The quicker you can set up your bot, the sooner your business can start reaping the benefits! One tool to help you get up and running fast is Chatfuel’s library of bot templates.

What a bot template is

There are three main ways to build a bot in Chatfuel. Think of it like your options for having pizza for dinner. 🍕

  1. You can make your own dough, concoct your own homemade sauce, and choose your own toppings.
  2. You can buy a pre-made crust and a jar of sauce, but still hand-pick what you want on top and bake it yourself.
  3. Or, you can pick up a pie that’s already been made by your local pizzeria, maybe add a few condiments, and enjoy immediately.

It’s the same with building a Chatfuel bot. You can decide to do it from scratch, use some pre-made elements but still make it yourself, or choose the option where most of the heavy lifting is already done for you.

From scratch. Customize every aspect of the bot experience for your unique brand or use case. You’ll need to create all the blocks and connect them yourself. It’s up to you to design and organize the entire flow.

How it looks when you choose to create a bot from scratch. No blocks but the Welcome Message will appear until you create them.

From scratch, but with help. If you’re only looking for help or guidance on building one section of your bot—like FAQs or a lead-generation functionality—consider using a pre-built flow. It’ll still be up to you to design the overall organization and flow of your bot, but you can insert one of these already-designed pieces to save you a few steps.

From a template. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if someone’s already built a bot template that works for your use case! And that’s likely, because there are almost 100 templates in our library (some free, some paid). When you load your chosen template, you’ll see blocks and groups set up and labeled for you. All you have to do is customize the content that’s already there. Change the text, images, and links in the blocks or cards so they fit your brand and products, and voilà—your bot is ready to go. 🌟

How it looks when you load a bot template in Chatfuel. All your blocks are created, labeled, and organized for you—just fill them in with your own content!

Why use a bot template

We’ll give you three good reasons:

  1. Start quickly. Using a template will let you get your bot up and running more quickly, since you won’t have to spend time designing your own flow. Just plug your content into the framework, and go!
  2. Learn easily. Experimenting with a pre-loaded template can help you better understand how an effective bot is organized.
  3. Change your mind. There are almost 100 templates in our library—most designed by users, for users. If you try one out and it doesn’t quite fit what you need your bot to do, try another! Our users have created templates for plenty of different use cases, so you’re likely to find one that does what you need.

How to access our bot templates

There are two different types of chatbot templates: one type is for bots built in the Automation-->Blocks tab, and one type is for bots built in the Automation-->Flows tab (Flow Builder).

  • Continue reading for instructions on using templates for bots in the Blocks tab.
  • Templates for bots in the Flows tab take the form of links. We'll soon have a library of these, and you can find setup instructions here. For now, you can try out our FAQ flow template to get a feel for how they work.

To access the library of templates for bots built in the Blocks tab, just look to the headings at the top of your Chatfuel dashboard when you first log in. You can view all templates at once, or sort them according to different categories.

Use the headings bar at the top of your Chatfuel dashboard to view and sort templates.
  • Featured will show the most popular options—that is, the templates that many other Chatfuel users have tried and found helpful.
  • New will display those that have been recently added.
  • Basics includes templates for simpler bots, usually with just one functionality like lead scoring or audience segmentation.
  • Marketing and Business have templates for specific industries, like hotels, realtors, and coffee shops, plus some for general business needs, like events and conferences.
  • Tools offers templates for more advanced, specialized bot features, like WordPress integration and AI functionalities.

You can even mix and match your favorite elements of different templates. For example, if your business is a sports team, you could use some features of the Gym template to help you get started. Then, you could take inspiration from the Events and Conferences template to promote games or matches via your bot.

The Gym template in action

How to use a bot template

These instructions apply for bots built in the Blocks tab. Found a template that looks promising for your use case? You have the option to preview it first. Just click the template and hit Preview in Messenger. You’ll be asked to sign in to Facebook if you aren’t logged in already. Then, you’ll be taken to Messenger where you can interact with that sample bot to see how it works.

When you click on any template, you'll see the option to "Use template" or "Preview in Messenger."

If you like what you see, go back to the dashboard and click Use Template. It’ll now appear as a new bot in your Chatfuel account. From there, you can open and edit it to fit your unique business.

If you select the Beauty Salon template, for example, it will show up in your Chatfuel account as a new bot, like this.

Most popular templates

Here’s a list of some of the most popular templates (for bots built in the Blocks tab) in our library. If you log in to your dashboard and aren’t sure where to start, try one of these.


  • Segment your audience by Chatfuel. Segment your bot’s audience based on interests or characteristics, so you can send each group specific, relevant content.
  • Enable live chat with bot users by Chatfuel. Learn how to take over the conversation from the bot to chat with your subscribers personally. You can also get notifications about new messages received from users.
  • Lead Scoring by Dana Tran. Helping you build a lead score feature to nurture your subscribers and identify your warm leads


  • Hotel by Nick Moussoulis. Increase booking requests and automate communication with your guests.
  • Events and Conferences by Csenger Szabo. Display your event agenda in beautiful carousel. Users can RSVP to events and get notified automatically before they start. This template also offers automated feedback gathering. To customize, all you have to do is fill in a table with your event data.
  • Coffee House by Nick Moussoulis. Let subscribers browse your menu and order via Messenger, or view events and reserve a table. Get them to read more about your business, and share contact information, location, and delivery hours.
  • Bot agency by Natasha Takahashi, School of Bots. This plug-and-play agency template will generate appointments with inexpensive and qualified leads, follow up with leads, automate client and lead support, and educate users on how the agency's services work(e.g. chatbots).
  • Realtor by Arpit Choudhury. Generate buyer leads, qualify them, and show them matching properties. Ideal for realtors dealing in homes, this template also allows users to request callbacks and schedule visits. It comes with detailed instructions about the setup for easy customization and integration with Google Sheets/Airtable via Integromat.


  • Influencer by Josh Bocanegra. Music artists, influencers, and public figures can use this template to stay connected with followers. Add audio and video clips, sell merchandise, send auto-updates from Instagram and YouTube, and help fans get to know you with a Q&A.
  • Publisher by TechCrunch. This template is used as a basis for an official TechCrunch bot—one of the most prominent Messenger bots according to the Facebook team.‍
  • Shopify Store by Instantly turn your Shopify store into a smart chatbot that will help you increase sales, decrease costs, and make your customers happier. This template has auto abandoned cart recovery, auto-upselling, shipping updates, lead generation, and customer service functionalities.
  • E-commerce by Josh Bocanegra. Template for an ecommerce store built in Messenger. Add photos of your store items, organize by color, and show a gallery with different angles for each item.
  • Shopify by Chatfuel. This is Chatfuel’s official template for building a bot for your Shopify store. Get a chatbot for your ecommerce brand set up fast, so you can start bringing in more sales now! Also available for WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommmerce stores.

If you ever get stuck when building your bot, the Chatfuel support team is always available to help out, and our active Facebook community has plenty of advice and tips to offer, too. If you encounter an error or issue with a specific template in the library, it may also be helpful to contact the creator directly to resolve it.

Templates for sharing information about COVID-19

There's one more template we'd like to mention, designed for a very specific and unique use case. It's for government health organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, or other similar groups looking to disseminate accurate, useful information about the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 Assistant template is for bots built in the Blocks tab, and it contains blocks you can fill in with content about symptoms, prevention tips, FAQs, and more.

Qualifying organizations who would also like to take advantage of our free Pro plan during this time can apply here. Get more information about what Chatfuel and Facebook are doing to help individuals and businesses during these uncertain times.

Get inspired to build a bot for your business

Ready to get started? Sign up for your free account today. (Then upgrade to Pro when you're ready for unlimited users and priority support!) At Chatfuel, we believe #AnyoneCanBuildABot, and we created the template library to help you find the inspiration to get started. You can also view our intro video to get yourself oriented in the platform, then check out our full guide to growing your audience with a bot. Happy bot-building!