The Brand

Can't Stop This Party (歡樂無法黨) is one of Taiwan's newest political parties. In addition to their catchy name, there's something else that sets them apart from the average political party: They were founded by YouTube influencers. It makes sense when you consider the party's core aim: to change the perception of politics among millennials and Gen Z-ers, and encourage them to get more involved in election season. After all, who better to spread the word about voter participation to young people than social media influencers? 💡

Some of Can't Stop The Party's core members being interviewed by the media

The Problem

Voter turnout in Taiwan's 2016 presidential election was 66%, the lowest in the country's history. Can't Stop This Party knew that the key to revitalizing voter participation for the 2020 election was to engage a younger demographic. And since young people already spend significant time on social media, it made sense for the party to launch a campaign to get people to vote there.

The influencers who founded Can't Stop This Party shared fun yet informative videos on their channels to help improve political literacy among their audience of potential voters. They did a great job engaging viewers by covering the issues, sharing election news, and explaining the importance of voting in a democracy. But they needed a way to hold their audience accountable. They had to find a more personalized solution for connecting with individuals to make sure they'd actually follow through with their pledge to vote on election day.

^One of Can't Stop This Party's promotional videos about voting

The Solution

Like YouTube, Facebook Messenger is channel that's popular with Can't Stop This Party's younger demographic. That's why they decided to build a Messenger chatbot to help promote their mission. To do this, they enlisted the help of GoSky AI, a Chatfuel partner and Taiwan-based marketing agency.

Their Messenger bot has three main purposes:

  1. Get users to commit to vote in the election. Even though all the chatbot can do is provide encouragement, the act of committing to show up on election day after they register to vote is a powerful thing.
  2. Encourage users to share the bot and its mission. The more users each person shares the bot with, the better voter registration and participation will be.
  3. Send users an alert on election day to remind them to vote. When election day finally arrives, the chatbot sends a notification to each user who committed to vote. It reminds them to get to the polls, and offers last-minute information on candidates, issues, and polling locations.

The founders of the party added a link to the bot in the description of their YouTube videos, and promoted it across other social media channels too.

The Recipe

The GoSky team used these Chatfuel tools and features to build Can't Stop This Party's Facebook bot to get people to vote:

  • JSON API. The GoSky team used Chatfuel's JSON API plugin to fetch the latest video content from the influencers' YouTube channels. That way, the most recent videos would always display for users in the chatbot, without the team having to ever manually update the list.
The party's bot shares the latest videos from the founders' YouTube channels, which cover election news, the issues, and the importance of voting.
  • One-Time Notification (OTN). One of the first things this Facebook Messenger bot does is ask users to opt in to receive a One-Time Notification. (An OTN is a single alert that Facebook allows pages to send outside the 24-hour window for free, as long as the user has opted in.) Then, on election day, the team sent out an alert to everyone who had signed up, reminding them to vote and providing helpful day-of information.

The Results

Presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen won the 2020 Taiwan presidential election. She received more votes than any other candidate in the country's history: 8.17 million. The high voter turnout of almost 75% reflects a surge in political participation among the Taiwanese public.

Can't Stop This Party's efforts to encourage voting was one of many social media campaigns that played a part in these impressive results. Through their Messenger chatbot, they had over 40,000 users confirm that they voted on election day. (A total of 60,000 users engaged with the chatbot and gained a new perspective on politics in Taiwan.)

Finally, the Facebook bot boasted only a 0.7% block rate, which means that the vast majority of users were interested in its content. Can't Stop This Party wanted to get young people interested and involved in politics, and they're proud to say they achieved their mission.

A new way to get out the vote 🌟

Can't Stop This Party's project proves that social media is a powerful way to get the younger demographic to take an interest in politics and become voters. Their Facebook Messenger chatbot engaged users on a personal level, holding them accountable to their commitment to vote and providing them with all the information they needed. That level of personalized interaction is powerful, whether it's applied to ecommerce sales, nonprofit donations, or, of course, voter registration and participation.

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