I’m Katie Ranaraja, Content Project Manager at Chatfuel. As a part of a rapidly growing and developing company, I know how challenging it might be to find new ways of communication with customers. Our team spends the majority of time improving the product and making it more beneficial for our customers. And the next essential part is to tell people about what we have done and why it matters to them.

Thinking of how to deliver our message to the different businesses across industries and how to help them communicate with their customers, the Chatfuel team developed a new conversational marketing solution. In this article, I’ll tell you what it is and how it came to be.

Why email marketing isn’t enough for marketing communication

The first tool you probably think about when it comes to communication with an inconsistent audience is email marketing.

It's a well-known tool for lead generation, re-engagement, and strategic persuasion. But, email marketing doesn't always bring the desired results. For example, some emails never reach the inbox because of typos in email addresses or not completed verification, and some of them get into a spam folder. Plus, the overall email open rate is only 16.97%. So, it doesn't matter how engaging your message is if people don't receive or open it.

In 2022, the number of Facebook Messenger's monthly active users almost reached one billion. With an open rate of up to 90%, the potential of Facebook Messenger hits the ultimate business tool level. The Chatfuel team combined email marketing power with Facebook reach to develop Broadcasts.

What is Broadcasts by Chatfuel

Broadcasts by Chatfuel is an advanced marketing channel for marketers and creators. You can use it to personalize your communication with customers on Messenger, share your promotions, product updates, and new releases, gather customer feedback, and more.

You can craft your own broadcast or use a template. Then, generate a unique link in your dashboard and add it where people most likely see it. After clicking it, people can subscribe to what they're interested in and choose the broadcast message frequency — daily, weekly, or monthly. To engage more subscribers, share your link in multiple channels: your social media feed, send it via Messenger, add it to your bio, or embed a Broadcast link on your website.

“With Broadcasts, marketers and creators can experiment with communication formats. They can add gamification to messages, delayed reminders, more informal images, and even memes. Communication with subscribers will become more personal, as if you're communicating with a friend rather than a brand. It will boost loyalty and, in general, trust in your product.”
Olga Kozhina, Product Marketing Manager at Chatfuel

With Broadcasts by Chatfuel, you can:

  • deliver relevant information in a few clicks;
  • keep your audience engaged and loyal;
  • use predictive segmentation for even better results.

Email marketing vs. Broadcasts on Messenger

Chatfuel Broadcasts compared to email marketing
Email marketing compared to Chatfuel Broadcasts

Broadcasts users

While developing Broadcasts, our team had a customer persona in mind. We needed it to understand who will use our new service and how. So we segmented our target audience into two main groups: marketers and content creators. They have different goals, but both categories need marketing communications. Below you’ll see what we offer to both of these main Broadcasts user groups.


This user group includes CRM and tech-savvy marketers, heads of marketing departments, and decision makers. They can use Broadcasts for:

  • upselling & cross-selling;
  • resource optimization;
  • re-engagement;
  • Improving business performance.

Marketers can increase ROI and other business metrics for a more affordable price than popular email marketing services. In addition, they can manage broadcast campaigns across the team, build powerful sales funnels and catch all warm leads on time. Plus, Marketers will optimize the team resources and focus on tasks needing personal attention.

Use cases: promos and special offers, product launches and updates, holiday and other events, announcements, newsletters, collecting feedback.

Content creators

This user group includes bloggers, writers, podcasters, course creators, video game streamers, social media influencers, etc. They can use Broadcasts for:

  • increasing awareness;
  • building a solid online presence;
  • running courses and marathons;
  • sharing their content.

Content creators can focus on what inspires them, try new content types, and expand their audience. In addition, with a high open rate, more and more people will know about each new price of content they create.

Use cases: new content updates, collecting feedback, special events, announcements, and newsletters.  

3 examples of how you can use Broadcasts

Developing Broadcasts, we focused on these prominent use cases: newsletters, promotions, and collecting feedback. A person can take over the conversation with a subscriber to solve more complicated issues or to give more personal assistance when needed.

Chatfuel Broadcasts examples

You can choose one, two, or all use cases based on your needs and goals. Once you send your first broadcast message, your broadcast analytics will be available in your dashboard. Use this data to see what broadcasts work best for your business.

Features in development

The Broadcasts team is now developing more features for even better results. Here’s what will be available in the next few months:

  • tailored messaging for target audience segmentation, analysis, and management;
  • A/B testing for creating advanced workflows with internal A/B testing and higher click conversions;
  • API integration for customizing workspace by connecting website and apps via API;
  • events & attributes for personalizing customer journeys  and running behavioral marketing campaigns using event and attribute data from other platforms.
“I'm excited about the Broadcasts launch. While testing the very first version, it felt amazing to see that everything worked out as we planned.”
Maria Prokhorova, QA Engineer at Chatfuel

Why Broadcasts?

We aim to build a robust and user-friendly solution to help our customers. We believe that with Broadcasts, they can do their daily tasks efficiently and improve their business at an affordable price. Chatfuel is a no-code conversational marketing and messaging platform where our customers build automation without tech knowledge.

With Broadcasts, we have an even bolder plan — to make it as simple as sending an okay message on the go. So simple that you can use the templates and set up a marketing campaign in a few minutes. Without any worries about verification, spam folder, or the size of media content you want to share with subscribers. Your communication with customers can be conversation-like instead of a monologue. And you can step in and offer personal support when needed.

“I enjoyed building a tight product and making it so much user-friendly. I'm now excited to know if users will like Broadcasts and its interface as much as we do.”
Nick Philippov, Product Designer at Chatfuel

Be the first

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