend hours copying and pasting content from one bot to the other, either.

With Synced Cloning, you can:

  • build a chatbot framework for a single niche or franchise
  • then, when you get a new client or new location, Synced Clone the relevant blocks from the master template, customize as needed, and launch

This means you can take on more clients and earn more revenue, because building them powerful chatbots will take you less time.

👉 Let's take a look at two use cases to get a better idea of how Synced Cloning can help you scale your marketing agency.

Case #1: Marketing agency with niche clients

Have a client base in a single niche? Here's how to used Synced Cloning to scale your chatbot agency in this case.

Choose a niche 🏋🏾‍♂️ Collecting clients who are all in the same niche will make scaling your chatbot marketing agency easier. It can be any niche, from real estate to banking to beauty salons. But let's imagine, for this example, that your agency's speciality is clients in the gym industry. No matter where these clients are located or how big or small they are, most will need a Messenger chatbot that accomplishes the same key functions. Most every gym client your business gets will want a bot that can offer some or all of the following:

  • location and hours
  • contact information
  • a list of features/equipment/classes, along with images of the gym
  • details on how to join
  • class schedules
  • an appointment scheduling feature (for personal training, etc.)

Build a master chatbot framework 🔧 You can build a single Messenger chatbot framework, or master template, that has all of these functionalities. (Use it to demo to prospective clients so they can see a Messenger chatbot for their industry in action, too.)

Use Synced Cloning to quickly build a bot for a new client 👯 Then, when that prospect decides to become a customer, Synced Cloning comes into play. Of the gym-chatbot features we listed above, let's say the client only needs the first four. Copy the blocks for those functionalities from your master template to a new bot for this client. Customize the content with this client's unique information, and you'll be ready to launch!

Scale your business 🌱 The chatbot-setup process for new clients in this niche is now quick and streamlined. That means you can take on more new business without straining your resources.

Case #2: Marketing agency with a multi-location client

Have a client whose business has multiple locations or franchises? Here's how to used Synced Cloning to scale your chatbot marketing agency in this case.

Identify the right client 💡 Synced Cloning works extremely well if you have clients with multi-location businesses. This could include anything from a hotel chain to a string of ice cream parlors—but let's stick with our gym example. Imagine you score a client that has two dozen gym locations across the country, and they want a chatbot for each one.

Build a master chatbot framework 🔧 Your first step is the same as in the previous example: Start by building one main chatbot framework that can apply to all the locations. (This should be even easier to do than in the previous use case. These locations will probably all have the same needs for their Messenger bot. But, as before, you can customize a single location's bot as needed once the main sections have been cloned.)

Use Synced Cloning to quickly create a bot for a new location 📍 Then, when you bring a new location of this client's business on board, you can create a chatbot for it in minutes. Use Synced Cloning to copy the relevant groups of the master bot framework to the new bot for this location.

Scale your business 🌱 Again, you've now created an easy and streamlined way to build chatbots for this client's additional locations. That means you can effectively scale your business faster than ever before.

How to use the Synced Cloning feature

It couldn't be easier! Navigate to the master chatbot framework or template you've built. Then, simply click the three-dots icon next to the block or group of blocks you want to clone. Select Sync Clone. A window will appear asking you which bot you'd like to copy the block(s) to. Select a bot, and the content will automatically be copied. If you need to make changes in the future, make them in the master template. The changes will be reflected in all clones.

easier chatbot building
Using the Synced Cloning feature takes just two clicks.

Getting the most out of Synced Cloning

No matter which Synced Cloning use case applies to you, use these pro tips to make the process even simpler and more effective.

  1. Make changes in seconds ⏱️ Down the line, you may want to make a change to the bots for all your clients in one industry, or all the business locations for one client. Let's say it's April 2020, for example, and the spread of COVID-19 has caused most of your clients to temporarily close their gyms. You can make a change to the master template (like updating the "location and hours" block to reflect that the gym is currently closed). It will automatically be reflected in all the copies or clones, too. That way, you don't have to spend the time to manually change each client's bot.
  2. Use global attributes 🌎 They'll help you automate yet another part of this process. First, incorporate them into the flow of your master chatbot framework as needed. For example, the Welcome Message could say "Welcome to Best Gym USA in {{city name}}!" (In this case, {{city name}} would be a global attribute for your multi-location gym client.) Then, clone the framework to the chatbot for a new location of this gym. Next, fill in the global attribute value for this new client specifically, like "San Diego." That way, this value will automatically populate anywhere you used {{city name}} in the flow. You can also use it for phone numbers, addresses, hours, etc. It's just one more way Synced Cloning can save you time!
  3. Don't forget about maintenance 🧹It's true that Synced Cloning can help you scale your chatbot marketing agency and allow you to handle more clients than ever. Just remember: Chatbots aren't set-and-forget tools. The most effective ones are monitored and adjusted regularly, as needed. Each of your clients will need this ongoing service (especially if you've built them an AI chatbot), so make sure you have enough resources for this as you scale.

Synced Cloning success stories

#1. Tacobot. It's a chatbot marketing agency based in Tennessee, USA, and a prime example of Synced Cloning success. They serve two main industries: real estate, and insurance. They've built four different chatbot frameworks to solve the key problems of these two niches.

When a new customer signs up with the agency, Tacobot uses Synced Cloning to copy the framework they need to the new client's Messenger chatbot. They fill in the global attribute values and make other customizations as needed, and they're ready to share their work with the client!

Get the full Tacobot story, including how they've grown their business to help clients across 41 US states scale their own businesses with Messenger chatbots.

#2. J. Miller Marketing. It's a well-established marketing agency based in Illinois, USA. We spoke with their Online Media Director Mike Peters about how Synced Cloning has been a game-changer. He says:

"Working within a franchise system means that we have many individual clients who all share the same chatbot needs. Creating a bot template that answers all the standard franchise questions and then simply cloning it for each new client is an amazing time saver! We can handle literally tens if not hundreds of the same franchise now thanks to cloning."

Mike emphasizes how much time the J. Miller team has saved because of this feature: "It takes a process that could take hours, if not days, and shortens it to mere minutes."

Get access to the Synced Cloning feature (and other perks) 😎

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