Build it and they will come may be a true statement for baseball fields in ‘80s movies, but things don’t typically work that way in business.⚾ You can build the world’s greatest website, product, or chatbot—but if you don’t get the word out, you won’t see much success. When it comes to Messenger chatbots, one of the most reliable ways to get the word out is via Facebook ads. Use them to get more bot subscribers or to reengage inactive subscribers so you can get more conversions.

Facebook ads work exceedingly well for bringing people to (or back to) your Messenger bot. Why? They’re designed that way! Facebook assists and rewards businesses who give users a reason to spend more time on its site or apps—and that includes Messenger.

We created this guide to help you understand your options when it comes to using ads to gain or reengage bot subscribers. We’ll help you:

  • decide which type(s) of Facebook ads you should be running, depending on your goals
  • maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • get started today!

Who should be running ads for their Messenger chatbot?

One important note, before we start: You shouldn’t even consider using Messenger ads to gain or reengage chatbot subscribers unless both of the following are true:

1. Your bot has a high-quality, effective flow. 💯 If not, there’s no sense spending your hard-earned cash to bring people to it. Make sure your chatbot proactively guides the conversation, and makes it easy for users to get the information they need. Have friends or colleagues test it before you launch to confirm that it’s helpful, logical, and effective in promoting conversions.

2. Your bot follows Facebook’s Messenger policies, including the updates that took effect on March 4. 📝 If not, your bot and your page are at risk of being suspended or even blocked by Facebook. Brush up on the key aspects of the Messenger policybefore you launch a Messenger ads campaign.

4 types of ads to promote your Messenger bot

Here are the ad types we recommend for bringing more people to your chatbot or reengaging inactive subscribers.

1️⃣ Boosted posts
Use them to: Get bot subscribers

Facebook’s Boost Post feature will display your chosen page post as an ad so it can reach even more people. While boosting is a powerful feature in and of itself, you can multiply its effectiveness by combining it with Chatfuel’s Acquire Users from Comments feature.

It’s simple: Apply this Chatfuel feature to a page post that encourages authentic engagement (without being engagement bait). When users comment, your chatbot will automatically send them a message. If they respond, they become a subscriber and the conversation continues.

  • So if you boost a post, you’ll get even more eyeballs on it. 👀
  • If it’s a well-written, enticing post, more eyeballs will translate to more comments. 💬
  • More comments will result in more bot subscribers. 🙋‍♀️
  • With a well-built bot, more subscribers will mean more conversions, more sales, and more business success for you! 📈
get more subscribers
Chatfuel’s Acquire Users from Comments feature lets your bot automatically message post commenters. Boost that post to get even more commenters, and therefore more bot subscribers

To boost a Facebook post, just click the blue Boost Post button. A window will appear where you can choose your targeting, the ad duration, and your desired budget. Make your selections and hit Boost—simple as that!

2️⃣ Click-to-Messenger ads
Use them to: Get bot subscribers

Click-to-Messenger ads are exactly what they sound like: Facebook ads that appear in a user’s feed, and have a CTA button that brings them to your bot in Messenger (instead of to a landing page). Once they arrive, your chatbot can immediately engage the person. Once they respond, they’re a subscriber, and the bot can start moving them towards a conversion.

An example of a click-to-Messenger ad, which directs users right to a conversation with your bot

Learn everything you need to know about creating and optimizing click-to-Messenger ads. If you want to get set up right away, get instructions on creating a click-to-Messenger ad with our native ads integration, here.👇

3️⃣ Instagram ads that click to Messenger
Use them to: Get bot subscribers

These ads also lead users who click on them to your bot in Messenger, but they originally appear in their Instagram feed instead of their Facebook feed. So the setup, functionality, and end result are basically the same as the click-to-Messenger ads we just discussed.

The main difference is that you’ll be tapping into a different audience. Instagram has over a billion users, more than half of whom are under age 34. If this demographic sounds like a good fit for your brand, click-to-Messenger ads on Instagram should be part of your strategy, so you can get these users to your bot. Here’s how to set up this type of ad. 👇

4️⃣ Sponsored messages
Use them to: Reengage bot subscribers

Facebook’s March 4 policy update says that businesses can’t send promotional content for free in Messenger more than 24 hours after the user’s last interaction with them. So what’s a brand to do? There are a few different ways you can reengage users, from encouraging them to make the first move to reaching out on another channel. But of all your options, sponsored messages are arguably the easiest and the most effective. 🙌

Sponsored messages are different from the other ad types we’ve mentioned because:

  1. They can only be sent to existing bot subscribers. They’re meant for reengaging, not for attracting new users.
  2. They don’t appear in feeds or columns like other ads. Instead, they show up as messages in a subscriber’s Messenger inbox. You’re just paying to send them outside the standard contact window.

You can create sponsored messages in Ads Manager, and link your bot to them easily using the same native ads integration we discussed earlier for click-to-Messenger ads. You can follow the same video tutorial from above. Or, get full instructions and best practices for setting up sponsored messages.

Ways to improve your ROAS

As with any type of marketing strategy, you want to make sure you have something to show for your investment! Here are a few ways to make ads that lead to your Messenger chatbot (or reengage subscribers there) as effective and affordable as possible:

Create high-quality ads. 🏆 There’s no getting around this one. No matter what type of ad you run or where it leads, it won’t do well unless the creative is on point. You’ve heard it all before: Copy should be attention-grabbing and free from errors, images and headlines should be split-tested and optimized, CTAs should be clear and enticing.

Track your bot’s performance. Chatfuel offers three Pro features that make monitoring your chatbot’s performance easy:

  1. First, use the A/B Test plugin to try multiple versions of your bot’s images, buttons, attributes, and more to see which perform best. Then, adjust the flow to include those elements.
  2. Next, set up Button Actions to track users who click URLs in your bot. It’s another way to gauge effectiveness and optimize, and to get data for Lookalike audiences.
  3. Finally, use Inline Stats to see at a glance how many users have viewed and interacted with each block so you can find and fix any bottlenecks.

Utilize subscriber data for optimal targeting.🎯 Use our Pro feature Segment Syncto help get your targeting set up. In the click of a button, this feature lets you send user data for certain groups of bot subscribers from the People tab right to Facebook Ads Manager. You can then use that data to design highly targeted audiences for your ads.

  • For example, you could create a sponsored message that goes only to a custom audience of your subscribers who share a certain attribute.
  • Or, you could create a Lookalike audience for a click-to-Messenger ad. That way, you can reach new users similar to your existing subscribers (or a specific subset of them).

Get inspired.✨ For more inspiration on improving ROAS, take a look at some of our client success stories:

💄A beauty startup that improved ROAS using data from the Chatfuel People tab

🚗 An ecommerce car-accessories retailer that earned a 999% ROAS with their bot

Use ads to introduce and reintroduce your bot to subscribers 👋

Whether you designed your bot to answer FAQs, to generate leads, to sell products,or something else, it needs users to interact with in order to do its job. Use Facebook ads to make the introduction between your target audience and your helpful, friendly chatbot—or to get them reacquainted after a period of inactivity. From there, your bot can take the reins, working to convert these new users so your business can continue to grow!

Learn more about what it takes to create effective Facebook ads in 2020 and beyond, then find out how to guide the buyer’s journey with a bot. And once again, you can find advice, inspiration, and updates on new Chatfuel features in our Facebook user community.